Best Wooden Egg Holders Choosing Guide

A wooden egg holder/dispenser is a kitchen tool that increases the home décor and stores your store-bought fresh eggs safely in your kitchen countertops, refrigerator, or even the dining table. But the question might come to mind, which one is the best wooden egg holder? Well, that is what we are here for. We will give you a clear idea of the wooden egg holder market and what to look for.

What is a Wooden Egg Holder/Dispenser?

A wooden egg holder is a kitchen tool that helps manage eggs by holding them and safely storing them in the refrigerator or the kitchen countertop. It comes in many designs and is usually made out of reclaimed wood. It supports the minimal use of plastic in the household and it is environment friendly as well as classy. There are hundreds of wooden egg holder designs to pick from.

Types of Egg Holders

The wooden egg holder/dispenser manufacturers offer a different range of products. Some are just holders but some are also dispensers. There are Flat, horizontal plate holders and there are vertical rack holders. Whereas there are dispensers that safely store the egg and roll down the egg to the bottom to dispense it for use. The dispensers are available in vertical rack Designs, spiral egg holder also known as skelters designs and also vertical stacking designs, etc. But there is another classification which is wooden egg holders for countertops and refrigerators. The best wooden egg dispenser refrigerator-friendly wooden egg holder offers better low-temperature tolerance and great support to the eggs.

Benefits of Having a Wooden Egg Holder/Dispenser?

The question might come up if you really need a wooden chicken egg holder in your home or not. The answer is yes. Your life will be so much easier with a wooden egg holder/dispenser in our kitchen. It increases the value of your kitchen and the efficiency of storing eggs. So, without further ado let’s look at some of the benefits of owning your own wooden egg holder.

Environment Friendly

Maximum wooden egg holder/dispensers are made of reclaimed wood so no Extra trees are chopped down. It is wood that is perishable and decomposes underground. Thus you say goodbye to the harmful toxins of plastic and other metallic kitchen tools. A stackable wooden egg holder is not only environmentally friendly for both indoors and outdoors but it is also beneficial for the health of your family and household.

Sophisticated and Classy Design

The wood gives the tool a very classy and sophisticated product. It is a great addition to the kitchen decor. And it adapts to almost every type of kitchen decor. Many antique wooden egg holders are valuable showpieces. A creative antique collector would be reluctant to use it as a kitchen tool and only find peace in keeping it as a decorative item.

Easy to Clean

wood is not easy to dry but not these ones. These wooden holders are easy to clean, you will not have to rub away the softness of your hand and it dries off in minutes. So, you will not have to worry about it being damaged. Also, the dirt doesn’t stick to the surface that firmly. You can just wipe off anything. It’s basically like stainless steel but better. Whichever the wooden egg holder designs might be, they are easy to clean and do not stain. The best wooden egg dispensers are always a sophisticated addition to kitchen and stainless like metal..


Another world for reusable is eco-friendly and refillable. Yes, the very kitchen tool offers effective cleaning and reusability. You can reuse the holder/dispenser multiple times before washing it again. The eggs sit safe and idle in the holder while you use them all up and restock them. The holder comes with a long-life guarantee that neither the manufacturer, nor the seller hesitates offering it on the packaging as a key feature of the best wooden egg holder.

Convenient Product

It allows you to manage your store-bought eggs in the most convenient way. Rather be it your refrigerator or the countertop it will stack up your eggs using minimal space and beautifully. Keeping the eggs in a bowl and a fridge door has been claimed to be the wrong way to store eggs. The wooden dispenser won’t only store the eggs but also help pass the eggs to you. So, it makes your experience in the kitchen smoother. The best wooden egg dispensers in the market are considered to be on the most convenient products’ list.

Multi-Purpose Product

It sure is a tool that can be used for multiple purposes. And sometimes you’ll lose count of the reasons you’re using it for. It can be used for holding all types of eggs (chicken, duck, quail, dove, pigeon, etc), boiled eggs, cut-up fruits can be served in the classy wooden egg holder stray. The decorated cheese platter would look even more sophisticated served in one of these when guests come over. Or serve sushi on the dinner table. In the kitchen, not just eggs but also spices and whole seasonings ingredients can be stored in wooden chicken egg holder. So, it is a multi-purpose product for your convenience.

Easy To Store

when not using this kitchen tool slides into any storage pace and stays safe and sound. It takes up no extra space. In fact, it saves space because you can store a lot of things on it without worrying about it getting damaged. Unlike plastic or metal ones, wood bendability is the lowest. So vertically or horizontally with every space, you have left, the egg holder can make its place there with no trouble as it’s small and the racks are detachable. Even at work, sitting in the refrigerator or the countertop saves space. Whereas an antique wooden egg holder stays in showcase and increases decorative value.

Best Wooden Egg Dispensers and HoldersReview

The article has listed top ten egg holders below. Hopefully, you will find your one.

01.Generic Gray Wooden Egg Holder (Countertop Egg Skelter)

Key Features:

  • Material: Wood, Ceramic
  • Capacity: 36 eggs
  • Style: Vintage Rustic Gray Wooden 2 Tiered Rack.

Design-wise, Generic Gray Wooden Egg Holder is one of the best vintage wooden egg holders. Its rustic Gray style and 2 tiered design make it classy and convenient. It can hold 36 eggs at max and it could be of any size. Whether duck, chicken, or geese. It can hold every type of egg steadily.

It is easy to assemble and more so easy to store away. The trays can be used separately as individuals. It’s unique and classy. As a housewarming gift, it is certainly ideal. It increases the decor beauty of your kitchen effortlessly. This one is one of the best wooden egg holder designs.


  1. Vintage, versatile design
  2. Can be used as individual egg trays.
  3. Easy to clean.


  1. Not an outdoorsy product.

02. Wooden Egg Holder Kitchen Storage – Wood Tray Also Suitable for Countertop Storage

Key Features:

  • Material: Acacia Wood, Plastic
  • Special feature: waterproof, both sides usable.
  • Capacity: 12-18 eggs

On the front side, you got a top-notch wooden egg holder which can supper eggs like all objects. Then turn it over and you got a mini tray for your daily use. That is why it is one of the best daily wooden egg tray holders, way better than ceramic ones.  It’s made of Acacia wood with a plastic coating that makes it durable and waterproof.

Its rustic look has made it an ideal decor piece. It adapts to your kitchen interiors effortlessly. It can hold 12-18 eggs and egg-sized objects. It works amazingly as a serving tray and a spice storing tray. It is one of those gadgets that can be used on all occasions every day. And you can store it in any storage corner you wish.


  1. Waterproof, easy to clean
  2. Functional double sides.
  3. 30 days money-back guarantee


  1. Colour deformation over time.

03. Wooden Egg Holder by ILLATO (Premium Acacia Wood Egg Tray – 12 Holes Egg Plate)

Key Features:

  • Material: Acacia Wood
  • Capacity: 12 eggs
  • Style: Rustic wood tray

Perfect handmade and aesthetic rustic quality is the first thing to notice about this wooden egg holder by ILLATO. It is a lightweight product and yet can steadily support 12 eggs. The Acacia wooden construction of it makes sure it is easy to clean and long-lasting. It one of the best wooden egg dispenser/holders

It is perfect as a daily wooden egg tray holder. It is compatible with a refrigerator and it can conveniently hold any object similar to egg size. It looks cool serving desserts, chocolates, cut-up fruits in it and gives out a rustic vibe. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, highly portable. This tray is a win for you.


  1. Compatible with refrigerator
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Durable and portable


  1. Limited holding capacity.

04. Egg Nesto Wooden Egg Holder for Countertop

Key Features:

  • Style: double-decker egg holder
  • Material: Bamboo Wood
  • Capacity: 24 eggs

With Unique design and creative development, EggNesto has introduced one of the most sophisticated models of stackable wooden egg holder in the market. It looks amazing in your kitchen, it holds up to 24 eggs (12 on each tray), and does not require any complicated assembly process. It’s just two trays. This vintage wooden egg holder is sturdier than any other wooden one.

It stacks over each other while holding and balancing the eggs. It can be used as individual trays. Serving desserts and fruits as well as sushi is just a few things you can do with it. You can just as easily use it as a coloring tray. There are endless things you can do with this product. It is steady and the bamboo wood gives it extra stability.


  1. Anti-slip, modern design.
  2. Durable and fashionable.
  3. Long-lasting.


  1. Can’t hold more than 24 eggs.

05. Acacia Wood Egg Tray

Key Features:

  • Material: Australian Acacia Wood
  • Capacity: 18 eggs
  • Special feature: both sides functional

Being both environments friendly and multipurpose, this egg holder has been marked as one of the best Wooden egg holders in the market. It can be used front side and upside down. On the front side, it can hold 18 eggs of all sizes and types. Whether it be Easter eggs, showpiece eggs, raw or hard-boiled. It can hold lemons, sushi, fruits, and anything you want to serve in it. It looks classy.

Turn it over and you got a full-length mini tray that can hold cups, candles, bowls, and plates. So, this is the most convenient product of all. Both the sides are wool color and have fine furnish finish. It is easy to clean and can be stored in tightly fitted areas. You get a full package here..


  1. Double side functions
  2. Gift pack included
  3. Steady and artistic finish.


  1. Rough egg slots

06. Gui’s Chicken Coop Egg Tray

Key Features:

  • Material: Acacia Wood, Glass, Plastic
  • Capacity: 18 eggs
  • Style: wood color egg tray.

This egg tray is the solution to your egg storing issue. It is suitable for refrigerators and it is super easy to clean as it is made of Acacia wood and minimal glass/plastic particles. It is dishwasher tolerant and it can support 18 eggs at once. It has a vintage wooden egg holder style to it.

Who says egg holders can be used only to hold eggs? This egg tray will change that perception. Because from condiments, spices to desserts and fruits, it can be used to hold and serve any of it. And if that isn’t enough, it can be used to hold showpiece/decorative eggs and egg-sized objects. The vintage look gives it a unique style.


  1. Creatively multi-purpose product
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Refrigerator-compatible


  1. Takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator.

07. MyGift 2 Tier Vintage Gray Wood & Black Metal Wire 36 Eggs Display Stand and Storage Basket

Key Features:

  • Material: Vintage Gray wood
  • Capacity: 36 eggs minimum
  • Style: 2 tiered with a metal wired egg tray and a basket underneath.

Unique in design and high holding capacity, this wooden vintage gray egg holder is one of the most elegant holders on the market. It is two-tiered, where the wooden basket sits underneath and the removable wired tray holder goes on top of it. The tray alone can hold up to 36 eggs, whether large or small. It is perfect as a daily wooden egg tray holder.

The basket underneath can be used to hold anything you want. The application is not limited to eggs anymore. You can store whatever you like. And it comes with a chalkboard where you write the egg count, quotes, sighs, or draw something. So, it is a multipurpose gadget as well as a fun gadget. This is the most creative one among all the wooden egg holder designs.


  1. Multipurpose gadget
  2. Hight holding capacity
  3. Creative addition- chalkboard


  1. Carrying handles not included in the design.

08. Wooden Egg Holder Countertop Egg Cabinet Kitchen Storage Fresh Egg Storage Box

Key Features:

  • Material: Quality Pine Wood
  • Capacity: 12 eggs
  • Style: wooden egg cabinet with a door

Who says storing eggs has to be boring? You can do it with style and elegance with this particular wooden chicken egg holder cabinet. It comes with an easily screwable door and two racks inside. It can support 12 eggs at once. Whether it be chicken egg or duck egg, or in small/medium/large, the holder is ideal for them.

Aesthetically designed and finely crafted, this cabinet is extremely easy to put together, and just by screwing in the handle it is ready to use. With that clear furnish finish and the flattering design, this stackable wooden egg holder cabinet is perfect for a House gift.


  1. Attached door for safety
  2. Compact cabinet design
  3. Stylish design


  1. Size may vary slightly from mentioned in the description.

09. Mother Hen’s 12 Eggs Wooden Egg Holder and Tray

Key Features

  • Style: Rustic
  • Capacity: 12 eggs
  • Material: wood, plastic, rubber

Style, effectiveness, and convenience are the power deal of this particular wooden egg holder tray. The design is rustic and goes with any interior decoration. It is eco-friendly as it is reusable. Wood added with a minimal amount of rubber and plastic has made it lightweight and durable as it is less likely to endure damage.

It can hold 12 eggs at max and its bigger version can hold 18 eggs. But are eggs the only thing they can hold? Certainly not. It can be used for holding spices and condiments. It can be used as a dessert server and as a cut-up fruit holder. A well-decorated cheese platter for snacks is also a great option. So it is a multipurpose gadget that is easy to clean and an excellent gift for any household because as a daily wooden egg tray holder, it can be used conveniently.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Multi-purpose tray
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Not suitable for large eggs

10. YOUEON Acacia Wooden Egg Holder with Double Layers, Wooden Egg Tray Holds 36 Fresh Egg, Deviled Egg Tray Egg Storage for Fresh Egg, Kitchen Organization, Countertop Display, Refrigerator Storage

Key Features:

  • Material: Acacia Wood, Porcelain
  • Capacity: 36 eggs
  • Style: Double Layer, Rustic Tray Holders

Stacking up eggs is now easier than ever with the YOUEON Acacia Wooden Double-layer Egg Holder. It comes with two trays, four holding pipes and is super easy to assemble. It can be used as separate egg trays. They are compatible and easily adjustable in the refrigerator. With all these convenient features, it can hold up to 36 eggs.

It is constructed with Acacia Wood and part porcelain which makes it easy to clean and lightweight. So, it is drop-safe, conveniently portable and ultra-durable. The tray can be used as more than an egg holder. It can steadily hold any egg-sized object. They can be showpieces, boiled eggs or Easter eggs, even desserts, fruits, and lemons. You got a complete package here.


  1. Refrigerator friendly
  2. Conveniently portable and lightweight.
  3. Easy to clean


  1. No carry handle included.

What to look for when buying a wooden egg holder for your countertop?

If you are new to this stackable wooden egg holder/dispenser criteria then you will need all the help and information you can get. Because if you end up with a bad one or one that is unsuitable for your kitchen it would be a disaster. But do not worry, we got you covered here as well. Before buying an egg holder, we will walk you through everything there is to know about a wooden egg holder and what should you look for to find the perfect one for you. So further ado let us dive into the things to know before buying one.


Durability is the most important feature you need to look out for. A wooden egg holder/dispenser, even if it is an antique wooden egg holder, is an investment as a kitchen and household equipment. It is not an egg carton that is for one-time use only. Thus, the versatility and durability need to be checked first.


The egg holder for a household has to be compact and portable. And it should be efficiently physically stress-tolerant because the navigation might be diversifying as it could be for a picnic outdoor, moving to a new apartment, a family gathering, or so on. If it was to be used only once, then egg cartons would be the choice. A wooden one has to have ample portability capacity. So choose one that you can carry to places you need Ami g your regular carry bag and no extra bag or packaging are needed.


Capacity depends on the egg usage of a household. The wooden holders and dispensers have two different Capacities. Holder (flat tray with size difference has from 6 to 12 egg capacity. You can use two-three trays if you use more eggs than this. Dispensers or skelters on the other hand usually hold 1 to 3 dozen differing sizes. So you have the liberty to choose one of your preference. The Best Wooden egg holder manufacturers offer holders of all size.


Accessibility refers to the smoothness of holding and discharging of the eggs. If the eggs do not fit in on the holder or have difficulty removing them or taking them out, then that one is a bust. But how could you tell? Well, the trick is easy. Before buying, check out the display product thoroughly. If the egg slots are too small or too big it will catch your eyes. In the case of buying online, you need to check out user reviews and the dimension of the product. This way you’ll get a better idea of what you are buying.


We already know the maximum egg holders are made of reclaimed wood. It is long-lasting and reusable for years and of course eco-friendly but there is something you need to look for is better construction or manufacturing. The holder should be well constructed. It should balance and support the eggs evidently, as well as sit stable on the counter or in the refrigerator. If the holder/dispenser moves too much, doesn’t support eggs properly and isn’t stable on its ground, the eggs will fall over. Always check the display product for detailed observation.


A product with a warranty or guarantee card dictates that the seller or manufacturer is confident about their product and its optimal quality. So try to pick one which has a reliable warranty or guarantee. It will also come in handy for any unexpected damage to the product.


Many wooden egg holders/dispensers come with additional accessories and necessary accessories which add value to the holder. If it’s a double layer holder rack, then the setup accessories are extremely important. Make sure the package includes everything needed to put it together. Other than that, egg holders come with extra accessories like cut holders for boiled eggs, egg poach/fry molds, Silicone Egg poacher, cover for the holder handles, Egg slicer, egg topper, egg whisk etc. These make life in the kitchen easier. So, it would be best to pick one that includes these accessories and get the best deal you can get.


Whatever storing tool you add to your kitchen, it has to match the interior decoration.  The antique wooden egg holders usually go with the collectible and are always a nice addition to your kitchen. Other than that, you can pick any one of the available holders that match your kitchen decor, be cautious about that.

Tabletop, countertop, or refrigerator

This is an argument; you would want to win. Don’t just buy the first one the seller pitches you. That one might not be ideal for your household. Make sure you check out the features, whether it is suitable for the refrigerator or not. If it is fine for the kitchen countertop and refrigerator, then can it be used to serve on the dinner tabletop. So make sure you check out multiple products to evaluate which one is ideal for which surface. Visually, the vintage wooden egg holders are in high demand for every platform.

Safe Dispensing

The greatest risks of an egg dispenser are the occurrence of egg falling over, coming down, crashing, and cracking. This is why checking the safe dispensing system is a must. For this, you have to check three things. Firstly, the dispensing process is described on the packaging or by the seller. Secondly, if the eggs roll down automatically, or do you have to slide them manually. Finally, the stability and popularity of the product. This will allow you to evaluate how safe the eggs will roll down or dispense.

Checking Reviews

This is most probably the ultimate guideline for buying a product. Also, the last step of the process. After making sure you have all the above-mentioned features checked, you will have a number of suitable products for you. So now you have to go through all the reviews available of those products separately and pick one that has the best review. You can never go wrong with this step. Even if you pick a bad one the reviews with fish that out and separate it from the rest. So always check reviews before buying.

Where to place a wooden egg holder or dispenser on the countertop?

A wooden egg holder normally doesn’t come with a cover, only with a few exceptional ones maybe. So this is how you keep your egg holders safe. You have to keep it away from the stove. It is wood we are working with here. Fire can cause serious damage to this wooden kitchen tool. It will be holding fragile eggs, so it has to sit on a clear, plain, stable, and horizontally straight surface. Even the refrigerator, has to have a stable and balanced surface to sit on. The egg dispensers are a bit tricky to position though. They need to be placed in the middle of the countertop and closer to the support wall to have extra support.

There are some dispensers that fit in the refrigerator but most of them do not. So, placing it safely on a balanced surface with nothing knocking them over is important. There are some places you should never place an egg dispenser/holder. They are first, as mentioned before, near the stove, then above the head cabinet, elevated surfaces, in the reaching capacity of kids, near the sink, and of course not in the freezer. These are some places you would regret placing the gadget.

So, it comes down to this, the ideal place to set an egg holder/dispenser is a place that is away from the stove and sink, the surface is plain, well balanced, well supported, clear, finally, dry and not at all slippery. But it is important to mention that eggs stay fresh at room temperature for two hours only. So, refrigerate or use up all the eggs before they lose their consistency. And Wooden holders will be a great storing equipment for the refrigerator as well.

How to Use the Wooden Holder or Dispenser Safely?

Eggs are one of the delicate food products and the most nutritious. So, wasting good proteins and other nutritious substances for the lack of knowledge is just borderline unacceptable. So, this is how you use the wooden dispenser safely- you start by setting up the gadget as instructed.  Then As mentioned before do not set it near the stove, sink, or countertop edges. Keep it further inside the countertop supporting int with the wall. If there isn’t a wall, then place it right in the middle. First, try it with two eggs. If the transition is smooth, then stack up all the eggs.

Another way to ensure the safe use of wooden egg holders is to keep them out of the reach of children. They cause more accidents than anyone in the house being unaware of the damage. The ultimate way of safekeeping the holder/dispenser is to fix it on the countertop or in the refrigerator. You can use two-sided adhesive tape, nails, or airtight seals in the bottom to fix it on the surface. This way not even kids will be able to knock it over. It is actually a super effective way to keep eggs. Permanently set up the holder of the dispenser to a dry, cold, below waist cabinet and never worry about it again. For kids, it will be out of sight, out of mind and the eggs will be safe along with the holder/dispenser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Brands?

Answer: Finding the perfect wooden egg holder can be a little tough. Talking about the best brands, Godmother has a Zumbo holder which has impressive ratings, with a capacity to hold 36 eggs. Other well-known brands are Illato, Pllieay. The brand Laboos has some cute-looking mini wooden racks as well.

Does it Fit Duck Eggs?

Answer: yes, duck eggs are not that different from chicken eggs. The medium to large chicken eggs is of a regular duck egg size. Thus, the duck eggs can easily fit into the wooden egg holder. But the holders specifically made for small eggs Amy not be able to hold duck eggs. And extra-jumbo egg holders are ideal for all.

How many Eggs can I keep in a Wooden Egg Holder?

Answer: The quantity of eggs you can keep in a holder depends on the brand and the model. For example, Laboos has the Mini Bamboo Wooden Egg holder, which comes in a set of 3 trays and each tray can store 6 eggs. On the other hand, Godmother’s two-layered egg holder allows you to store up to 36 eggs. And some hold 12 eggs only.

How long does a wooden egg holder last?

Answer: One of the biggest advantages of a wooden egg holder is that it can stay in good shape for decades. Unlike glass or porcelain wooden holders, you do not have to worry about the holder getting cracked or shattered. All you need to do is to keep it clean.

Can I hatch eggs on a wooden egg holder?

Answer: yes, when determined and could create the right incubated environment, you can hatch an egg on a wooden egg holder. But it is highly not recommended. Wooden or ceramic cups are ideal for hatching eggs. And cups are much more convenient as well. But of course, the favorable circumstances it is possible to hatch an egg on a wooden holder.

Do I need to wash the eggs before using a wooden egg holder?

Answer: If you want to store your eggs outside the refrigerator, you do not necessarily wash them before using them. Eggshells have a natural coating, which prevents air and bacteria from getting inside the egg. If you have to store the eggs in the holder inside the refrigerator, it is better to keep them washed.

How many eggs will a dispenser hold?

Answer: Egg dispensers of different models have different capacities. For example, Modern Spiraling Dispenser from Southern Homewear can hold up to 24-36 eggs. On the other hand, Egg Spin Dispensers from Eleattrun have six spinnable egg frames; in total, having the capacity to hold 36 eggs.

Do you think this could hold quail eggs?

Answers: The usual wooden egg holders designed for hen eggs are obviously too big for quail eggs. As a result, the quail eggs will not fit well. However, you can get a holder like Farmssentials Wood Quail Egg Carton by Batemen W, designed to hold 12 small eggs.