Why does my circular saw keep stopping?

A circular saw is a powerful electric tool that uses a circular blade to cut wood, plastic, sheet metal, depending on the type of the saw. A handle with an on/off trigger switch, an arbor nut to keep the blade in position, and guards to keep the operator from contacting the rotating blade are all features of circular saws. It is widely used for professional and DIY works at home. While working with circular saws, we often come across some technical difficulties. Sometimes, the circular saw keeps stopping. If your circular saw keeps stopping, you have come to the right place. Because in this article, I will discuss the reasons behind this issue and tell you how to troubleshoot your circular saw to make it work again.

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Why does my circular saw keep stopping?

There are multiple reasons that cause circular saw malfunctioning. It may arise from inefficient usage, technical issues, or maybe the problem is with the material you’re using your saw for. Below I am discussing the most common problems why your circular saw keeps stopping. So that you don’t have to face any difficulty in the middle of working on something and wonder why does my circular saw keep stopping?

Weak or damaged battery inside

When the battery inside your circular saw gets old, it may result in weaker performance or sometimes gets damaged. Sometimes, it happens because the battery was exposed to water/fire/overheat or something. In that case, your saw will stop working while cutting something a bit heavy or while working with it for a longer time.

High or low voltage issues

This might happen if the voltage for your circular saw is too high. This could mean that the saw doesn’t have enough electric power to work because it was damaged by the high voltage. It’s better to check the power cable of your saw and make sure it hasn’t been damaged by the high voltage. Sometimes, low voltage can also cause the problem. Your saw may stop working if it doesn’t get enough power from the source.

The blade is dull/ not in the right place

There are a lot of reasons why your blade might be the actual cause your saw stops working. If the blade’s clutch or bolts are loose, it will be misplaced. This results in the malfunctioning of your motor, which ultimately stops the saw. Also, when the thick blade is dull or broken, your saw will stop working in the middle of cutting the workpiece as it is not sharp enough to continue the work.

Flawed cable/wire

If the saw you’re using is wired, the problem could be with the power cord or other cords that connect to it. There are, of course, a lot of small wires inside the power cord that are protected by a shell. They wear down. The wires inside might be damaged. The internal wires could also be damaged or even broken if you aren’t careful with your saw. This might stop your saw while moving it.

Overheat issues

When saw blades get too hot, they will stop working as well. When cutting with unsharpened blades, more pressure is required, which results in more frictional forces being generated. As a result of these impacts, the blades get overheated. Because of overheating, the thermal switch disables the blade as a precautionary measure. Thus, the saw stops working after working for a long period.

Inappropriate workpiece

When the wood/plastic/material you’re working with is too thick compared to the capacity of your circular saw, it stops working. If the workpiece is thicker than the blade of your saw, the blade will stick after diving into a certain depth and stop working. Make sure the saw is appropriate for the workpiece.

Motor clogged with sawdust

Sawdust accumulation in the motor of your circular saw is another reason why it continues shutting down unexpectedly and frequently. The grease used in the motor can attract the dust to stick to it. If the motor becomes clogged with sawdust and other material, it will be unable to provide sufficient air or cooling to the motor section, resulting in sudden failure. Because of this, your motor will overheat and keep stopping.

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Possible Solutions for “circular saw keep stopping

The problems were already discussed in detail. In the below, the solutions have been discussed. These will help you to resolve the difficulties you have been facing while operating the saw.

Change circular saw blade

If a dull blade is causing the problem/if the blade is too small, it’s mandatory that you change the blade and tighten it. Firstly, disconnect the saw’s power cable from the wall or extension cord. Or, if it’s a cordless saw, remove the battery. Turn the blade until the locking system connects. Remove the blade’s arbor nut with the blade wrench. Rotate the wrench in the same direction as the blade. Remove the old blade by retracting the blade guard and then Install the replacement blade on the saw’s arbor, with the saw teeth facing the rotation. If in doubt, look at the arrow on the blade guard to do it probably.

Solution for motor problems

Change the motor if you think it is malfunctioning. Attempting to fix the motor brass and arbor on a circular saw is not a simple task, and it is far preferable to simply replace either item if you feel it is the source of your saw’s malfunction. Replace any worn-out carbon brushes as well, as these worn-out brushes may be preventing the shafts from rotating correctly. To change the motor, it is preferable that you take a professional’s help.

Solution for battery, cord

If your saw is stopping because of the weak or damaged battery, it’s always better to install a new battery into your saw. Trying to make the damaged battery work may cause a major problem with your saw. But The problem with wire can be solved easily at home. You can easily repair the wire with simple tools.

Solution for other minor problems

Try to avoid working on thick materials that do not comply with your saw’s capacity. Often, Clean the old grease and sawdust, then put new grease so that the motor does not get clogged. After working for a long time, give your circular saw a break to cool down.

Bottom line

If you think your circular saw is malfunctioning, do not take the risk of working with it as it might cause you serious injury sometimes. Follow the discussed steps to discover why the saw keeps stopping and implement the appropriate solution to make it work again. But you should show it to a nearby professional if you fail to understand the actual problem.