What is a Veneer Saw? The Definition, Types, And Uses

These days, the use of veneer protection has been increased on wooden surfaces or furniture. To get the veneer sheets at the right shape and size, the veneer saw is the most needed tool. It is a very handy gear for those who prefer to create their own designs for wooden structures since it can the veneer coating in the correct shape.

What is a Veneer Saw?

A veneer saw is the tool that is used for cutting veneer sheets in different shapes and sizes. Usually, veneer sheets come from wood panels after processing through the veneer machine. Not just to make clean cuts, it can also create angles at the edges of the sheets to join multiple sheets. One can identify a veneer saw with the sharp replaceable blade and comfortably gripped handle. More or less 20 teeth per inch can be found on the blade of the best veneer saw. But to make the tool work, some other veneering tools like a chisel, roller, brush, tape, etc. may be required for attaining the precision.

How Many Types of Veneer Saws are there?

The market is full of brands offering multiple ranges of veneer saw. However, the function and techniques are the same among all. The designs can differ, but the work done by each of them are quite similar. The precision of work may vary, and the design of the blade may be comparable. There are three types of veneer saws found these days:

1. Dual edge veneer saw: It has sharp fine teeth on both the edges of the blade. The handle is set on the blade at a small angle rather than forming a straight line. When one edge of the veneer saw blade go dull on the sharpness, the user can turn to the other edge for smooth severing.

2. Single edge veneer saw: It has teeth only one side of the veneer saw blade. This type of saw is designed following the French style, and as such, some refers it as the French veneer saw. The handle is set vertically over one edge of the blade for good control while cutting on a sheet.

3. Track saw: There exist veneer saw machines that can cover a huge workload with minimum effort, yet the quality will remain up to the mark. These are track saws and quite like the scroll saws. Veneer saw machines are automotive to some extent, and run on a power supply.

What are the Uses and benefits of a veneer saw?

Though the uses of veneer saw are very limited and purpose-oriented, the users will get benefitted from this tool when veneering on wood panels, furniture, or other wooden surfaces. It is argued that the best veneer saw is the one that supports the user for a long time with maximum utility with the highest functional accuracy. Users will appraise highly once they enjoy the benefits of veneer saw. One can endeavor his purposes with the following uses of veneer saw:

Severing veneer sheets at the right pattern: Veneer sheets are used for making protective coating on the outer layer of stable wooden surfaces like plywood, particle boards, distribution boards, etc. Since there are variations in design, veneer sheets require to follow those patterns. In this case, veneer saw assists in splitting the sheets for absolute matching with the backing material.

Fitting multiple sheets together: Veneer sheets are different than any other coating materials. When multiple sheets are to cover a surface and need to connect, the edges of the sheets will have to be straight and even. And veneer saw is the only tool that can serve this purpose in the right manner. To fit the sheets with each other by straightedges is one of the greatest benefits of veneer saw.

Achieving the highest precision of work: Just like the tree branches require pruning saws to maintain a standard precision of length, veneer sheets need veneer saws to ensure the highest precision while getting severed. These saws can split the sheets according to the design with the utmost accuracy. A user will be able to cut just to the point he requires to for supporting his design. This micro-level precision helps this tool to win the confidence of the users.

Ensuring smooth separation of veneer pieces: Since each of the veneer leaves is peeled very thinly from a wood panel, a bit of harshness can create a big mess. For this reason, veneer sheets need extra delicacy while splitting. A normal cutting knife can damage and spoil the edges when the user makes a cut. And rough edges will be of no work for anyone as they cannot make a good connection with other sheets. As such, a veneer saw is the best equipment for dealing with these sheets.

Replaceable blades: Veneer saws are popular among users due to the smoothness in use and long-lasting utility of the gear. The teeth of the single edge saws last very long with quality performance, whereas, the double edge veneer saw blades last more. However, when the sharpness of the blades does not work satisfactorily, one can replace them with new ones.

Why should someone buy a veneer saw?

Some people tend to work on their workbenches with veneering tools to make a good flash on solid surfaces. For them, veneer saw has hardly any other alternative. They can rely upon this tool without any hesitation to make smooth cuts on veneer sheets. Working with this tool is very comfortable since it gives outstanding smoothness in functioning.

Many argue that the Ulmia veneer saw is the best one in the market. Without getting involved in any debate, one can take any of the available brands or designs as the best veneer saw considering that it serves his purpose. Among the other veneering tools, a saw is one of the cheapest tool one can own. As such, getting one of these will not cost someone much.

Lastly, working with a veneer saw is very comfortable and simple. The angled position of the handle with the blade helps the users to work consistently without getting stressed physically. Hence, one should own one if he requires to work on his wooden pieces on regular basis.

Bottom line

Uses of veneer saw are pretty straight forward and easily adaptive for anyone. To make great cuts, one cannot rely upon any other tools than a veneer saw. The ease of work, functional efficiency, and long life are the best factors that can help in winning any debate in favor of veneer saws.