What Temperature Should a Refrigerator be at?

A refrigerator is one of the most common kitchen appliances that everyone has in their homes. It helps to keep our food fresh for a long time and makes our lives easier. But if the temperature is not right, the purpose of a refrigerator will not be fulfilled. The temperature controls the freshness of the food. A lot of people think about what temperature should a refrigerator be at? Here’s proper guidance about a refrigerator’s temperature.

What Temperature Should a Refrigerator be at?

There are different sets of temperatures for different segments of the refrigerator. For example, the middle part of a refrigerator should have around +37 to around +42-degree Fahrenheit. This is the correct temperature to keep the food items fresh. Especially items like soup, sauce, bread, milk, etc.

The bottom segment should have 46 degrees Fahrenheit which is optimum for items like fruit and vegetable.

Every refrigerator has a special set of temperature that it has to have to keep the food fresh. The user can monitor and control the temperature of the fridge. Different food items require different temperatures to remain fresh.

Here’s a list of different food and their temperature requirements:

  • Raw meat: +34 to +37 degrees F
  • Sausage: +35 to +40 degrees F
  • Ready-made meals: +35 to +40 degrees F
  • Soup: +37 to +42 degrees F
  • Vegetable: +37 to +42 degrees F
  • Cheese (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, butter, yogurt): +34 to +41 degrees F
  • Egg: +32 to +37 degrees F
  • Raw fish: +32 to +35 degrees F
  • Baked item: +37 to +41 degrees F
  • Mustard, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup: +34 to +40 degrees F
  • In general, the temperature should be around +35 to +40 degrees Fahrenheit

What happens if the temperature is above 40 degrees?

The average temperature should be around 35 to 40 degrees F to keep the food fresh. The higher the number, the colder the refrigerator gets. Some of the refrigerators have a special compartment known as the zero zones. The temperature of this zone is below 35 degrees. Above this segment, comes the area where the temperature should be around +35 to +40 degrees F. All the different kinds of food can be stored in this compartment.

But the bottom of the refrigerator which is meant for food like vegetables and fruit, the temperature should be around 46 degrees F that is higher than 40-degree F.

Thus, the bottom area of the refrigerator should be more than 40 degrees.

Above 45 degrees F is the highest temperature for any refrigerator. But this temperature is not suitable for all sorts of food items. Thus, try to find the temperature of your refrigerator before you store your food. The optimum temperature should be around +37 to +42 degrees F. This temperature will keep the food fresh and healthy for a long time.

Now you can ask, how can a person calculate the temperature of the refrigerators?

There are tools like appliance thermometers that help to give the correct temperature of kitchen appliances. You can buy these thermometers online or at any general home depot. The best method is to keep the thermometer inside your refrigerator for around 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, find out the temperature. If the temperature doesn’t match the average temperature given for the refrigerator, look for the control board. The fact is, even if the temperature is showed above 35 degrees F, when you’ll check through an appliance thermometer, you’ll see the temperature is about +34 or +40-degrees F. This is quite common for all the fridges.

There are some fridges that don’t show the temperature. It allows you to control the temperature of your refrigerator through a regulator. Usually, these regulators have a scale from one to five. Five is the highest point where the temperature is highest. You can use an appliance thermometer to find out the temperature at this point.

After you get the thermometer, you’ll be able to find out the temperature of your refrigerator. The safe temperature for your refrigerator is around 36-to-39-degree F. You can also use this thermometer for your freezer too. For the freezer, the temperature should be around 0-degree F.

How to maintain the temperature of your refrigerator?

If you’ve used a thermometer to find out the temperature and saw that it is more or less than the average temperature, you need to use the control panel to adjust the temperature. If it still doesn’t occur at the perfect temperature, then you’ll have to take some measures in order to maintain the perfect temperature of your refrigerator.

Cooldown the food items before storing them

If you have boiling hot food and you’re wanting to store them in your fridge. Then let them cool and come at room temperature. If you instantly store hot food, it will take more than average time to cool down the food item.

Clean the seals of the doors

Door seals play an important role to maintain the temperature. If the door is not functioning properly, the temperature will automatically dropdown. As the cool air will escape, the condenser will have to work double the amount to keep the refrigerator cold. As a result, your electricity bill will rise up.

Don’t open the door frequently

When you open the doors of the refrigerator, the cool air escapes and the warmer air gets in. As a result, the internal temperature drops. Thus, opening the doors frequently hampers the fridge to maintain its average temperature.

Do not keep your fridge empty

When your refrigerator is filled, it takes less power to maintain the temperature. Besides, the fridge stays cool for a long time. This may sound contradictory but when you’ll look at it from the scientific angle, you’ll understand. When your refrigerator is empty, the vacant space gets filled with warm air. Thus, the temperature drops. But if the fridge is stocked up, then there is no space for warmer air, as a result, the temperature remains the same throughout the refrigerator.

Bottom line

Every refrigerator has its own set of temperatures that you’ll find in the manual. If the temperature shown on the screen doesn’t match that, use the control panel to adjust the temperature. Finally, try to follow the given tips to maintain the temperature of your refrigerator.