Where to store bread in the kitchen?

Storing bread is much more critical than you would think it is. And if you are here looking for the right answer then you already know that and, in fact, in the right place. There are some variables you first need to answer for yourself. Like how long do you want your bread to last and do you want to store it in your sight or tuck it away safely? Whichever might your answer be, we believe we got it covered. So, let’s right get into where to store bread in the kitchen.

Where to Store Bread in The Kitchen?

The kitchen interior contains some special features which are completely different from the other rooms to help the cook. Like the countertop, storage cabinets and drawers, shelves, plugging outlets for the freezer-refrigerator, and of course, the oven. Different types of bread need to be stored somewhere dark, dry, and cold in kitchen. And you will find that place here, in these interiors. So, let’s look at where to put your bread.

Paper Bags are cheap and effective options

If you want to keep the bread on the countertop or the shelves, then the best way you can keep it is in paper bags. The brown paper bags or parchment bags are ideal for the job. They let air through just enough to keep the bread fresh. But leaving the bread out on the countertop can keep your bread fresh for 2 to three days only with a dry and cold environment only. If the bread loaf you buy is consumed before that period ends, then it is a great way to store it. For this, you can save paper bags from every purchase and every use. It is the most convenient way to store bread because it works and costs you nothing.

Bread Boxes are common ways to store bread

Bread boxes are very popular for storing bread nowadays. They are cheap and come in all sizes and designs. You can just buy one matching your kitchen interior. And it is specifically designed to hold the bread. So, it is a win-win situation for you. Now the question is, will it keep the bread fresh longer? Well, the answer is not more than the usual time it can be fresh outside the freezer. Yes, the bread box is merely a holder for bread. So, expecting it to keep the bread fresh is not ideal. But it is the best way you can store your freshly baked or bought bread. It keeps it covered and you can put it anywhere you want; on the table, countertop, shelves and even in the freezer. So the bread box is a smart purchase for the kitchen.

Bread drawer/cabinets for storing bulk quantity 

So what is a Bread drawer? Do you buy it separately or just get it built in your kitchen with the help of a carpenter? Don’t need to get scared. It is neither of those scenarios. It is just a regular drawer that already exists but is covered and ventilated. The bread drawer conversion kit is available online and offline for you to purchase. But you can cover the whole drawer with parchment paper and it will still work wonders. Put the bread inside the dread cover and let it sit there. Take it out when you need it. But it works the same way as the box, it will not preserve the bread increasing its lifespan. It is just a holder. So it would be best if you do not leave it out there for long unused.

On the other hand, a bread cabinet is more or less the same concept. You take an unused cabinet and turn it into a bread cabinet by covering it from every side and is ventilated enough for the bread. But you can actually buy bread cabinets separately. You may have seen them in bakeries. There are all sorts of designs and sizes available in the market. You can keep it wherever it pleases you in the kitchen.

Airtight container is a popular option

Yes, using an airtight container is a smart choice. This option can actually keep the bread fresh for a longer period. But you need to make sure that the inside is the container, it is not at all damp or would get moist. So put the bread in the container only when it completely cools off. It is a convenient and effective way to store bread in the kitchen. Do not get confused between airtight containers and airtight plastic bags. Airtight containers are appropriate but airtight plastic bags are a big no for keeping your bread out of the freezer.

When You Have a Freezer in Your Kitchen

The freezer might just be the ultimate solution of preserving the bread and the beat place in the kitchen to store it. But to properly store it in the freeze, you must follow some steps. First, you need to make sure the bread is absolutely fresh. Then, if the loaf is sliced, put wax paper in-between the pieces so that you can take out only the much you need. Finally, wrap it up in plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer. As long as it is frozen (-18°C), it won’t get money or lose texture. You just need to thaw and use it right away.

Note: thaw the bread by refrigerating it overnight for best results. There is very little that can go wrong with thawing a bread slice but doing it right is still the best option. This way the pieces will be sold and fresh again as you had put it in the freezer.

Where Not to Keep Your Bread?

This is another important question you might come across a lot. So instead of learning from your mistakes, we will answer it for you before your bread is ruined. First of all, it is plastic airtight bags. As mentioned before, airtight plastic bags are not ideal for storing bread outside the freezer. It has no ventilation access and if there is any air in the bag, the bread will not really stay good for even a day. So, it is always paper bags over plastic when storing bread.

The other place to avoid is the refrigerator. That does not really sound right, right? But it is true. The refrigerator (regular fridge, normal mode) preserves the bread and does not let it get moldy. but it also turns the soft-fresh bread into a hard and worn-off bread. It may still be great for making toast but it is not the ideal form of it. It is also not a completely safe place either. Bread can get moldy in the refrigerator for too long as well. Thus, unless you are thawing a frozen piece of bread, try not to store the bread in the refrigerator.

Bottom line

So now you know where to store bread in the kitchen. Bread is a food that can be consumed at all meal times; so, looking for the best place to store is smart. Just to remove the bad odors from your kitchen before storing. For reserving it for a longer period you can freeze it and for a more instant and short time, the bread boxes, cabinet, drawer and paper bags are the way to go. But it is better to consume the bread in the period of 2 to three days when it stays fresh and soft itself without any help. Also, no matter which way you choose to store the bread always keep it covered. The more it is exposed to the air the more it will at risk of getting moldy and attracting flies.