Best Spiral Egg Holders for Countertop – Review and Guide

Looking for the Best spiral egg holder for countertop in your kitchen? wondering what features to look for? Well, your search is over. Here we will enlist all the reliable Spiral egg dispensers for countertop for you. And we will also walk you through everything you need to know about this particular kitchen gadget.

What is an Egg Skelter/Spiral Egg Holder/Dispenser?

A spiral egg holder, also known as an egg skelter and an egg dispenser, is a kitchen gadget that is designed to hold the eggs in such a way that if you remove the first egg, it will auto-refill that place by rolling down the other eggs safely. So, doing justice to its name, it is indeed an egg holder and an egg dispenser at the same time. And, it is designed spiraled for performance efficiency. Many have a passion for collecting antique egg skelter which are extremely expensive, bur still just a convenient kitchen tool,

Types of Egg Holders

Egg holders come in Various designs which have different applications. The manufacturers tend to get creative while designing this kitchen gadget for increasing effectiveness and usage. There are egg holders for refrigerator, countertops, and even the kitchen shelves. Some are made of silicon; some plastic and the wooden ones are really the show-stealer but the metal-constructed skelter is also high in demand. Toplife egg skelter brand offers every type of these egg dispensers. There are classic plastic and wooden, single and double-layered egg holders, ideal for refrigerators. Then there is a spiral egg holder/skelter and an egg basket. The storage box works amazingly for storing eggs inside and outside refrigerators. All these types of egg holders come in different designs of course. Also there are antique egg skelters for interior decoration only, Adds value to your collection of antiques.

Benefits of Having a Spiral Egg Holder/Dispenser?

But a question might occur, is there any benefit of owning a spiral egg holder? If there is, what are they? The answer is- like every other egg gadget such as electric egg poacher, Silicone Egg poacher, egg topper, egg pan, this kitchen gadget offers some outstanding benefits that make life easy and enjoyable. the advantages of having a spiral egg holder and are briefly described below.

Organizing Tool

The spiral egg holders are a great organizing gadget for your kitchen. It keeps all the eggs at the same place firmly ready to be used. Eggs are fragile and always up for making a mess if not handled properly. Also, when an egg breaks for mismanagement, it is a waste of money and Rich protein. so if you love to keep your kitchen organized and sorted. An egg skelter is the ideal gadget for you. It saves egg wastage and keeps the surfaces and utensils clean.

Convenient Product

This kitchen tool is a top-notch convenient gadget for your kitchen. you might ask why would that be? The answer is simple. It is easy to use. easy to clean, you need not spend a single penny to maintain it. there are no manuals of using it and no complicated instructions to put it together. Most manufacturers sell the product as it is. you just bring it out of the package and start using it. The application of the tool is mainstream as well. you just have to line up the egg on the dispenser and that is it. No need to arrange them again. You just keep using eggs until the skelter goes empty again. refill and done again.  there is no way you will find any other egg holder to be this convenient. Either it is steel or copper egg skelter, both works at your convenience,

Ample Storage

The Spiral egg dispenser for countertop comes in various sizes. They are manufactured in various sizes because of the egg size and usage quantity diversity of different families. Some households purchase jumbo eggs in bulk and some small eggs for a day. Some prefer chicken eggs and some ducks. Whichever the need be, whether you need a spiral egg holder for chicken eggs or duck eggs, this kitchen gadget has it covered. It offers designs that can support 20 eggs as well as 5 eggs. So, it will always come with ample storage as per your needs.

Space Saver

The big egg trays and storage boxes are great to store eggs of all sizes but they take up a lot of space in your kitchen, either on the storage space, or on the countertop, or the refrigerator. Where the egg skelper or otherwise known as the spiral egg dispenser, occupies a very small space to stand on and the eggs are arranged vertically in a spiral. So the space in the air is occupied more than any surface. Thus, it saves a lot of space by storing the eggs altogether and because it is smartly designed. The Best spiral egg holder for countertop is the most efficient space saver and manager.

Stylish Design

There is no doubt that decor-wise, every type of Spiral egg dispenser for countertop is a great addition to your kitchen. with whichever material the skelter is constructed, it will blend in with the interior of the kitchen and actually make it look classier. The metal ones are specifically pretty cool to see on the kitchen countertop. but you have a hundred other designs to pick from. antique egg skelters are even more so beautiful and alluring to antique collectors.

Multipurpose Gadget

Why did we call it multi-purpose you may ask? The reason is when not used for holding and dispensing eggs the gadget does not have to sit idle somewhere. The best egg skelter can easily be used to hold lemons, onions, tangerines, kiwi, etc fruits and vegetables which are close to the size of an egg. Thus, the product comes in handy in more ways than expected that is for sure.

Best Spiral Egg Holders for Countertop – Review and Guide

Flexzion Egg Skelter Deluxe Modern Spiraling Dispenser Rack (Medium)

Key Features:

  • Construction: sturdy powder coated steel structure.
  • Capacity: up to 20 eggs.
  • Design: Sophisticated spiral design, a great addition to kitchen decor.

If you are looking for a quality spiral egg holder for chicken eggs, this is it. Its sturdy powder coated steel construction makes it Long lasting, freestanding and safe. The product here is of medium size which can hold up to 20 chicken eggs but it also comes in small and large size.

The sophisticated design of this Spiral egg dispenser for countertop will match any kitchen decor. As it is described by the manufacturing company, Flexzion, itself, this skelter is not just a kitchen tool, it is an artwork.


  1. Freestanding and anti-rust
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Space saver


  1. Does not have too many color varieties

OBVIS Spiral Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack Metal Storage Holder Display Countertop Black

Key features:

  • Construction: Black coated sturdy steel construction.
  • Capacity: upto 22 eggs.
  • Dimensions: 12.5”Hx8.25”Diameter

This metal constructed; freestanding egg dispenser is the solution to your egg problems. With its 180° movable adjustment and carry handle and sturdy metal (steel) body, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It comes with a sophisticated black color and the capacity of holding 22 eggs at max. Easy accessibility and portability is one of its great advantages. It is the perfect organizing tool for your kitchen that increases the interior display.


  1. Balances on surface clutter
  2. Safe and Decorative
  3. Conveniently portable with the 180° handle.


  1. Not eligible for extra-large chicken eggs or quail eggs

Lengthened Skelter Dispenser Rotatable Countertop

Key features:

  • Function: 360° rotatable
  • Construction: iron, metal
  • Capacity: 3 dozen standard size eggs

The ideal spiral egg holder for chicken eggs might just be this one. OMAYKEY has manufactured the perfect companion for the eggs. It is stylish and has a 180° adjustable handle. Which makes it highly portable.

It Holds up to 3 dozen regular sized eggs. It is 360° rotatable and comes with an egg cracker topper. With all these features, it also has a widened as well as anti-skid metal base with a secure and stable egg rack structure. This is why it is one of the best egg skelters in the market


  1. Anti-skid and anti-rust with metal construction
  2. Highly portable with 180° adjustable handle.
  3. User convenient with 360° rotation feature.


  1. Does not support extra-large eggs.

QUTREY Black Metal Egg Skelter, Spiral Design Egg Dispenser Rack Holder with Storage Basket for Countertop

Key features:

  • Capacity: 3 dozen eggs
  • Unique design: 360° spiral Skelter with storage basket.
  • Dimension: 13.98x 7.09 x 7.09 inch

With a rustproof black metal painted body and an additional storage basket in the bottom, the QUTREY Black Metal Egg Skelter is one of the most sophisticatedly designed egg dispensers. It is 13 inch tall and has a sturdy construction.

The skelter holds 3 dozen eggs and it is a 360° spiral unique egg holder. It saves space and can be used for multiple purposes, not just holding eggs. Like holding k-cups, capsules, or  maybe coffee creamer, as well as fruits or other small items like lemons.


  1. Rust proof and portable
  2. Multi-purpose
  3. Amazing decor piece


  1. Can’t fit in a conventional refrigerator.

NejaMart Egg Holder Metal Basket – Spiral Slide Egg Stand with 36 Eggs Capacity

Key features:

  • Construction: Premium Silver Plated Iron Design
  • Capacity: 36 eggs
  • Special feature: 360° rotatable

This fine egg skelter was designed to increase the value of your kitchen. With it’s premium silver plated iron construction and elegant and modern design, it will not only adapt with the interior of the kitchen but also add a decorative value as well as upgrade your egg storing technique.

It holds 36 eggs at max and it comes with no slip and slide guarantee. It is easy to clean and 100% safe as it comes with anti rust properties. Being easily portable is one of its strengths but not such as the fact that this particular egg dispenser has a rotating bottom and comes with two egg frying/poaching molds.


  1. Does not scratch the kitchen counter
  2. Large capacity
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Battery not included.

Metal Egg Skelter/Dispenser Rack with 2 Porcelain Egg Cup Holders for Kitchen Countertop

Key features:

  • Construction: Iron metal base
  • Capacity: 23 eggs
  • Special features: 180° adjustable handle and 2 porcelain egg cup holders.

This OMIKEY Egg Skelter is one of the most sophisticated egg skelters in the market. It stands out because of its study metal base and the two elegant yet convenient porcelain egg cup holders. It also comes with a handle which is 180° adjustable and makes the moving process smooth and safe.

It can hold 18 to 23 eggs at maximum depending on the size of the egg. It can support small to extra large, all sizes of eggs. It rotates 360° and indeed is anti-rust. It has a wider and double stable base that gives it extra support and zero chances of falling over the counter.


  1. Wider and double stable base
  2. Sophisticated design
  3. Easily portable


  1. Reported To be unstable while holding extra large eggs.

Hovico Egg Skelter Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack

Key Features:

  • Construction: Powder Coated Steel Base
  • Dimension: 8*8*10 inches Diameter
  • Capacity: 24 eggs

The Hovico Egg Skelter is the perfect companion for your eggs. As a kitchen tool, it is a standard model of spiral egg holder/dispenser. It has a construction of powder-coated steel and can support up to 24 eggs at a time.

It saves space and is a great decoration for the interior of the kitchen. It offers safe and neat storage for eggs as it is surface-clutter-free and anti-rust. This stable, sturdy and stylish, egg dispenser is ideal for your kitchen countertop.


  1. Zero surface clutter
  2. Offers replacement or refund
  3. Portable, simple and convenient


  1. Reported to have difficulty in eggs sliding/rolling down.

KYY Egg Skelter Spiral Metal Display Egg Dispenser Modern Egg Holder(White)

Key Features:

  • Construction: Powder Coated Alloy Steel
  • Capacity: 20-24 eggs
  • Design: basket design with adjustable handle.

This one is another classic egg skelter in the market. It is a great decorative piece as well as a convenient kitchen tool. The basket design makes it ideal for separating old eggs from the new ones. It holds 24 eggs at its maximum capacity.

It is made of Powder Coated Alloy Steel which makes it rust resistant and of sturdy construction. It is coated with white color that gives it a very sophisticated and elegant look.


  1. Conveniently portable
  2. Space saver
  3. Great as an interior decorative piece.


  1. Does not slide down automatically, has to be moved down manually.

What To Look for When Buying A Spiral Egg Holder For Your Countertop?

If you are new to the gadget and don’t know where to start from, then you are at the right place. There are multiple companies manufacturing multiple styles of spiral egg holders for chicken eggs and duck eggs. In the crowd of tools, you might feel confused about what to actually consider. But you have nothing to worry about anymore. Here we will list everything there is to understand and consider. And describe characteristics, you need to look for to grab the Best spiral egg holder for the countertop for your kitchen.


the size matters the most when buying an egg skelter. The size refers to how wide and how long in height the tool is. First, you should underwater the demographic of your kitchen. Which space on the countertop is available and how much is that space. Because buying an oversized egg skelter would create an inconvenience in the kitchen and you may need to rearrange the whole countertop. So to spare yourself from this additional physical hassle, check out the size of the spiral egg holder. They come in different sizes and it is clearly mentioned on the box in the specification and features section. Toplife egg skelter have some pretty amazing ones in their collection. You can ask the seller as well. Give them your countertop measurement and they will recommend the best one for your kitchen. Because there are large skelters that can hold only ten eggs and some are tinier yet can hold a large number of eggs. So the size really matters in this case and the availability of space for it.


how many eggs can the spiral egg holder hold at one time is the definition of its capacity. There is every type of egg holder available in the market from the capacity of holding 4 eggs to 24 eggs to 56 eggs. The larger capacity holders and dispensers are used in large-scale kitchens where large numbers of eggs are cooked every day. They make the experience susceptible and hassle-free. And you can pick one as per your daily egg needs. Like the four egg holders. And you can get one that can hold a week’s worth of eggs.  So checking the capacity is pretty significant. Otherwise, the purchase of a Spiral egg dispenser for countertop wouldn’t be as effective for your needs.


why is color important? And how many colors can it come in? These are the primary questions you may ask yourself and even the seller. Well, a homemaker carefully decorates their house and the person responsible for everyone’s food intake every day, the kitchen is the most prized possession of them. Thus you should be thrilled to know that the manufacturers offer the product in different colors at a time. copper egg skelters can come with some pretty attractive colors, So you can choose from them. The color customization would help keep color coordination in your kitchen.


construction indicates the material it is built from. From steel, copper to plastic and silicon, a skelter can be made of any material. But the steel ones are the most reliable and work better. Whichever construction you pick, you just have to make sure that it has a sturdy structure. Or else it might not support the eggs as properly. The spiral egg holders are expected to refill the first egg slot when picked out. Without a sturdy construction, it will cause trouble rolling down and the purpose of the best egg skelter will not be fulfilled. So make sure you check out all the reviews about the sturdiness and which material it is made of. We recommend steel. Online or offline, but you can blindly pick a steel one for guaranteed better performance. Powder-coated steel, alloy steel and stainless steel are the most popular choices. Because they work the best.


one thing that is a must to check is the stability of the product. Because falling over and falling on the side with a full load of eggs is a never-ending cleaning process with additional unpleasant odor to deal with, and the loss of money and good protein are just another few negative sides of choosing a faulty and unstable spiral egg holder. Wooden, steel or a copper egg skelter, A ideal egg holder holds its ground and stays put. No matter what the load you put on and even when empty, an effective egg dispenser wouldn’t wiggle or fall over. So keep your eyes on the product review for that and check the first thing in the features list; stability.


accessibility sounds a bit unnecessary but you need to trust the process. This is most probably one of the most relevant features you have to keep an eye out for. Here Accessibility means how easy and convenient you can store and unload the eggs. So it is about performance efficiency. The spiral egg dispenser should work smoothly. Loading the stacks should be spontaneous and unloading easy, then the rolling down of eggs has to be smooth and safe. If you cannot access the eggs easily, you have to struggle to get them out then the skelter is not for you. On the other hand, if the skelter compartment is too big for the eggs then you’ll be facing cracked egg issues. So the only way, the accessibility is spontaneous, is to pick one with a flawless design and ample compartment space in-between the railings. Check for the size of eggs the spiral egg holder is capable of holding. The best egg skelter would specify that it can fairly support small, medium, large and extra-large eggs. That way you know whichever egg you pick, you won’t make a mess while on the egg dispenser.

Convenient features

there are some convenient features a spiral egg holder/dispenser can offer. You should definitely keep an eye out for them. They are having extra bars around the spiral so that small eggs don’t fall off or wiggle unnecessarily, anti-rust and anti-dirt properties, dishwasher safe, heat resistant and mostly being easily and highly portable. These features, if present, would make your life much easier in the kitchen. The Best spiral egg holder for countertop would have several convenient features present in it.

Where To Place An Egg Dispenser On The Countertop?

Only buying the best spiral egg holder for the countertop of your home is not the end of the process of storing eggs. You still need to know how and where to keep the skelter on the countertop. So, first of all, the surface of the countertop needs to be plain and 360° flat-landscape, or else the holder won’t stand steady. on the elevated surface, the stability of the holder/dispenser is compromised and eggs falling off or the chance of the whole thing falling over expedites. Most of the countertops are perfectly leveled and conveniently tiles and the mosaic ones are ideal too. So now you just have to place your newly bought egg dispenser on the countertop nearer to the adjoining support wall. It will provide additional safety and support. You have to make sure the surface of the countertop is clean and dry. All these precautions and points are to set the egg dispenser hassle-free. Building on that, you must avoid top shelves, above the head cabinet, counter cabinet and drawers and even the edge of the countertop. These best eggs skelters are some risky areas to keep eggs. Ideally, the best place for egg holders is the middle portion of the countertop, just against the wall.

How To Use The Dispenser/Spiral Safely?

Safety is the main concern while setting up a kitchen tool like the spiral egg dispenser. If the eggs are efficiently rolling down or not, the convenience of the process and of course, the usage of eggs. When you bring eggs from outside and unload them on the kitchen counter or take the eggs out of the fridge and wait for them to be room temperature, that is the ideal time to use the spiral egg skelter. Thus, the skelter needs to be away from the stove or oven. And all the precautions mentioned earlier have to be made. It would be best if you avoid slippery smooth surfaces for Spiral egg dispenser for countertop. And the eggs are kept according to the manual instructions. The skelter is a very convenient product all in all. So you do not really have to worry about much. All you got to do is buy it and set it up on the counter and the rest is going to take care of itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands?

Answer:  There are many brands that sell spiral egg dispensers. but some are better than the other ones. Some brands offer the best product with the best features at a reasonable price. Some of them are Flexzion, OBVIS, OMAYKEY, QUTREY, NejaMart, Hovico, KYY and many others like the toplife egg skelter.

Does it fit duck eggs?

Answer: yes, definitely it can support duck eggs as well as chicken eggs. The duck eggs and chicken eggs are almost similar. The standard duck eggs can be the size of large chicken eggs. That difference is near to not unmentionable. So you can safely and conveniently keep duck eggs in the egg dispenser. It is called egg skelter/dispenser, so the question of which egg, chicken, or duck, is rendered pointless. It can hold all the regular sizes of eggs.

How many eggs can I keep in a spiral egg holder?

Answer: it depends on the size of the skelter completely. The large skelters can support over 24 eggs, whereas the small ones can support 10 to 12. but a standard size spiral egg holder can easily keep 20 eggs.

How long does a spiral egg holder last?

Answer: a spiral egg holder can last for years. with proper maintenance, it can last from 5 years up to 10 years, even longer. The construction material matters the most to anticipate the lifespan of the kitchen tool. Metal like steel and iron have been considered to be the longest lifespan.

Can I hatch eggs on a spiral egg holder?

Answer: no, spiral egg holders are a tool to store and keep track of the freshness of the eggs and usage convenient. Hatching eggs is not a purpose it could serve.  There are many other gadgets available to help to hatch eggs but spiral egg holder for the countertop is not one of them.

Do I need to wash the eggs before using a spiral egg holder?

Answers: no, for using purposes you do not need to wash the eggs before using the spiral egg holder. But for hygiene purposes, we recommend that you wash the eggs before storing them anywhere. it depends on your preference of cleanliness really. The eggs should be washed after taking them home from the market.

How long do eggs last at normal temperature?

Answers: 2 hours, eggs stay fresh 2 hours when kept at room temperature. The egg white and egg yolk starts to lose their freshness after 60 to 75 minutes. They lose their consistency and nutrition values after 2 whole hours. so use up the eggs that sit on the counter and the ones not in use store them immediately.

Don’t eggs need refrigeration?

Answer: of course, they do, if you are a consumer who buys and consume eggs on an everyday basis, then refrigeration is not compulsory but when buying eggs in lots and needs to be preserved for a few days, refrigeration is a must. Eggs stay fresh and edible in the refrigerator for days. But it is better to use them up between 2 to 7 days

Do the eggs crack when they slide down after one has been taken?

Answer: No, this particular kitchen tool was designed to make the using egg experience safe and easy. The design does not allow eggs to run down the row at a rapid pace. When one egg is removed from the bottom. Every egg rolls down smoothly at the same pace and at the same time. They don’t crash into each other or crack unless the spiral Dispenser is faulty. Get refunds for that.

Are there any gaps where smaller eggs can slip through the “track” on the way down?

Answer: The skelter is designed to hold and run-down eggs in a manner where the process is safe and keeping track of the fresher eggs is susceptible for all size eggs (large, small eggs falling off or crashing with each other is pretty far-fetched. Unless you buy a defective one, you should not worry about smaller eggs running off track. They are safe and in a system in the spiral egg holder.

How many eggs will a dispenser hold?

Answer: It depends on the dispenser you choose to buy. A countertop standard size spiral egg holder/dispenser can hold 24 eggs. But they come in a variety of sizes. You can find it in all sizes according to your needs. Industrial size dispensers are also available that can support hundreds and more. But for a counter, the standard size 24 egg holding dispenser is more than enough.

Do you think this could hold quail eggs?

Answer: No, A standard size Skelter would not be able to support and hold quail eggs.  Quail eggs are known for their extremely mini size and rich protein and taste. They are about five times smaller than a regular-sized egg. So I skelter for small medium large size eggs, It can not be used for holding them.