Best Egg Holders for Soft-Boiled Eggs

The egg is one of the most nutritious foods when boiled well. Most people like to eat eggs not only for containing a healthy life but also for their tastes. Because eggs can be prepared and eaten in so many ways; Among all types of preparation, soft-boiled eggs are highly nutritious and tasty to eat. You may already have tried to eat soft-boiled eggs with bare hands. And, you already know how difficult it is to hold and peel a boiled egg with bare hands. Moreover, it’s hard to take out the yolk of a half-boiled egg as well. Sometimes, it is scorching that you cannot even enjoy the experience of eating this highly nutritious food.

Egg devices are a blessing because of their simple-to-use features. We have discussed so many egg devices in our blog, the Cookers World. Egg cookers, slicers, silicone poachers, and separators are a few of them. This time, we will introduce an egg tool that can make your soft-boiled egg eating experience marvelous and incomparable. We are talking about the egg holder cup, which is also known as a soft-boiled egg holder.

What is a soft-boiled egg holder?

It is an egg cup, sometimes called an egg server, which holds a soft-boiled egg within the shell. It’s a great egg tool to serve half-boiled eggs. The upper part of the cup’s shape is concave, suitable for placing a boiled egg on it. When set, the upper part of the egg is cut with an egg-cutter or topper to open the egg’s upper part. And, lower part stays on the cup. It gives you a comfortable set-up that helps you to have half-boiled eggs easily and quickly without wasting them. It is a handy tool if you want to enjoy the eggs with spoons.

However, the egg holder for soft boiled eggs and the egg holder for storing eggs in refrigerator or kitchen top are not the same. You can know more on the refrigerator egg holders from our previous study.

Why should you have an egg holder for a soft-boiled egg?

As discussed in this marvelous tool, we already know what an egg cup or soft-boiled egg holder is. Now, we will understand what egg cups are used for. This should discuss the ten benefits of having one.

Stainless Steel Egg Holder

Half-boiled eggs are not easy to peel: As we already discussed, the peeling job is not easy an easy task if you are not used to it. Even if you try, you may end up wasting the most nutritious part of the half-boiled egg. Handling the liquid form of anything is not easy after all. So, it would help if you had something that should make this job easy. This job can be done by the tool named an egg topper that should cut the upper portion of the egg when it’s set on an egg cup. Generally, the egg topper comes with a set of soft-boiled egg holders.

You can have your toast soaking by liquid yolk: Enjoying a toast with a runny yolk is very much popular nowadays. You can enjoy having this when the egg is set on a perfectly designed egg cup. I am talking about an egg holder for soft-boiled eggs here.

Enjoying the soft yolk with a spoon: As enjoyable as it sounds. Yes, you can enjoy the yolk with a spoon when the egg is well set on a perfect-sized egg cup. However, you should be concerned about one thing, which is the size of the cup. Sometimes, a large-sized egg cannot be set on a small-sized egg cup. We talk about it in the latter part of this article, in the buying guide section.

As temporary storage: Sometimes, we become busy with other household chores, and we may not have the eggs immediately after the boil is made. We may want to keep it for eating later. Now, you can use this egg cup to store the egg. And, you know what? The boiled egg will remain hot for some time when you keep it in an egg holder. The storage function works well if you use a ceramic egg holder. But, of course, it can’t do it for an extended period. In that case, you may need to use a hot pot to keep it hot.

Beautify your kitchen: Some egg cups do have unique designs and are well-structured. These are so beautiful that anyone may feel want when seeing one. Egg brands like Bloomingville and NobleEgg provide Egg Holders with beautiful designs in their Amazon shop. When you keep these cups in your kitchen in an organized manner, it increases the beauty of your kitchen.

Helps to build a healthy habit: Eating healthy is a good habit, and we all want to create one. When a half-boiled egg is easy to eat and enjoy, people become more interested in frequently having it. Gradually, they improve their good habit of eating highly nutritious eggs. But, remember? Overeating is always wrong; therefore, often eating egg yolk is bad for high blood pressure people.

Easy to eat: As we already discussed, peeling and eating with a bare hand is not suitable for having a soft-boiled egg. But, we also do not want to lose the nutrition of soft-boiled eggs. After having a quality soft-boiled egg holder at affordable price, you can eat eggs comfortably.

Quick to clean: An egg cup is designed simple. It’s easy to handle and easy to clean with bare hands. With the force of your water supply, you can easily clean it after using it.

Presentable: We already have discussed the unique designs of the egg cups, which can beautify your kitchen to an extended level. To add some more, these well-designed soft-boiled egg holders are highly representable that you can use these when you have guests in your house.

A set of tools: You have many options when it comes to buying the best soft-boiled egg holders. Why? Because you can buy it singly or in a set. If you need one egg cup, you can buy it at a reasonable price. These are named cheap-priced soft-boiled egg cups. The quality is high as well. We discuss more in the latter part of buying guide section. However, if you want to buy in a set, you can do that as well. The set includes egg cups, a topper, and spoons.

Great gift for food lovers: Till now, we have discussed every possible benefits of using the best egg holder for soft-boiled eggs. When we talked about the designs, we mentioned that some egg cups have unique designs others are durable. Foodies will love these types of egg tools as gifts. So, if you want to win a foodie’s heart, this is now an easy task to do.

So, we now know what a soft-boiled egg holder is and what it is used for. Of course, the next thing you should know if you want to buy one is about different types of soft-boiled egg holders and their brands. As soon as you see this information, you will be able to select a perfect one.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at the top-rated soft-boiled egg holders picked by Cookers’ World.

Best Egg Holder for Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs – Review and guide

We have researched thoroughly to find out the best egg holders for soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs. There are many types of these holders available in the market. The primary characteristic of an egg holder is to hold a soft or hard-boiled egg. However, considering types of packages, we have primarily found two types of soft-boiled egg holders. (a) Those come in a set, and (b) those come in single cups. A set includes the cups, spoons, and an egg topper.

So, while reviewing, we categorized these holders in two. One is the set of egg holders for soft-boiled eggs, and the other is the single cups.

Let us look at different types of egg holders for soft-boiled eggs we considered the best.

Stoneware Egg Cup by Le Creuset

Top feature

  • Single cup
  • Stoneware
  • 2 inches in diameter
  • Great design
  • Dishwasher-safe

A soft-boiled egg cup has always offered us great benefits during breakfast time. Le Creuset offers this single stoneware cup with significant advantages. The cup has the capacity to hold heat as it’s made applying traditional stoneware technology. The soft-boiled eggs remain hot for a more extended period. Since the cup does have a thick wall, it does not passes heat to the other side. You can hold the cup comfortably.

The stoneware egg cup for soft-boiled eggs comes with a great design. The brand provides cups with multiple color options, which are Flame, Caribbean, Cherry, Marseille, Palm, Soleil, and White. From these seven color options, you can choose your favorite one or all of them since these cups are highly representable and beautify your dining table.

The diameter of the cup is exactly two inches. It can hold medium and large-sized eggs. However, you may not feel comfortable while having a small-sized egg using this egg cup.


  • Perfect for large eggs
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Representable
  • Popular among many


Not too big

Soft Boiled Egg Cups and Spoon Set By RSVP International Kitchen Accessories Collection

Top features

  • Egg cups and spoons
  • White color porcelain cups
  • Dishwasher safe

Are you looking for egg cups with spoons? The set has four pieces of cups and four spoons. So, unless you want to buy separately, you can go for it.

The diameter of these cups is 2.75 inches which makes them suitable for large or extra-large-sized soft-boiled eggs. Also, the length is deep enough to hold the egg accurately.

The porcelain egg cups have a beautiful design. The glossy white porcelain gives it an opportunity to call itself a quality construction. This, besides, makes the set representable. However, the spoons are also made of porcelain which requires careful handling.

This egg cup and spoon set by RSVP International Kitchen Accessories Collection is dishwasher safe. However, when using a dishwasher, you need to be careful since these are ceramic cups.


  • Deep enough to hold eggs accurately
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Greatly representable
  • Perfect of soft boiled eggs
  • Ideal set for a small family


  • Need to be careful with the spoons

Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs Holder Set Including 4 Spoons and 4 Cups 1 Shells Remover by YellRin

Top features

  • Curved perfectly
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1.75 inches in diameter

Want to have your breakfast with hard-boiled eggs but face difficulty removing the shell? This set includes three tools: cups, spoons, and a hard-boiled egg opener. Your shell opener can remove the shell easily with the stainless steel shell cutter.

When it comes to the size of the cups, the diameter of these cups is 1.75 inches which makes them perfect for medium-sized eggs.

The set includes four cups, spoons, and a hard-boiled eggshell removal tool which makes it a perfect set of soft-boiled egg tools for a small family. So, if you do not want to buy these tools separately, you can obviously go for this one. However, if you already have the spoons and the cutter, you should go for the single cups. We have reviewed the single cups for hard-boiled eggs as well. The price is reasonable considering the quality.

The durability is high as the set is made of stainless steel. You can use the cups whenever you want and how many times you want. Unlike ceramic cups, you need not be so careful while using them.


  • Durable, made of stainless steel
  • Light-weight
  • Fantastic egg cutter, easy to cut the eggshells
  • Requires less space to store in a kitchen


  • The cups heat up to the temperature of the egg immediately

Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set – Includes Egg Cups Cutter & Spoons by Eparé

Top features

  • 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Silver color
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons

The Eparé comes with one is one of the most popular soft-boiled egg toolsets. The tool includes two cups, two spoons, and one egg top cutter, which makes it a complete set that you need to enjoy having a soft-boiled egg breakfast in the morning. The set is perfect for a nuclear family.

The diameter of the egg cup is 1.75 inches which makes it a perfect match for medium-sized eggs. It should fit large eggs too. But, my honest opinion is, for an extra-large egg, it will not be suitable.

If you consider the price, it should be an excellent choice for a family which has two family members. So far, this is one of the best soft-boiled egg cups for the money. The set looks good; it’s durable and made of stainless steel.


  • An excellent choice for a two-person family
  • Perfect for medium-sized eggs
  • Light-weighted and durable


  • It may not be suitable for extra-large eggs

Egg cup, spoon, and cutter set for Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs by Forkmannie

Top features

  • Egg cup set includes Cups, Spoons, and Cutter
  • 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Cups made of ceramic
  • Stainless steel spoons and cutter

The egg cups and spoons set includes four ceramic egg cups and four stainless steel spoons. This means the set is a perfect choice for a small family. If you are buying an egg cup for the first time, this is an excellent option for your family. The set also has a top cutter that helps to cut the egg-top fine.

Though the spoons and the cutter are made of stainless steel, the cups are not. The cups are made of ceramics which need careful handling while using. However, the cups are gorgeous in that they can instantly improve the look of your dining. As we consider it as representable, you can have this set if you want to use it in a shop.

The size of the cups is 1.5 inches. This means you can have small and medium-sized eggs in these cups. An extra-large egg may not fit in these cups.

The cups are offered in different numbers. That means there are other buying options. They have a set of nine, four, two, and six pieces. The two, four, and six-piece sets are only in cups. No spoons or toppers are included in these sets.


  • Perfect for small and medium-sized eggs
  • Lightweight
  • Representable
  • Multi-purpose, perfect for dips, sauces, and desserts


  • Ceramic cups are fragile
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How to choose the best egg holder for a soft-boiled egg?

14 questions to ask before having one

We have discussed the benefits of having egg cups in the inception part. So, if you know the benefits of using one, you should know a few things to choose the best one. Otherwise, you shall end up selecting the wrong one and have a bad experience of having half-boiled eggs.

Is it simple to use?

You will be comfortable while eating a soft-boiled egg if the cup is simple and easy to use. When does it make it complicated? The answer is, the cup is not deep enough to place the egg in it. The small-sized egg does not correctly fit in it. Also, you may fail to crack the egg top properly without an egg topper. Lastly, make sure that the cup holds an egg upright.

Is it quick to clean?

One of the most common things to check before buying anything is the easiness of cleaning. The way you clean an egg tool should be easy. Here, I am emphasizing the making material of the cups. If it’s made of fragile material, cleansing is risky sometimes, thus, not easy. Choosing one made of steel may give an advantage since it will be as easy as cleaning a glass made of steel. However, if you want to have designed ones, you should go for ceramics.

Which building material should you prefer?

Egg cups are made with different materials. The most common materials are stainless steel and ceramics. Both are good for health. These are durable as well. You can choose egg cups made from any one of these two. There are egg holders made of plastics as well. If you are getting one of them, make sure these are made from food-grade plastics because some plastics are not suitable for health if you use them for taking hot foods.

Is the cup deep enough to hold an egg firmly?

Is it too wise? Make sure you know the measurement of the cup, especially the wideness. The egg should correctly be set in the cup and not wobble. Otherwise, you will not be able to eat the yolk comfortably.

What is the required size?

Sometimes, the egg cups are too big that is not perfect for small-sized eggs. So, choosing a big-sized cup is wise if you always try a large egg. Otherwise, choose the small one. Some people have ended up picking the wrong one and wasting their money.

Do you need a combo or only cups?

This is one crucial question you should ask before getting the best one. Do you need the set? Or you just need the cups. Sometimes, we already have the best topper in our kitchens. In that case, we may only need the cups. However, if you are getting this egg tool for the first time, you should buy a set that includes the cups, a topper, and a set of spoons. Also, you should consider the money you are spending. If you need a single cup, you should not spend more than that your need.

Does it match the color of your kitchen or dining?

Sometimes, color does not matter when we buy an egg cup to satisfy the essential requirement, which is the suitability of eating soft-boiled eggs. Moreover, the cups made of stainless steel are pretty beautiful. However, there are many types of cups with unique designs and colors. If you want to have a specific color match, you should look for it. We have already added some of the cups with outstanding designs and different colors.

How many periods of warranty does it offer?

Sometimes, warranty is not a vital issue with a few of the products. But, if you want it, you should check it before buying one. With some of these products, you will have a warranty, but some will not provide it. Also, the warranty is not there at any time, but you should talk with the product seller about the product warranty before purchasing one.

Does the set have a topper?

A topper is an egg tool that will allow you to break the egg head before eating it. It will do the job accurately that the shell will be separated by a round shape making a hole on the upper part of the boiled egg. It will make your job easier. If you do it by bare hand, you will end up wasting the eggs, perhaps. Check the topper quality if it is the best one. However, if you do not need a topper, you can buy only cups.

Do the Jumbo eggs fit?

All of the egg cups available in the market are not of the same size. They differ. Also, the size of the eggs is not the same as well. So, here is one point to be looked at very seriously. If the egg size does not match the size of a cup, you will not be happy when eating eggs. You should check the diameter and the height of the cups.

Is this product dishwasher safe?

Washing with a hand is not a tough job for small kitchen tools. Moreover, these tools are easy to clean with bare hands. However, if you have a dishwasher, and you should know if it is dishwasher safe. Otherwise, the durability may decrease over time.

Is the design representable and unique?

We have already mentioned it multiple times. If something does not look good, people tend to avoid it and use it less. If you do not have to pay an extra and the prices are pretty similar, why not a great one with representable design?

Is it fragile?

Cups made with ceramics will attract you because of their design and good looks. But you have to know one thing that these are not stainless steel. So, if you are getting one, you should know that you should be more careful while using one made with ceramics or glass. Egg cups made with glass will allure you since these are glamorous. The cups made with stainless steel are not fragile. These can be used frequently.

What should be the budget?

The price of the soft-boiled egg holder ranges from 10 to 50 dollars, depending on quality and type. You can have one cup at as low as 13 dollars. Also, you can buy a set of cups for 20 dollars. Our research found that the quality cup sets can be priced from 18 to 22 dollars (there are others with a high price as well). So, if you want to buy a set, you should keep a budget above 18 dollars. If you’re going to buy a single cup, 15 will do for an excellent one.

What are the Best brands?

  • Find design at your budget from the best available brands
  • Search the one for durability
  • Find the best at the lowest price
  • Consider the Overall quality along with the price


If you do not want to buy an egg cup and use other alternatives, here are a few options. You can use a ramekin if you wish. This product has other uses too. Small bowls can be used as well if you want them by a spoon. However, it’s my strong advice that you buy an egg cup as this product has the features and benefits that only support soft-boiled eggs readily.

How to use a soft-boiled egg holder?

Using the best soft-boiled egg holder is not a tough job. Place a soft-boiled egg in it. Make sure it fits perfectly in it. Use a topper to crack the head. You can do it with your kitchen knife as well. It would help if you slowly did it; otherwise, the crack may not be a good one. Now take a spoon and start enjoying the egg.