Scroll Saw Safety Tips and Tricks

Scroll saws are perfect for cutting delicate curves. They are extremely fast and precise. Compared to the other saws, they are not that dangerous. But if you are not careful then they can cause you injury. The risks associated with a scroll saw safety and all other safety measures are given below-

Why working with scroll saw is risky?

Here are some of the hazards that can be caused by a scroll saw-

Skin inflammation: Scroll saw works with speed and force due to which a heavy amount of sawdust and wood chips come out of the material. If you are not wearing protective clothes, these projectiles can cause inflammation. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, you might end up having allergies and rashes due to dirt and dust.

Eye injury: Sawdust and woodchips are quite dangerous for your eyes. If they come at you with force, they can bruise your eyes.

Hearing issues: Any kind of saw makes a lot of noise while cutting the material. The absence of good hearing protectors can damage your ability to hear properly.

Cut or bruise: As scroll saw has rotating blades, if you don’t work carefully it can easily cut your hands or other parts of your body.

Foot injury: A scroll saw is quite heavy. If it trips or falls, it can bruise your feet.

Other accidents: Damaged cords or cables of a scroll saw can give you an electric shock. Losing grip over the tool can cause a big accident as it has a sharp blade that can cut your fingers.

Scroll Saw Safety Tools to Use While Using

  1. Use eye goggles or glasses. On top of that, you can wear a face shield to protect your face. This will give you an extra layer of protection.
  2. Use guards to protect yourself from the sharp blades.
  3. Wear protective footwear to protect your feet.
  4. Use a push stick to pick up cutoff pieces.

Scroll Saw Safety Precaution – What to do before starting?

Wear the safety tools: Make sure that you are wearing all the required safety tools like eye goggles, face shields, work boots, etc. Never wear loose clothes while working. Try to wear fitted working clothes and tie your hair nicely.

Read the Scroll Saw Safety manual: Before starting the process, make sure you read the instruction manual properly. Note down the important elements. Ensure that you are following all the safety elements given in the manual.

Check the scroll saw: Before starting to use the machine, check the different parts properly to find out if there’s any defect in the machine. Never use blunt blades. Make sure that the blades are sharp enough. Check the cables carefully. If you find any damaged parts, repair them first and then proceed with your work.

Take proper measurements: Before cutting the material, take proper measurements and fully determine where you want to make a cut. You can use measuring tape and a pencil to mark the area.

Choose the correct blade: Not every blade is appropriate for every material. Make sure you are choosing the right blade for your material. According to the cuts you are making, you need to select the size of the blade and the TPI.

Scroll Saw Safety while working

Width of the material

You need to choose the correct blade according to the width of your material. If you are going to cut curved edges, choose a narrower blade. The hold-down needs to be adjusted according to the width.

Maintain the speed

One of the best ways of having a smoother experience with a scroll saw is by maintaining the speed of the machine. Choose the right speed for your machine and maintain it throughout. Never start the saw when it’s already in contact with the material. Let the saw reach its maximum speed and then proceed towards the material. Don’t try to put excessive force while cutting. Let the saw do its job.

Watch out your hands

Keep your hands on the safe side. Make sure that your fingers are not coming in between the blades. When the saw is turned on, your fingers need to be at least 5 to 6 cm away from the blades. Never put your hands directly in front of the blade as they can slip and come under the machine. Keep your hands at a safe distance.

Be careful with the blades

Generally, a saw comes with various types of blades. After you’ve chosen the right blades, install them and make sure that the teeth are facing ahead towards the table. The tightness of the blade has to be maintained. Make sure you check them on a regular basis.

Turn off the saw in case of emergency

If you face any kind of unwanted scenes, for example, if the blades become loose or if they get broken in the middle, turn off the machine immediately.

Always have someone around

Never work alone with a sharp tool. Always make sure that someone is around you so that if something goes wrong, they can come and help you.

Maintain your posture

You need to have a stable position while working with a scroll saw. The material has to be leveled with the surface. Stand in a steady position and try to be firm while working.

Maintain the height of the surface

Press the material strongly against the surface. Try to maintain the average length of the material. Avoid making smaller cuts.

Scroll Saw Safety after finishing the work

Let the blade stop: Never rise the saw when the blade is still running. Let the blade stop entirely and then rise the machine.

Use a push stick: Always use a push stick to pick up the cut pieces. Never use your hands to pick up the cutoffs.

Unplug the cable: Once you are satisfied with the cuts, turn off the machine and unplug the cables. Do not let a saw unattended.

Clean the area: Finally, clean the area properly. Pick up the particles and chunks of the material.

Clean the machine: Clean the machine carefully before keeping it back. Wipe the blades to avoid oxidization. Check if anything got damaged while working and needs repairing.

Safety tips and tricks

  • Only use a scroll saw if you know how to use it.
  • Wear all the safety tools.
  • Avoid wearing gloves and loose clothes.
  • Have a steady position.
  • Make sure that the saw is working properly.
  • Always check the saw when the power is off. For further safety, unplug the cables and then do the checking.
  • Ensure that the surface is completely flat.
  • Let the blade reach its highest speed and then proceed to make a cut.
  • Lock the table at the angle you want and then start your work.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles around the area.
  • Cut with full focus and in a sound environment.
  • Do not turn away the stock while cutting.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on the machine as you can end up breaking the blades.
  • Keep your fingers 3 inches away from the blades.

Bottom line

A scroll saw is relatively safer but using it carelessly can cause you severe damage. So, make sure that you are following all the scroll saw safety tips and taking the necessary measures to have a smoother experience.