Best Roof Rakes for Snow Removal – Review and Guide

In the United States, winter is always brutally freezing. The average temperature reduces as low as -16 degrees Celsius in some places. It snows heavily throughout December, January, and February. Tons of ice accumulates on the house and car roof. Roads and highways become slippery.

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An average of one unit cube snow weighs about 12-16 pounds. It creates extra loads on the roof and causes structural damage. That is why the best roof rake for snow removal is needed for every household. You can easily remove powdered snow from a two-story building by keeping your foot on the ground.

Scrapping off the snow completely is not wise. Snow is best known for its insulation property. So, a single layer of snow on the rooftop acts as an insulator that prevents both heat loss and gain. In places like Washington, where you can see heavy snowfall every year, it is wise to shovel out these extra inches of snow once a week.

If you are in search of the most competent roof rake to combat ice dams in Icey winter, we have the best –”easy to handle and smart enough to admire” options for you. These are not only capable of removing the snow from roofs, cars, and roads, they are user-friendly to your house shingles also.

What is a roof rake?

A roof rake is a handy gadget for snow removal from the roof and roads. It is formed with an adjustable pole and sturdy rake head. The length of the aluminum-made adjustable pole varies from brand to brand. But almost every brand gives length variability in a range of 12- 25 inches.

When it comes to best roof rake heads, there are a few varieties in the market. Scoop rake head has a more traditional shovel look than a slicer rake head. You can easily pull or push those tons of ice from the roof without damaging the shingles.

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Why should you have a roof rake?

If you are residing in the corner of the globe where winter is blessed with crystal snowfall, you might probably know how difficult communication becomes due to these piles of accumulated snow. When the kids spend their time making a snowman, elders are busy with regular snow removal. In those critical times, a roof rake comes handy.

Tons of roof snow adds tremendous pressure to the foundation of the house. Within a short period, ice dams appear around the shingles and gutters. It further hosts additional problems like gradual development of molds, lifted and displaced shingles, damage in the gutter, siding separation, etc.

Keeping the safety factor in mind, a roof rake is designed with a long adjustable handle so that you can scrape off the powered snow sanding on the grounds. But make sure to stand at a distance because these piles of snow will eventually fall on the ground. You should abstain from using a ladder on that slippery ground to avoid accidental slip.

A roof rake clears accumulated snow in no time. This hand device prevents ice dams’ formation in the gutter and its associated leaks. It also ensures proper ventilation of the house.

What to look for when purchasing a roof rake?

Is winter knocking at the door in your country? Are you ready to combat this chilling air and ice-covered slippery roads? This is the perfect time to recognize the ideal features of a roof rake. A broken or short roof rake is of no use on heavy snowfall days. Don’t be overwhelmed. We have listed some must-to-look points for the ideal purchase.

Roof Rake

Rake material

Generally, a roof rake consists of adjustable poles and a rake head. The rake pole is made of aluminum. So, it is lightweight and durable. On the other hand, a rake head can be made of sturdy industrial-grade plastic, pre-molded polyethylene, or aluminum. So it can withstand extensive lateral thrust.

Adjustable poles

Most of the aluminum poles can easily be folded. At best it can be extended up to 24 inches. A long light-weight pole is surely a plus point as you can reach more height than the standard. Flipped poles are easy to store and run for a long time.

Type of the rake head

When you are in a hurry, you will want a large rake head so that it can engulf more snow in each application. An ideal rake head is usually 3-10 inches thick with a width of 12-24 inches. This type of rake head saves both time and energy during work.

Scoop and slicer are the two common and widely used rake head models for household activity. Scoop blades are used to pull the powdered snow towards the ground and the rest is left to the gravity. But a slicer blade functions differently. It pushes the snow pile upward against gravity.


The roof rake is meant to remove accumulated snow. While pulling the pole downward additional strength is applied. A premium quality rake can withstand this grain. Moreover, its flexibility ensures the smooth removal of the snow from the edges and corners of the roof.

Overall weight

A heavy roof rake is hard to manage and cannot be carried straight for a long time. It is a common problem for all the metallic roof rakes available in the market. Such problems do not arise with an aluminum-alloy rake pole.

Cost and reviews

While shopping online, close inspection of the gadget is not possible. So check for valid reviews and get the best product within your budget.

Best Roof Rakes for Snow Removal – Review and Guide

Garelick 89421 21-foot aluminum snow roof rake

Key Features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pole length: 21 inches.
  • Blade width: 24 inches.
  • Featured with shingle saver roller.

No other product can be compared to the Garelick snow roof rake when it comes to durability. This roof rake is made of industrial-grade aluminum. So it is easy to mold it for metal works like- rolling, pushing, and pulling snow.

The shingle saver roller is an important feature of this model of roof rake. This allows the blade to slide smoothly over the shingles. So, you can easily avoid scratching the shingles accidentally. In addition to the roller, the rake blade is wide enough to pull down the snows from 20-25 inches area per application. So, it prevents ice dam formation and also maintains the shine of the roof.

The 21″ pole length is enough to reach a double-story house for a man of average height. After the application, you can fold the pole in three segments and store it in a nice carry bag for the next snowfall.

• The blade does not scratch the shingles while pulling the snow.
• The aluminum roof rake is not prone to rust.
• Easy to assemble.

• Plastic rollers sometimes come off while scraping snow.
• The rake blade wobbles a lot.

Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24- inch poly blade snow roof rake

Key Features:

  • Blade material: polyethylene
  • Blade width: 24 inch
  • 15 feet folded pole.
  • Aluminum pole.
  • 4.2-pound weight.

Acquiring the 6th position in snow rakes, this model of snow roof rake is now in high demand in the market. Thanks to its polyethylene blade! The 24-inch wide blade can scrape off wet snow from the roof and windows easily. This plastic is highly impact-resistant. So, it does not damage your rooftop.

This hand tool is lightweight and sturdy enough to push 5-inch thick snow off the roof. The head angle is wide compared to the Garelick roof rake. Make sure that you secure the blots properly using a wrench. The anti-slip grip gives the user a strong clutch of the aluminum pole. You can easily remove the rubber handle on the pole by dipping it in hot water after work.

Moreover, extra two extended poles are shipped with the product. So, you will always have a spare one if any of them is broken. After your work, fold the pole into three sections to fit it into the carry bag. Because of this bag, you can carry the product to your neighbors and friends to remove snow from their roofs.

• Anti-slip grip prevents accidental sliding.
• Polyethylene blade is easy to recycle.
• Easy to clean with only soap and water.

• Not so compatible in removing wet snow.
• The assembly instructions are not easy to understand.

Snow Joe RJ204M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Key Features:

  • Twist-n-lock telescopic pole
  • Oversized 25-inch poly blade
  • 21 inch extended foot.
  • Thick aluminum blade
  • Rubber handle.

Snow Joe has launched a snow shovel roof rake at a low cost. It is not only sturdy but also water-resistant. This shovel roof rake comes with 6* 25 inch sharp blades. So, you can break those ice dams easily and scoop large piles of snow from the roofs. The blades are flexible enough to work in gutters or near the pipe. They don’t leave any beaks that damage the infrastructure of the ceiling.

Twist-n-lock telescopic pole is an innovative feature of this model. Holders can easily be attached by a screwdriver to the main pole to support the pole and shovel. It is dangerous to climb the Icey roof in the winters. To cut off the hassle, this roof rake can be extended to a maximum height of 21 feet from the ground.

Assembling this roof rake is a piece of cake. The whole package comes with an instruction book. You can easily install the product without taking other’s aid.

• The oversize poly blade scoops more snow at a time.
• Extremely light-weighted.
• Suitable to clean accumulated snow, wet leaves, molds, and other debris from the rooftop.

• A bit expensive.
• Breaks on the aluminum pole are common after multiple usages.

Snow Roof rake by Avalanche!

Key Features:

  • Pole length: 16 feet
  • Blade width: 17 inch
  • Wheel thickness: 1.5 inch
  • Aluminum rod with a sturdy rake head.

So as the name refers, the rake by Avalanche pulls down all the snow, rocks from the roof like a natural Avalanche. This is the only product that took me only seven minutes to assemble. I pulled a 10-inch thick snow slide from my neighbor’s roof using this roof rake. The 17-inch wide blade cuts off the ice dams and gently slides on the snow. Its rake head is sturdy enough to withstand 2-3 pounds of snow in each scoop.

Avalanche has already proclaimed that their roof rake not only clears off the snow but also protects the shingles of the roof. The 1.5-inch wheel gently rolls over the snow and pushes it downward. Now you can save some time for a cup of hot coffee after cleaning.

The pole length is better to be considered before purchasing the product. The main pole of the roof rake is 16 feet which may be considered short compared to the former products. But this aluminum pole is ideal to clean the short structure like a garage, one-story building, car roofs, etc.

• Takes less time to clear snow off the roof.
• No tool is required to assemble the product.
• Compatible with the standard asphalt shingled roofs.

• The pole length is a bit short.
• Not suitable to clean the hard snow.

SNOWPEELER premium roof rake

Key Features:

  • Tapered sturdy cutting frame
  • Patented gliding pads.
  • Angled handle adapter
  • Six pieces of 5 feet poles.
  • 2 tear-resistant blade slides.

SNOWPELLER roof rake is in vogue to remove both wet and hard snow. Braces on the heavy-duty aluminum blade increase the rigidity so that the tapered metallic frame can pierce through the hard snow.

This snow rake effortlessly pierces through the piled snow and prevents ice dams. The perfectly balanced 15 ft. slide tail minimized wind drift and thus users can use it under the windy snowfall. Just keep on adding the extension according to your need and experience a smooth cleaning day.

Reaching the roof of a multi-story building is not a problem now. This roof rake comes with 6 snap- connectors each of them measuring about 5 feet. So, you can get an additional reach of 30 feet from the ground. So you can avoid accidents slipping from the roof or falling off a ladder.

• Suitable to scrap off both wet and frozen snow.
• Gliding pads cushion the roof from external damages.
• Extended poles can easily reach a multi-story house or cottage.
• Not steady enough to use on a windy day.
• Grips are not firm while pushing the hard snow.

Snow Joe RJ205M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Key Features:

  • 6”x 25” oversized blade.
  • Material: aluminum.
  • 21 feet reach capacity.
  • 6.2” to 21” telescopic handle
  • Cleaning width: 25”

This is the second model of snow Joe that we included in our list. This is not only cost-effective but also sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. Its multipurpose aluminum blade can clean wet leaves, debris along with snow from the roof. The aluminum alloy blade is as hard as steel when it comes to strength.

The Snow Joe RJ205M model is often recommended by the old folks also. Generally, products made from aluminum are light-weighted. In addition to this benefit, the company focused on keeping the rake design simple result in a net product weight of 5.7 lb. only. So, it is easy to carry and handle while moving the snow.

Like most other models of roof rake, this is also a folded pole model. After the work, the main pole can be folded to a length of 6.2 ft. so, it becomes easy to store for further use.

• Easy to handle
• Blade easily pierces through the ice dams.
• Highly adjustable pole for an extended reach.

• Not so compatible to work on the skylight.
• The bolts holding the rake are not so strong.

Ohuhu Roof Rake

Key Features:

  • Aluminum alloy extendable pole.
  • Patterned with twist-n-lock design.
  • 25” gigantic blade.
  • Maximum reach: 21 feet.
  • Weight: 4.8 lb.

Ohuhu is another renowned brand in the industry of roof rake. It has manufactured a non-corrosive and recyclable rake to remove snow from the solar panel. This extendable snow shovel can be used safely standing on the ground. The aluminum alloy made the product light-weight saving you some muscle power.

The blade of the rake is tightly screwed to the pole so that it does not wobble in windy days. All the blots can easily be fixed without the help of any tools or accessories. So, it saves the hassle of buying installation tools. After the work, all the parts can be separated easily with a metallic pin.

An anti-slip grip saves some time while cleaning. The rubber handle at the end of the pole does not let the hand slip while pushing the pulling the snow. If the rubber handle is stuck, apply some hot water compression and you are completely ready to go.

• Large blade scoops huge snow pile in every push.
• A telescopic rake pole ensures the maximum reach of 21 feet.
• Highly flexible to clean the roof without damaging the shingles.

• Blades cannot be adjusted.
• Do not come with a spare blade set.

Avalanche! Traditional Snow Roof Rake

Key Features:

  • 24” broad rake head.
  • 1.5-inch built-in wheels.
  • Four-footed aluminum rods.
  • Maximum reach: 20 feet.
  • Plastic handles.

Slowly we have reached the limit of our list. The last product that we are going to review is a new model of Avalanche! It runs faster after clearing the first 4-5 inch thick layer of snow. The extended pole can easily reach a one-story building. With a maximum diameter of 0.3 cm, the pole is easy to grip. You can easily remove fixed snows from the highest point of the roof which may be about 20 feet from the ground.

Wheels are added to the rake to move smoothly over the snow. Each of the wheels is 1.5 inches. So, you can easily run the snow rake on a shingled roof without uprooting a single shingle. This type of snow rake is ideal to remove snow around the solar panel without any starches.

Another mentionable point of this product is its plastic handles. The plastic handles are meant for heavy-duty snow removal. So, it does not break or shatters when a 1-2 pound snow pile is pulled at once. You can easily get a firm and anti-slip grip on a snowy winter day.

• A wide rake head can efficiently reach roof valleys.
• Prevents the uprooting of shingles.
• Easy to manage and store.
• Packaging is not properly done before shipping.
• Poles are prone to accidental breaks under high stress.

How to use a roof rake to remove snow?

After purchasing the total set, assemble every part following the rules. Then run these simple steps to rake your snow-covered roof.

  • At first, remove 1-2 inches of accumulated snow from the base of the roof.
  • Ice dams are typical to appear near the base. Melt the ice using rock salts. Then smoothly remove the soft snow.
  • Gently pull or push the snow blocks standing at a safe distance.
  • While cleaning the skylight avoid rough pulling of the blades.
  • Attach the gliding pads on the roof rake to avoid accidental stretch on the shingles.
  • Change the angle of the blade while cleaning the roof valley and gutters. Be careful of the cracks in the gutter. This might ruin your beautiful ceiling.

To sum up

Cleaning the roof with a roof rake is a common scenario in Washington. Most of the households prefer cleaning the fresh snow once every 2-3 days using the best roof rake for snow removal. In this way, the snow does not harden and does not require extra mechanical strength to clean the pile of snow.

If you ask us-“which is your favorite roof rake?” We would vote Garelick snow roof rake for its overall outstanding features. But snow Joe gives you the best product within your budget.

We looked for versatility in choosing products. So, do you have experience in using roof rake on a snowy day?