How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump with Charcoal?

The best way to remove a stump is by burning it to the ground. It takes fewer efforts to conduct the entire process and you can do it yourself without hiring any outside help. And using charcoal for the process is even more convenient for You. It makes the stumps burn out quicker.

The process is susceptible to conduct with very few tools and accessories, so if you are looking for an effective and budget-friendly way to get rid of the stump, using charcoal to burn it out would be the best way for you. Your garden and. Here, we will walk you through the entire process thoroughly, So bear with us as we learn together how to get rid of a tree stump with charcoal.

Tools to use remove a tree stump with charcoal

For the process, you will need some tools that are usually available in every household. Such as vegetable oil about two liters, drilling machine, rip saw, shovel, match/ lighter, long wooden stick/limb and, of course, charcoal. You will need to put on PPE (personal protective equipment) while working, like protective gloves, safety goggles, a face mask, and gardening boots. You also need to keep the fire extinguisher and water hose/buckets of water around for fire safety because you can never be too careful.

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump with Charcoal? The Process

1. Preparing the ground around the stump:

The preparation for the burning is most probably the most important phase. Preparation time doesn’t only include getting the stump ready but also some collateral activity like weather check and clearing up the entire area, all-inclusive. So, first of all, you have to clear out all the debris and leaves. Weather check is for ensuring it is not a windy day for you to work on the stump. Now take that shovel and dig around the stump. The goal here is to expose as much root as possible. This is how you prepare the.

2. Lubricating the stump

After the area is cleared and the stump roots are exposed, it is now time to use the vegetable oil to lubricate it. For doing that, you need to use the drilling machine to make about 10-inch-deep holes on the stump’s top surface and the sides. As many as possible, try to make the holes 2 inches apart from each other. Now, you have carefully put vegetable oils inside the holes and all over it includes the exposed roots. This lubricating process will last a few days. You will have to keep lubricating it with vegetable oil every day to make the stump easily flammable. The wood would soak in the oil and when it absorbs in all 2 liters of the vegetable oil, the stump will be ready to fire up. It will take you 4-6 days to get there.

3. Starting the fire.

Now that the stump is perfectly lubricated, it is time to lit up the fire finally. For this step, you will need the charcoal, the long stick and the match/lighter. Spread the charcoal on the top of the stump and all around it. Now first, light up the edge of the long limb/stick and hold on the stump from a distance until it fires up. The charcoal will keep the fire alive and accelerate the process and the stump demolishing has started. You can quickly put out the fire by removing the charcoal away using the same stick/limb. You can then use the same charcoal the next few days until the stump is burnt to ground bin ashes and then just dispose of the ashes and you are done with the stump.

Precautions and Cautions:

There are some precautions and caution you have taken into account. As a precaution, you need to ensure that you have permission to burn stump in the area. In Many localities burning stumps like this is not allowed. So, check for any restriction rules. Because you obviously do not want to get into legal troubles just for the stump.

Also, try doing the process in a dry season with less windy weather, or the flames and smoke might cause unnecessary disruption. Also, it would be for the best if you never leave the fire burn alone. Keep an eye on it while it is still burning and leave the site only when it’s pit out. You will be able to avoid all sorts of fire accidents just by keeping an eye on the fire while it is still lit.

Using the long stick to lit up the fire and manage the charcoal is a safety measure so that you don’t need to go close to the fire. So, it would be best for your interest if you be alert while using it too.

Keeping a bucket of water and a water hose near your hands is the following safety measure you always need to follow. Fire is a dangerous natural element. Sometimes it can be fatal if it gets out of hand. And the weather is always unpredictable. If the breeze rises or any other unfortunate occurrence appears, you need to have the water and extinguisher near you. These are the caution and precautions you must follow.

Bottom line

Tree stumps are hard to remove. You can Hire a professional who would take out the stump for you. But it is the most expensive solution. You can always let the stump rot to its end and just leave it there. It is the easiest solution but extensively time-consuming and it brings in the risk of termites and pests around your locality.

Finally, the last and best technique is the DIY method, burning out the stump to the ground. If you want it to work more efficiently, then burning out the stump with charcoal is the way to go for you. It is cheaper, less time-consuming and it works like wonders. You just need vegetable oil, charcoal, match and gardening tools like a shovel and drill machine. You can use combustible lubricants like diesel or kerosene just to help lit up the stump with the charcoal to give a head start to the fire. But you have to be extra careful while using these sorts of lubricants. But it should fire up just as easily without because of the vegetable oil soaked in the wood. So this is how to get rid of a tree stump with charcoal.