How to Remove Mold from Stucco?

If you live in the tropical area, you must be familiar with the stucco walls. In that case, the issue of molds growing in the stucco is not unknown to you as well. Have you ever wondered the main reason behind it? The pores of stucco easily get attached to dirt, mold, and fungus. Moreover, frequent change in the weather plays a significant role in this case.

Ignoring the molds would be the worst thing to do to your fragile stucco walls. The growth of mold on the stucco walls can make the walls look gross. It also affects the durability of the structure and gives an unhealthy vibe. It may look a bit difficult to solve the problem; however, following the right method using the proper equipment is fixable.

How to Remove Mold from Stucco?

Here, we provide you a complete guide on how to remove mold from stucco, with the prevention method and many additional tips and tricks.

Step 1: At the very beginning, you have to find out if there is any crack in the wall. If found, before proceeding, it is mandatory to fix those by yourself or an expert. Otherwise, water can easily access and result in additional molds.

Step 2: In the next step, you have to clean out any dirt sitting on the wall. You can use your garden hose and the sprayer attachment. Another way is to use a hard-bristled brush.

Step 3: After that, you can mix five portions of water and one portion of oxygen or chlorine bleach. However, we strongly suggest avoiding the chlorine one as it can cause harm to the trees nearby. Hence, the best mold removal solution, in our opinion, is oxygen bleach.

Alternatively: you can also get some non-toxic mold removal spray from the hardware stores and online. You will have to keep the solution for 15 minutes, and it will start to dissolve automatically. It is necessary to use safety measures like wearing rubber gloves and boots before spraying the solution. After a while, use a sponge to scrub the area and finally wash it off using a garden hose.

It is quite identical to the basement mold removal, mix one portion of bleach and three portions of water and follow the same process taking proper precautions. While cleaning the molds, you must consider that the texture of stucco is very fragile. If not taken care of in the correct manner, it may result in breakage. A simple process, almost similar to the ones we talked about before, can get rid of all the odors coming from your car AC. To destroy the molds, mix half a cup of household bleach into half a gallon of water. Using a sponge, gently clean the AC surface and pull out any visible mold. The bleach solution will take care of the invisible one as well.

Ozone Generators: The professionals usually see ozone generators’ use for mold to deal with the molds when the remedies do not work for a particular case. Also known as an air purifier for mold, the ozone generators will produce the ozone gas in a large quantity. The gas will create an oxidation reaction to the cells of the molds and will eventually kill them. There are many commercial ozone generators available in the market. Mammoth Commercial Ozone Generator, Airthereal Commercial Generator, and OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone are on the top of the list of best ozone generators out there.

How to Prevent Mold spreading on Stucco?

The only way to stop molds from appearing is to ensure no nutrients are left for molds to feed on. And to ensure this, you will have to make time to clean out your stucco walls every week. Look for any debris, dirt, mud, or grass and clean it out, if any. A wet stucco wall is a favorite place for the molds to grow. If you are staying in a tropical area, getting a dehumidifier can change the game for you. The dehumidifier will keep the wall dry and prevent molds from growing. To be on the extra-safe side, you can buy mildewcide paint from Amazon or Home Depot. The paint creates a barrier between moisture and the wall. Do not forget to check out for cracks in the stucco wall. The gaps can make your stucco walls the sweet home for molds and make the whole situation a lot difficult for you to handle.

Bottom line

These simple tips to get rid of mold from your stucco can keep your stucco long-lasting and the walls good looking for a long time. Taking care of the mold has no alternative to keeping your home’s environment healthy for your family as well. Hope our guide on how to remove mold from stucco was helpful for you to keep your walls healthy and long-standing.