How to Remove Bad Odors from Your Room?

Nothing ruins time at home other than funky smells. It creates an uncomfortable and inhabitable situation. So if you are looking for ways to get rid of those odors, you’re at the right place. We will walk you through the whole process of how to remove bad odors from your room in this article, so keep reading ahead. After we are done, you will have a fresh and healthy home environment which you will surely adore.

How To Remove Bad Odors From Your Room?

Before getting into the actual process, the one thing you need to do is take out the trash. The garbage can be a very prominent source of bad odor. Sometimes just taking out the trash solves the problem itself. So, after you get rid of all the trash try to notice if the odor is gone or not. If not, then the following process is going to help remove the odor. So without any delay let us jump into the process now.

An Odor Free Room

Solution#01: find the source of the odor

As we discussed before, there can be several sources of odors in the room. And most of the time the smell goes away just by eliminating the sources. So let’s look at some of the sources.

Wet clothes: Wet towels and clothes sitting in the room create a musty smell around the room. So try not to throw your wet towel and clothes on the bed after the shower. Put them in the dryer or hang them outside 8n the sun. Then in a bit, the musty smell will be gone by itself.

Shoes and socks: Dirty shoes and socks are a fair source of unpleasant scents. So throw that sock in the washing machine and keep the shoes locked away. Do not put your used shoes in the closet. It would create a stink that would take days to clear out. The best place for shoes is shoe racks outside the main door or shoe closets just near the main gate. This way they will be concealed till the shoe washing day comes up.

Dust: Yes, dust is one of the main causes of recurrent smells. Sounds a little offbeat doesn’t it? But have you ever wondered what the dust consists of? Well, it is the combined form of dirt, dead skin, pollen, pet hair and dander, insects, insect droppings, residues, etc. The dusty smell is hard to get rid of so the most convenient way to remove it has to be dusting your room regularly. And for instant results, vacuum the carpet and the furniture thoroughly keeping the windows open. That will get rid of the smell mostly. You can use the air freshener afterward to get the full room cleaned.

Dirty laundry and dirty closet: Many times, the piled-up dirty laundry is the key source of the smell in our houses. The only way to get rid of that smell is by doing your laundry. Toss those clothes in the washing machine and let the machine do its work. Soaking the clothes in the detergent for a while before washing helps eliminate all the dirt, stains and smell off the clothes. Also, a quality laundry basket is able to hold the dirty clothes without making your house smell. The dirty closet is another case of bad odor generation. A closet is a place where all personal accessories are stored. From clothing to beauty products, from socks to shoes, everything. So, anything dirty in it can combine into a very bad smell. Thus, cleaning up the closet thoroughly and disinfecting it would help in reviving the room and relieving it from bad odor.

Stagnant Air: Stagnant Air is the combined reaction of dust, mold spores, mildew and smoke (tobacco, cooking, charcoal, etc). On days. When the humidity in the air is more than usual, the stagnant air traps these particles together creating a bizarre smell and the air seems heavy. This particular situation is also extremely unhealthy for the residents of the house. In this case, you need to make sure the air ventilation system is working properly. Use the ceiling fan or dehumidifier to get rid of the extra humidity. Also, if you got any extra musty product in the room, leave it out in the sun for a few hours so that the mustiness gets in check.

Drain Lines and Toilet: If your room has an attached bathroom, there is a chance the weird smell you have been experiencing is generated from the toilet or drain lines. So of course, the solution to that is to clean the bathroom thoroughly and add vinegar to the drain line to clear it out. A clean and fresh toilet is a way to clean and fresh homes.

An Odor Free Drawing Room

Dirty Carpet, Oven and Chimney: Firstly, carpet is the source of dust, dirt, mold, grease residue, germs and bacterias. So the bad smell occurring from it is actually the least of your problems. On the other hand, an oven and a chimney are two machines that harbor all sorts of wrong smells to the house when dirty. Dirty carpet, chimney and oven are very hard to clean and they are one of the key sources of bad odor. The only way to get rid of these recurring smells is to get them cleaned thoroughly every three months. If you decide to get professional help, that is a smart choice. Because cleaning carpet, oven and chimney by yourself is a lot of hard work with no surety of 100% effectiveness. For health concerns, it is better to leave it to a professional. But vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the oven and chimney regularly from the beginning helps prevent smells and germs.

Solution#2: Deodorization

Even when you successfully eliminate the sources of bad odor, you can still have the smell in the environment. In this case, there are a few things you can try to deodorize your room. Such as, bring in the plants, keep the windows open, use eco-friendly air fresheners, burn essential oils, use charcoal, etc. Let’s look into some of these methods.

Plants: Plants can get the air nice and fresh. That is no secret. So you just have to bring the plants to your room for a while and the plants will drive the bad odor away and fill the room with fresh air.

Plants in a Room

Sunray: Sun rays are an optimal deodorizer. Also if you’re keeping plants in the room it is best to get as many sun rays as possible. The sunray kills the mustiness in the room and every bad-smelling element floating in the air kills germs as well. Thus the sun ray is a convenient and effective way. Always leave the drapes and balcony door open during daylight.

Pure Charcoal: Pure charcoal is a strong odor-absorbent element. It absorbs the smell completely within a few hours and leaves you with a fresh room. You just have to leave a few pieces of pure charcoal in the room on a plate and the charcoal will work itself. Be careful using it, always keep it out of children’s hands and away from fire at all times.

Open window and ventilation: If you do not have a ventilation fan in the room, then just keep the windows open for a while with the ceiling fan on. It will create a better ventilation system in the room. New air would replace the bad odor. This simple trick works every time. That is why when senses a stink every homemaker immediately opens the windows and door to get the smell out.

Air Freshener, Essential Oil and Lemons: Finally, the easiest way to get rid of bad odor is freshening the air using the products specifically manufactured for removing the unpleasant smells. Such as using air fresheners (store-bought/homemade), burning essential oils and using home remedies like lemons, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, or bay leaf vapor. For air freshener you can use any kind you prefer, flowers smelled, or fruits, or maybe sandals. They work great. So does essential oil. Just leave the candle burning under the essential oil dispenser and it will work itself. The home remedy is easy and super effective. You just have to boil one of the ingredients mentioned earlier and let that vapor take over the bad smell, giving you a fresh and amazing-smelling room.


In conclusion, we can say that there is a lot of convenient ways to get rid of bad odor but prevention is better than cure so nothing beats being alert about the little thing alike carpet cleanliness, laundry load, drying wet clothes, keeping the home environment clean, let the sunray in often and always keeping the washrooms clean. That is all. By only being careful you can save yourself a lot of hard work. And in case of accidents, they happen. For those scenarios, you already know how to remove bad odors from your room by reading this article.