7 Reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water

A refrigerator is an appliance, without which your daily life is unimaginable. Investing in a good-quality refrigerator is supposed to give you a long-term service. However, the machine sometimes gives birth to a few troubles, probably the most common is water leakage. The leaked water gets troublesome, as it affects the food inside, requires frequent mopping on the floor and can even damage your wooden furniture.

However, the fix of the problem is usually so simple that most of the time you can treat it yourself. But, the first step to solve the problem is to detect the cause of the water leakage. Don’t worry! We present to you some of the most common reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water. Let’s see!

7 Reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water

The fridge isn’t tilted the right way

It is a common misconception that our fridges should be installed in a way where the bottom should be on the same level as the floor. Well, this is not the case. The right way is to tilt the fridge slightly backward, for example, the backside of the refrigerator should be about ¼” to ½” closer to the ground than the front side. This will help to work the collar perfectly. If you bought the fridge new or moved to a new house where you reinstalled the fridge and saw the water leaking in a few days, this may be the possible reason.

To fix that, place a spirit level on top of the fridge and at 90 degrees to the doors. This way you can figure out if the line is improper.

You’re defrosting drain may be clogged

Frequent condensation is a must for a well-functioning fridge. It means a continuous cycle of freezing and defrosting is taking place inside your fridge. During the process, the excess water flows down the defrost drainpipe and gets stored in the drain pan.

However, tiny bits of food or big chunks of ice can clog the drain pipe. On the other hand, the circle of condensation keeps running but the excess moisture doesn’t find a way out. As a result, it leaks out of the fridge. To fix it, remove the cover of the drain and have a look. Pouring warm water sometimes solves it all!

Check the seal of the refrigerator door

Often we mistakenly believe that the leakage water is coming from the pipes when the main culprit is the poor seal of the door. If the door of your fridge doesn’t have a strong seal, the moisture may find its way to get out to the floor using the door.

In this case, give the gasket a thorough clean. Use warm water and soap to clean any food particles or built-up dirt. Also, as we have already mentioned, if the fridge is not tilted slightly backward, the door won’t close the right way. If so, reposition the fridge a little.

The drain pan may be cracked

As we already know by now, the job of the drain pan under the fridge is to catch any leftover condensed moisture. Usually, the moisture evaporates itself and doesn’t require any emptying.

However, when the drain pan itself gets a crack or breaks down, the water flows out, finding its place on your dining floor. The good news is, the drain pans are easily replaceable. If you find water leaking under the refrigerator and find a crack in the drain pan, have a walk to your local hardware store and get a new pan.

Water filter not connecting well with your fridge

The latest models of refrigerators come with a water dispenser or water filter. On one hand, this gives your kitchen a really fancy look, while on the other hand, it saves you some extra space. However, if your fridge has a built-in water filter and you notice water leaking out, the reason may be that the two appliances do not have a good connection between them.

The humidity may be the culprit

In this scenario, take the water dispenser out and re-attach it. This should fix the problem. If not, it may be time to get a new water filter for you. Sometimes, old water dispensers may get cracks or breaks and need replacement with the new one. While inserting, keep the manual in hand and make sure that both the devices share a good connection.

If you live in an area where it gets extremely humid during summer days, the excess moisture of the air may be the reason behind the water leakage. The science behind this is, when the extra humidity comes in touch with your fridge’s air, condensations take place more frequently than usual. As a result, the drain pan gets filled more quickly and if not evaporated, causes leakage.

To fix the problem, you may need to pour the water out from the drain pan yourself. Investing in a dehumidifier can be an easy way to deal with this problem.

These were the most common reasons why water may be pudding in your kitchen or dining floor, leaking from the refrigerator. We suggest you find out the cause yourself and fix it at first. In most cases, you shouldn’t need an expert’s help. However, if you fail to do so, we recommend you to get in contacted with the professionals. If the water keeps leaking for a long period of time, it may reduce the time span of your fridge and will hinder its ability to function well. If you do not spend a few bucks behind an expert at the right time, in the long run, this may cost you getting an entire new fridge. Additionally, nobody wants to keep mopping the water puddling on the kitchen floor frequently.

Bottom Line

And lastly, if the wooden furniture comes in touch with the extra water, the furniture may get damaged. It is best to fix water leakage by yourself or by taking an expert’s help, as soon as possible. An action taken at the right time can save you tons of trouble in the future.