Pruning Trees in Spring – is it okay to do?

We all love to see the beautiful greenery outside of our house during the spring time, but maybe now you’re starting to see something unpleasant. Do your trees look a little dull? Are you starting to think that your trees have shrubs that need a slight trimming in order to make the garden beautiful again?

It is very important to prune your trees in the seasons like fall as it helps to keep them fresh and healthy. Now, if you’re wondering about is it okay to prune in spring, then you are at the right place. Keep reading to find out every little detail about pruning trees in spring.

Why pruning a tree?

Pruning trees is extremely important as it’s a process of keeping the trees healthy and alive. Pruning means to cut off the limbs and shrubs of the trees that tend to absorb all the nutrients that are beneficial for the plant. Pruning should be made a frequent maintenance process as for a lot of reasons.

If you can prune properly, it will ensure the healthy growth and expand the blooming span of the plants. Pruning also helps to erase the dead limbs, shrubs of the trees and give it a fresh look. It is quite difficult to find out the correct pruning time as pruning in wrong time can damage a beautiful healthy plant. But there’s no doubt when it comes to the significance of pruning because of the following reasons;

  • Decreases the perils of dull and damaged boughs and twigs
  • Gives a cleaner look
  • Allows the passing of sunlight and air flow
  • Keeps the trees healthy by letting them absorb all the necessary nutrients
  • Ensures the proper production of fruits and flowers
  • Saves a tree from the damage of heavy storm

What Kind of Trees Are Better Suited to a Spring Prune?

All kind of trees have their own specific time when they should be pruned. If you prune a tree in a wrong time, you might end up damaging a healthy tree. Here are some of the trees that should be pruned in Spring:

  • Magnolia tree
  • Juneberry tree
  • Plum tree
  • Cherry tree
  • Chokecherry tree
  • Lilac tree
  • Crabapple tree
  • Dogwood tree
  • Apricot tree

Benefits of pruning trees in spring

Trees can amp up the charm of your garden and they can make your house look even more beautiful. But in order to maintain the essence of your garden, you’ll have to ensure that you’re taking care of your trees on a regular basis. Pruning is an essential part when it comes to the maintenance of the trees. Pruning is the procedure of removing dull and damaged limbs of the trees. The benefits of pruning trees in spring are given below:

Healthy looking trees

Pruning can instantly make a tree look healthy and alive. Pruning refers to eradicating any sort of dull, damaged, dry and lifeless stems and branches from the trees. This will ensure that the ailment don’t spread and hamper the development of the tree. After winter most of trees end up with dead and dull stums. Thus, pruning in spring ensures the overall health of the trees.

Cleans the look of the trees

Winter is the most brutal season especially when it comes to trees. Maximum leaves fall out during the winter ruining the appearance of the tree. After winter, trees lose their freshness and beauty which is why pruning is a must in the spring season. Pruning let’s you change the outlook of a tree. You can simply remove the dead parts and let the tree grow with its healthy bits. It does not only change the outlook of the trees; it ensures that the trees get all the nutrients properly. Pruning shapes, a tree and gives it a polish look.

Keeps the area safer

Pruning the trees in spring can ensure the safety of your area. The dead stems of the trees are quite dangerous especially if you have children living in your house. Besides it helps to keep the surroundings cleaner. During winter, branches of the trees tend to dry up and they become even sharper. These stems can hurt the people living around. If a storm hits the area, the entire situation gets even more dangerous. So, pruning in spring becomes a necessity.

Allows the trees to absorb all the necessary nutrients

A tree needs CO2 , light from the sun, water, fertilizer, etc. to keep the trees healthy looking. In order to ensure that trees get all the nutrients properly, you’ll need to prune the trees frequently so that the weak stems are removed properly. In simple words, pruning is a must in spring as it allows the trees to absorb the sunlight and all the minerals to keep the growth intact.
Makes the house look attractive

Along with the trees, the house also looks lifeless during the winter. The season changes itself but the surrounding needs to be taken care off in order to revive the beauty of them. Pruning cleans the area and makes it look fresh.

Tools to use while pruning a tree

Pruning will be an easy task If you can use right tools. Here we have listed three must have pruning tools that will be a great friend of yours while doing the pruning job.

  • Pruning shears for clean cuts
  • Loppers for medium sized branches
  • Pole pruner to safely cut hard-to-reach branches

Trees You Should Never Prune in the spring

Pruning can make your trees healthy and flourishing but sometimes pruning in the wrong time can damage the tree’s health to such an extent that you might end up losing the tree. Every tree has its specific time when it should be pruned. There are some trees that shouldn’t be pruned during the spring.

They are:

  • Oak tree
  • Elm tree
  • Sycamore tree
  • Honeylocust tree

Bottom line

Pruning is a very important process as it allows the trees to be healthy while shaping the size of a plant. Pruning makes the plants look dense and well-balanced. After winter, trees lose their shape and starts looking unhealthy. Sometimes they even become hazardous for the people living around them. You can simply remove the harmful parts by pruning them and it will end up looking healthy and beautiful. Pruning in spring is absolutely fine but you need to keep in mind that the tree is ready for pruning as you certainly don’t want to prune a healthy tree.

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