What is a Pruning Saw? Types, Uses, and Benefits

The pruning saw is a widely used tool for the gardeners. This handy item is used for taking care of the unwanted branches of the growing trees. Pruning saws are a bit different than the regular gardening saws. When thinking about trim off the live shrubs or trees, the uses of pruning saws are expected.

What is a pruning saw?

A pruning saw is basically the one with a long blade and a comfortable handle which is designed for cutting the extra edges of the branches of trees. The uses of pruning saw are seen in the woods or large gardens where the gardeners must maintain the branches at a particular length to ensure proper growth of the trees. For some plants, the branches and stems cannot be left unnoticed for growing at liberty. For such kinds of plants, gardeners would require tree pruning saws at their tool box to maintain healthy branches by removing the unwanted portion or the dry ones.

Types of pruning saw

There are many types of tree pruning saws in the market in varying size, quality and price. But the best pruning saw is the one which meet the gardener’s requirement mostly. The most popular types cover the prime features and benefits.

Pole pruning saw: The blade is installed on a long pole to give extra length for reaching the distant branches or those at a good height.

Hand pruning saw: The most basic designed saw with a blade and a handle for comfortable grip to work on thick or thin branches. Hand pruning saws are usually designed in two ways – foldable and non-foldable handles.

pruning saw
Pruning Saw

Bow pruning saw: The thin yet strong blade is installed on a wooden or steel frame. The handle at the end of the provides a good grip and enables the gardener to put pressure on the blade. These are perfect for cutting off large logs.

Straight blade pruning saw: Pruning saw blades are straight on curved handles. The tooths of the blade being in a straight line allows the gardener to make a smooth cut at a length between his shoulders and waist. These are used for trimming green woods and latexes.

Curved blade pruning saw: Pruning saw blades are curved and installed on a comfortable handle. Gardeners can use curved pruning saw for cutting branches over their heads or under their waistline.

Electric or gas-powered pruning saw: Corded or cordless pruning saws sometimes are powered with electricity or gas which run automatically with a push on the power switch.

Uses and benefits of pruning saw

The benefits of pruning saw are unbound and the uses are multifold. Whenever a gardener thinks about gathering up the necessary tools, he must include a pruning saw as a basic gear. Some prefer to have the Japanese pruning saw in their toolbox. But any of the kinds may be used for serving the purpose.

The uses of pruning saw for gardeners can be evaluated from several dimensions. Moreover, from the uses, they can realize the benefits of pruning saw as well since the benefits are blended within the uses. Following will project a good brief:

Good plant growth: Pruning saws are used for cutting off parts of trees or shrubs. The trees need pruning in case there are any twisted, crippled or diseased branches or stem parts. Trimming of these parts by the pruning saw helps the trees to get a good growth. The process adds extra vigor to the plant nutrition and the trees become more tolerant to adversities or diseases.

Enhanced productivity of plants: Pruning the extra edges of the branches or the stems sometimes turns to be a booster during the blooming time for the plants. The flowers bloom quicker than ever, and the fruits are great in quantity. The plant yield results in outstanding volume after correct pruning.

Aesthetic outlook: The best pruning saw is designed not only to keep the trees and bushes under a good size, but also to throw a gentle shape to them. Some may like their plants neat and clean with aesthetic shapes. To trigger this purpose, pruning saw can be used to maintain the leaves and bushes of the garden.

Beating the great heights: To trim the tree edges at unreachable height, one can use pole pruners. He can overcome the personal barrier to reach the branches at such height with the help of pruning saw. There are some cordless pruning saws with long poles that functions on power without any manual effort. These help in cutting the tough twigs easily.

Heavy-duty chop offs: Usually, the curved pruning saws are designed to work at weird angle where the logs and branches are not shaped evenly. But the straight saws are used in cutting the plain and tough logs. Though not so powerful like the chop saws, both these types are suitable for commercial heavy-duty function where large wood logs are to be treated.

Smaller errands: Sometimes, hand pruning saw may turn handy for small gardening chores like trimming off the uneven leaf-tops, cutting through branches and stems for reproduction, etc. One may use it instead of a rip cut saw for purposes like crafting things out of logs, making fire woods for campfire, and all.

Should you buy a pruning saw?

There are plenty of reasons why one should even think of getting a pruning saw. But among all, three are very vital. To cut off the defected or unwanted parts of the branches, to give plants and bushes an attractive and gentle look, and to maintain a healthy growth of the plantations.

The best pruning saw will enable the gardener to put his all-out effort to make the garden look perfect and grow as per the planning. While buying a pruning saw, the purpose must be considered. Moreover, pruning saw blade replacement can be another issue if the blade is not set as per the requirement.

Whatever the requirement may be, if a person cherishes gardening by heart, he should own at least a basic pruning saw. Even if gardening is not a passion to him, it may turn to be very useful to satisfy his craftmanship. Hence, whether to take care of the trees at the garden, or to make perfect cuts on the logs, one may buy a pruning saw understatedly.

Bottom line

Pruning saw is a vital tool for every gardener. To take care of the basic trimming ands smoothening of the plants’ parts, there is hardly any alternative to pruning saws. This is basic yet important gear has been cheered by the gardeners considering the uses and benefits of the tool since long.