How to program a RiteTemp Thermostat?

RiteTemp Thermostats have become very popular among tech-savvy people. Many consider these as the best programmable thermostats considering their easy installation process, simple function controls, and effective operation on the HAVC systems. The prime selling point of these devices is that the users can program RiteTemp Thermostats at their will. The efficient programming capacity of these devices lets the users set the temperature at a certain point which they find soothing and desirable. Being an energy-efficient electronic device, these thermostats brings comfort at a reduced utility bill. The programming feature of the device facilitates users in many more ways.

The process to program RiteTemp Thermostat

RiteTemp Thermostats are easily programmable even for the not-so-expert users. The control or function buttons are simple to understand. One can troubleshoot the device with no hassle on his own effort. Diagnosis of issues like thermostats not reaching set temperature, or air filter clogged, etc. When the air filter is clogged, one can change the filter; when the battery is not functioning properly, it can be replaced. Replacement of batteries in the RiteTemp devices is as easy as to change the battery in a Nest thermostat.

With great convenience, the user can program RiteTemp Thermostat by following the below steps:

Step 1: Fix the clock of the device

Before heading to set the program to function, it has to be ensured that the clock setting of the thermostat is working properly. To set the clock at the right time, the user needs to push the set clock button. At the first press, he needs to put the correct day of the week. For this purpose, there are two arrow buttons given on the device. These are the time buttons that allow the user to scroll around the days in a week. After setting the day, then comes the turn to set the time with the exact same procedure. After setting up the day and time is done, pressing the home button will save the settings.

Step 2: Select Day and Time slot

RiteTemp programmable devices are considered the best thermostat for steam heat since there is an option to customize program at the users’ ease. First, the user has to press the program button to enter into the custom program menu. Then pushing on the day button will allow selecting the particular days of the week. After that, the next button needs to be pressed to scroll through the time slots to choose the user’s desired one. One can find four time slots in a day; for the morning, day, evening, and night time.

Step 3: Set the temperature

The temperature of RiteTemp’s programmable steam heat thermostats can be picked with the help of the temp up/down button. After choosing a certain time slot of a particular day, the desired temperature has to be selected. The user needs to press the temperature up or down buttons to select the needful level. When the temperature is set for the selected time slot, the user can press the home button for saving the settings, and proceed to the other time slots for further programming. It’s better to set custom temperatures for all four time slots of a day to get an optimal result. 

Step 4: Copy settings to other days

After installing a thermostat, the users expect a bit convenient process to customize the settings to function up to their expectations. To serve this purpose, RiteTemp programmable steam heat thermostats come with the feature to copy a day’s temperature settings to another day. For copying a day’s settings, one must push the program or copy button, whichever is available on his thermostat model. After entering into the copy mode, the day must be chosen settings of which are getting copied. After the selection, the user needs to push the copy button again to make a copy of the program. Then the day button should be pressed continuously until the desired day appears on the screen. After that, the copy button is to be pressed one more time to input the copied settings into the selected new day. Once this is done, pushing the home button will save the settings, and exit the main screen.

Step 5: Choose the built-in energy-star programs

RiteTemp programmable devices are certified as energy-star equipment. The devices include settings that are recommended by Energy-Star to reduce the electricity bills. If the users want to run these recommended programs without going through any extra effort, there are options for that. With the help of the mode switch, the energy-star recommended heat or cool mode can be chosen.

Bottom line

To program RiteTemp Thermostat, one needs no serious knowledge about tech or science. The device itself helps its users with the instruction manual. Even without the manual, the setting up process is very easy to execute that a layman can handle it very prudently.