6 Popular Types of Power Saws to Cut Wood

Wood-cutting first started at around the 5th century. Earlier, the woods were cut only with man-made tools, but the inventions of different power saws have made the woodcutting processes easier. There are different types of saws that are used for cutting wood. Woods are used for different purposes and are crucial for us. Woods are used in almost everything that we use. However, many types of power saws are used for woodworks, such as making different parts of buildings or rooms, window frames, doors, windows, etc.

Let us know about different types of power saws to cut wood.

There are many different types of power saws that are used for woodwork. But, we are going to look at the top six different kinds of power saws along with their features:

Table Saw

This type of power saw is one of the most common saw types used for woodworks. Carpenters use this saw when cutting woods for doors, cabinets, windows, etc. They consist of blades that spin at higher speeds, and the blades are flexible as they can be replaced with other blades. Table saws are simple but are an effective tool.

Table saws are versatile and easy to operate. These can be saws be used to make different cuts, such as crosscuts and cut-in angles. Also, they provide the easiest cuts within a shorter time.

However, a table saw is big in size and takes up a lot of space at your workshop or any place. This saw is less safe and dangerous and has caused more injuries than the other power saws. So, some safety rules should be followed while using a table saw.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are similar to table saws and are portable. It is used to cut tough materials such as wood used in different parts of a house and any other places. It consists of a rotating blade that gets pushed through any wood. The blade moves on its own once it is pushed inside the wood.

Circular saws do not require much space and are portable. It can cut through wood pieces that are not possible to cut with a table saw. You can make cuts of your choice due to the versatility of this power saw. Disadvantages:

On the other hand, a circular saw can cut in one direction, not in curved shapes which is a disadvantage. If the saw is not handled or used properly, the blades can become blunt. A circular saw can also cause kickbacks when handled by someone unprofessional.

Miter Saw

This saw has been designed for any specific type of woodcutting. It can cut at any given angle apart from a 90-degree angle. A large rotating circular blade is fitted on a swing arm. The wood is placed against the miter fence to ensure that the fence is square to the miter saw blade. This saw is useful for cutting complicated wood pieces such as cabinets and furniture.

Miter saws will provide you with accurate cuts whenever you want. This saw uses high-quality blades that can cut through any thickest wood materials within a matter of seconds. Anyone can use this power saw after handling a few times, and it is easier to work with.

Oppositely, a miter saw can only cut any wood pieces shorter in length. It cannot cut any wooden materials that are longer than the width of the blade. Miter saws need more storage space due to their size and are less portable as it is larger.

Chop Saw

Chop saws look similar to miter saws but perform a different role. It is specifically designed to cut through very hard materials that cannot be done with most other power saws. It consists of a disc put on the wooden material, and the disc rotates with the help of a swing arm. It does not need any extra blades to do work.

This saw is efficient as it can cut through hard materials quickly.   It can cut a larger portion of any wooden materials in a matter of seconds. It comes with a footswitch to not have to use your hands while feeding your material to the saw.

Chop saws can be highly dangerous if they are not handled properly and cause serious injuries. This saw is not ideal for not cutting in angular positions. The saw’s blade moves only up and down and can be cut in straight lines.

Radial Arm Saw

Radial saws have a unique shape that differentiates them from other power saws. The saw’s blade is not attached to the table; rather, it is fixed onto a mobile arm. Wood is placed on the table, and the head of the blade moves over the wood in straight line. It serves the purpose of different types of cutting with a single saw.

Radial arm saws are versatile. They can be used for different cuts such as crosscuts, miter cuts, etc.  2) This saw is more powerful than most other kinds of power saws and can work faster. It can cut through the thickest materials and go into a wider depth to give accurate cuts.

However, a radial arm saw can be dangerous when not handled properly. It requires extra work when it comes to maintenance. A radical saw is very expensive, which is why the carpenters or workshops do not recommend it.

Band Saw

This saw is very popular for wood cutting as it can rip through wooden materials. There are two types of band saws, such as vertical and horizontal. The band saws are installed between two moving wheels with a band of metal teeth on one side. In vertical saws, the wood piece is fed against the moving blade. In horizontal saws, the blade is on a swing arm and is kept onto the wood to cut through it.

There are a few reasons why this type of saw should be chosen for woodwork. Band saws are safer to use as they cut downward. This cutting position helps keep the wooden material in place and reduces any risk of injuries. It creates a more accurate cut in straight lines. Also, it can cutting job in a shorter time. Moreover, it produces fewer amounts of waste materials while cutting, as the saw’s blade is narrower. Band saws also allow you to re-saw your wooden pieces; you can create numerous thin boards from one larger piece of wood.

This band saw can only cut straight lines and tight curves. Also, the finishing touch of the band saws is less smooth due to the less accuracy of cutting.      2) Maintenance is required when it comes to band saws. It takes a little longer to change the saw’s blades when cutting different materials, which is time-consuming.

Bottom Line

There are other kinds of power saws apart from those mentioned above. Make sure to choose the right kind of saw depending on your thickness and the depth of your wooden material. Purchase the saws you need so that you do not buy the wrong one. Keeping a limited number of saws for multipurpose uses is ideal for saving your money and time. Take precautions such as helmets, goggles, gloves, legs, and foot protection while working so that you do not hurt yourself.