Portable Bandsaw – Definition and Uses

Bandsaw, which easily carriable to places, is called a portable bandsaw. These kinds of saws are usually used in metal fabrication shops, construction sites, glass and woodcraft factory houses. They are easily transferable and used conveniently. The article describes the uses of portable bandsaw.

So, the question is, what is a bandsaw?

The band saw is an electric-powered saw that is used in Woodworking metalworking and lumbering. It has a sharp blade between two or several wheels. It consists of bands of tooth-like cutters. The space over the beneath-wheel is the surface where the material goes and the bands would cut anything on that surface symmetrically. It cuts through even thick materials. It has several unique purposes but what is a portable one used for? Well, let us dig into that without any further delay.

8 Uses of Portable Bandsaw!

A bandsaw has many uses and it can make your life easier if you know the detail. For this purpose, the article collected a list of uses that have been described below.

Metal Cutting

The first and most uses of this machinery are conducted at the metal fabrication shops. The shops usually work with structural steel. So, shaping the steel and cutting them into an adequate size come off easy to artisans. They are used for the commercial ground. But many are used for art purposes as well. It is also used for shaping the raw metal (known as billets). Using the saw, you can easily shape into strands, square boxes and store them. This way, the billets will be easier to transport and use in making other tools and powerful instruments.

Tenon Formation

we know that woodworking is very structural sensitive. If the shape and joints are not perfectly cut and aligned, the project is a waste project. For making perfect the amortized tenon joint to keep the whole structure together, there is no better choice than using a portable bandsaw. It formulates the tenon tongue effortlessly and helps it match to the mortise hole. You can make both rip cut and shoulder cut skillfully. This process takes forever for woodworkers. It is now made easy by this small machine.

Pipe Cutting

this machinery can cut pipes like clouds. So many uses it as a pipe cutter, either in the household or at the construction site. In any construction work, piping is the most significant part. The portable bandsaw has been used conveniently for ages to shape pipes on the spot to rectify and prevent measurements.

Cutting Signposts

at every crossway, there is a signpost. At every supermarket, clubs, and playgrounds, and parks, there are signposts. And making them cost-effectively, overnight is a work of the machinery in discussions. You can use the saw to make the signs in a snap. People do this to cut costs as the signs do not come off cheap. Therefore, this saw makes it a super cost-effective and excellent DIY project.

Re-sawing Timbers or Lumbering

this saw is used to cut large wood logs into smaller small and carriable pieces. These are also called timbers. Gigantic timbers are impossible to move. So, the woodcutters use this portable saw to make 12*12-inch size timbers into 6*6 inch size timbers. There is a precaution to take while working on timber. Working on extra-large timbers would harm the machine. It might cause dysfunction. So, it is better to stick with cutting moderately big logs.

In Butchering Industry

the but cheering industry has a huge demand for the bandsaw (both fixed and portable). The big chunks of unprocessed meat have to be cut into smaller, usable pieces. The work is made easy by using the saw. The massive body pieces are sliced with the fixed bandsaw. But for making smaller pieces of the cut chunk, the portable one is spontaneously used.

Veneers Shaping

there are many other low keys uses of this machinery. Shaping veneers is one of them. Creating veneers out of wood log for wood crafting is the job of an electric saw. And the portable bandsaw just makes the work susceptible as it can curve the measurement with personal control. So, the design and thickness would be perfect as needed.

Other Uses of Portable Bandsaw

The portable bandsaw is used for decorative purposes as well. The use of the saw in this criterion is increasing tremendously. That is why the art value of the machine is spectacular. Artists use it to create the pergola ends. Others use to make corbels as well. On the other hand, hardware manufacturers use the saw as a piece of standard equipment. So, the use of fantastic and convenient equipment is welcomed in every background.

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Advantages of the portable bandsaw in woodworking

Woodworking is a complex process. Once you curve a wood, it can not be used otherwise. If the shape somehow messes up, that wood how’s to waste. Therefore, the process needs to be conducted with precision. That is where the very saw comes in handy. Whatever you or artisans wish to make, the electric-powered saw makes it happen. You can control every curve of the cut. And as it is portable, you can take it upstairs, garage, basement, terrace, or any other place to work in peace and amenity. Again, using the saw refuse the wastage of the wood. Hence you can save the cost of wasted wood and make the most out of the least wood. Also, we can see that the saw helps cut costs, saves wooden raw material, creates perfect pieces and designs, and saves time.

There are quite a few companies currently manufacturing this kind of compact equipment. Some are, Makita, DEWALT, Milwaukee, BOSCH, JET, RIKON, Grizzly, WEN, Laguna Tools etc. this are a few hardware and tool companies that offer quality band saws. You can check them out online and they are available in hardware stores as well.

Bottom Line

It is a lightweight, remarkable and handy machine. So, we now know all the uses of the portable bandsaw in symposia and the importance along with advantages. No artisan would ever withhold the necessity of the saw. Even though it is not talked about much but its versatility and fondness are undeniable. But there are some safety (gloves, goggles) measures and casualties for portable bandsaw that need to be taken before using it. It would be best if you did not get right into heavy jobs without first having a professional grip and stances on this gear. Once mastered the basics, it is safe to use. Even beginners can use it like a professional with a little practice and knowledge.