How to Plant a Tree in a Lawn?

It is quite fascinating to see a beautiful lawn filled with trees that you’ve panted with your own hands. Planting a tree is not that say as you’ll have to keep a lot of things in your mind. The way you plant a tree can severely affect the growth of that tree. Depending on the plantation it can either thrive or die. So, the question is, how we should plant a tree in a lawn.

When to plant a tree in a lawn?

Every tree has a specific time when it should be planted. Some trees should be planted in summer and some should be in spring. Winter in some areas gets so cold that the ground freezes and it becomes impossible to dig the soil. Early Spring is the best time to plant trees. Fall is not preferred for tree plantation as the roots can be damaged due to excessive cold and lack of moisture. On the other hand, if you live in the south, then fall is the best time to plant trees. You should plant trees when they are resting and they don’t need much food. This usually comes at the end of 1st frost. The carbohydrates of a tree flow straight to its root which makes them grow. Slightly cold weather allows the tree to grow and stabilize their roots so that they can thrive in the summer. But you’ll have to hydrate your trees properly during the winter.

Tools or Equipment to Use to Plant a Tree in a Lawn

Here are some of the most essential tools that you’ll need to have in order to plant a tree.

  • Wagon: to carry the trees
  • GPS: to find out the perfect location
  • Hand shovel: to scoop out the dirt
  • Spade: to break and dig through the ground
  • Digging bar: to take out the large boulders from the ground
  • Bowl or bucket: to carry the soil and stones
  • Measuring tape: to measure the depth and find out the place that has delicate soil so that the roots can penetrate easily.
  • Soil knife: to cut the extra roots
  • T-post: to create a support and protect the trees from wild animals.
  • Tank sprayer or watering can: to water the plants

Steps in planting a tree

There are some steps that you’ll need to follow while planting a tree. These are:

1. The very first step is to ensure that the root flare is noticeable after you place your plant. A root flare is an area where the main first roots are attached to the trunk. So, place the plant above your location and see how much area it would need. Mark the area with the help of a spade.

2. Start digging a hole with a spade. If you find any boulders you can remove them with a digging bar. The diameter of the hole needs to be at least twice wider than the tree’s root ball. Use a measuring tape to measure the diameter. The height of the hole has to match the depth of the root balls if only bigger.

3. If the root ball is covered with something, make sure you remove them as it will help the plant to thrive. If there’s any wired basket make sure you keep it away or chop some bands using the root knife. It will ensure that the growth of the roots is uninterrupted. See if the root ball has any excessive roots that are going out of the way, use the knife to shape them nicely. Make sure you don’t cut too many roots.

4. Now set the tree at an appropriate height. Make sure that the hole you made is not too congested. There should be a gap of 30 cm between the root ball and the surrounding soil. If you place the tree deeper than this, the tree won’t grow properly.

5. Check if the tree is straight or not. Try to see from different angles and make sure that the tree is perfectly straight in the hole.

6. Now start filling the hole with the help of a hand shovel. Level the soil nicely with your hand. Make sure that the soil is firm enough to hold the tree in place. Making the soil firm will remove all the air holes and keep the tree stable. You can also water the plant while filling the hole, this will remove the air-holes. Do not use any fertilizer while planting a tree.

7. If the tree you’re planting needs extra support then try to use at-post or staking. But remember that staked trees do not have sturdy roots. If you’re facing trouble keeping the tree stable then staking is a better option for you. Make sure you remove it after your tree is starting to grow.

8. Use multiple layers of compost on the bottom of the tree. it will ensure that the tree has moist yap and it is not rotten.

9. Finally, keep the tree healthy by hydrating it once in every 7 days. Check the soil before watering it. If the soil is damp you can skip watering for that day. Hydrate the tree according to the weather. If the weather is too hot, water the tree often. If it is too cold, it will need less watering.

Bottom Line

To plant a tree in a lawn is not that difficult if you know how to do it properly. It just needs patience and knowledge about some techniques. Make sure you read the above instructions carefully. If you have all the tools given in the list and if you have followed the steps properly, your tree should be ready to thrive. In the end, don’t forget to check on your tree every now and then as it will need your care to grow.