How to get rid of Mold in Car Air Conditioner?

Experiencing odd odor, suffocation and sneezes in the car are signs of mold formation in the air conditioning. For a safe, healthier ride for you and your family, you might need to take care of it right away. You need to comprehend steps in order to remove the molds, mildews and bacteria. The question is how the mold forms in the air vents. Well, when the air conditioner produces moisture and humidity, it leaves enough dampness for mold formation. It can be prevented by using an ozone generator for mold. But, if it gets worst before you get one, this is what you need to do to get rid of mold in car air conditioner:

The Process of get rid of Mold in Car Air Conditioner:

Clear the Air Conditioning Drain: Firstly, you have to check the air conditioning drain. If it is clogged, clear it out. Usually, not using the fans after being done with using the conditioner causes this clogging. It is the growing point of bacteria. A clogged A/C drain is a tricky thing to fix. It is highly recommended to bring is a professional mechanic for the job. But if it is not clogged, you go ahead and do the next part of the process.

Use an Air Purifier: You have to use an air purifier for the mold. As the bacteria spread has already started, you must make sure it can cause any harm health while cleaning it. You face masks, safety goggles and rubber gloves to avoid any chemical-related accidents. Before starting the work, purify the air inside the car. Spray it at least 40 to 60 minutes before you start working. Keep in mind that antibacterial killing spray is the best type of air purifier for the job.

Vinegar and Water Solution for Mold: For the next part, you need a solution of 1-part vinegar and two-part water. This solution or other solutions used to remove mold from leather saddle will work just as well. You need to soak a rag in the solution and thoroughly clean the air vents, both inside and outside (intake vent). Any presence of mildew spores will be eliminated. This will eradicate even the tiniest scope of mold spore spread after the cleaning is over. It would be best if you threw away the rag after you are done. Or it may become an accessory for spreading bacterial spores to other places and objects.

Disinfectant: After cleaning the vents, now comes the hard part. For this step, you’ll be needing a disinfectant spray with a long narrow nozzle straw, which can slide in the airways easily from the intake vents under the windshield. You can use any spray you want. There are all kinds of disinfectant sprays available in the market. Choose one that is suitable for your cause and comfort. Now, Start the car and pull the break. While doing so, turn up the air conditioning to a maximum level of output. You should make sure the system is not recirculating. Or the process will be disrupted. Now spray the disinfectant, then intake vent with the long nozzle straw. Enact the process another five to six times for absolute results.

Repetition: You have to repeat the previous process again but in the usual temperature as you always keep it while driving, in regular heat temperature. It will ease up the air conditioner air positioning and the spray will reach every necessary place and kill the spores. This is how you sanitize the airways entirely; the mold is cleared out and you can start driving your car happily.

Finalization: We are not wholly done yet. The next step of the cleaning process is changing the filters. With the questionable mold condition and all the disinfectant chemical spray used here, the present air filters must be changed. Renewing the air filter frequently helps to prevent bacterial formations as well. So, installing new filters is the conclusive step of mold removal.

There are lenient ways to get the job done. The best mold remover for cars has to be ozone generators. They can prevent mold in humidifier, so getting rid of mold in a car is an easy job for them. You just need to set it in the car and power it up. The best ozone generators for vehicles are the smaller ones. They are convenient and effective. It kills viruses, bacteria and anything harmful in the environment. But for big trucks or vans, the commercial ozone generator for mold is the right choice. It saves energy, time and reduces health risks spontaneously.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that with a disinfectant spray or ozone generator, the molds can be removed from a care air ventilation system. Even though the generator is used in basement mold removal, it will be excellent in this case. So, this is how you thoroughly get rid of mold in car air conditioner and keeps the environment safe.