What is the Best Location for an Air Purifier?

Air purifier makes your home a hundred times healthier to live in. You can sleep soundly knowing it is doing its work. But are you sure your purifier covers all the areas you want it to? Well, it depends on the position and capacity of the device. In this article, we will help you understand how to place an air purifier for the best outcome. So let’s jump right into What is the Best Location for an Air Purifier?

Location Measurement

Determining the square feet of the room you desire to put the air purifier in will help you to place the device currently. Also, it will allow you to understand which size purifier to get for the room. So how do you measure the room in square feet? It is a simple technique. You just have to multiply the width with the length of the room. So if the width (W) is 20 feet and the length (L) of the room is 40 feet, then the room is (WL=2040) 800 square feet. This is how you measure the location

The Capacity of an Air Purifier

Now the question is Which capacity purifiers to buy? It is determined with the location you just measured in the previous step. There are four standard-size air purifiers sold in the market; Small, medium, large and whole-house covering ultra-large air purifiers.

For rooms up to 200 square feet, Small air purifiers are ideal. Medium air purifiers can purify the air of up to a 400 square feet size room effectively. Large air purifiers are for Extended areas. They can easily work in 1500 square feet and less. Then there are Whole-House air purifiers. These are mostly used for industrial needs but a master air purifier built in the house can keep your family and home safe so many modern home designs include them.

Where to Place an Air Purifier to Effectively Purify the Air?

The effectiveness of the air purifier depends on its position in the room for sure. Locating it appropriately has its own challenges. But do not worry we got you covered. We will help understand how to place your air purifier the most efficiently.

In an Open Area

Open area refers to a place from where the air passes through the room. The highest air flowing area has to be near the window, middle of the wall and close to doorways. The reason why you should place the air purifier in an open place is the air passing. The rate of air passing in the room is the highest in that area. Thus, the purifiers can disinfect most of the air effectively.

Dust and pathogens can not roam around the room without getting caught by air purifiers.

The open area placement allowed the device to have access to air or the room up to 90% and more. The dust, mold spores and bacteria roam around the room the same way the wind glows around. So, while the air passes through the purifier, these harmful substances get caught in the device and release the fresh air in the room making your home safer and healthier.

3-5 Feet Off the Ground

On the ground, wall-mounted, or on the table? Where does the machine go well? How much elevated you should keep; it is a real concern. You have to understand how the airflow and the purifier itself work. The air does not just flow horizontally in the room. It also moves in a vertical position. Thus, the air purifier works both horizontally and vertically covering the entire room while switched on.

So, for the best performance, the air purifier needs to stay 3 to 5 feet above the ground to get access to horizontal and vertical airflow. It can be situated on the side table and it can be safely mounted on the wall, either way, the purifier would give the most output. Keeping it on the ground is an option but, in that case, the device would miss a large portion of vertically flowing air. Also make sure if you are mounting the purifier to the wall, you are using a holder. Because permanently mounting it on the wall may not be a smart choice. To get the most effective performance you will need to move the purifier.

Away from Electronic Devices

Electronic devices can interfere with each other’s functions. Air purifiers are reported to be acting faulty around other active electronics. The electrical range messes with the working purifier. That is why it is highly recommended to place your air purifier away from any other electronic devices. It is also tested and proven that keeping the device at least 5 feet apart from all electrical appliances ensures its effective performance.

There could be scenarios where the room is small or the air purifiers can not be at a distance from other devices. In that case, you have to turn off the other devices when the purifier is running. It is to ensure the air purifier can run at its best.

Near the Pollution Sources

There are some areas of the house that need to be more conveniently handled than the others because air pollutants are fairly permanent in these areas. Such as having a smoke generator like a fireplace or smoking room. These rooms are filled with smoke all the time. So, an air purifier near the smoke source would not just help purify the air in the room but also will refrain from the smoke getting to other rooms.

The room near the garbage disposal or the corner room aligned with a narrow alley always smells bad because of the unclean environment around. So paling the air purifier near the window or doorway in these rooms freshens up your home. and of course, the lab rooms, libraries including the study rooms, these rooms have chemicals and dust-filled in the air, so needless to say, air purifiers are a must in there.

Away from walkways

You should always put the device somewhere safe and out of the walkways. People stumbling over and running into it will hamper the machine’s integrity also there is a chance of physical harm to the person. So, it is best to keep at a safe distance from everyone.

If you have kids at home and even visiting your home, the air purifier sitting on the ground or in the walkway is a hazard for the kids and your home environment. Keep it out of contact with kids and do the best thing you can do. It will ensure personal safety still keeping the air as healthy as possible for everyone

Tips for maximum efficiency

Move around: Moving around the air purifiers would help you cover every inch of the room. So if the machine missed any area, the rearranged position would cover every bit of air in the room.

Use dehumidifier: Excessive humidity hampers the performance of air purifiers. So if your home is located in a high humidity area, you should use a dehumidifier to get rid of extra moisture. The dehumidifier and the air purifier can run simultaneously at the same time.

Skip corners: In the corners is the worst possible position to place it. Air passes the least through corners. 20% to 45% air stays polluted and untouched and even more if the room is large. So skipping corners is your best okay playing with an air purifier.

Close the windows and doors: When the air purifier is running, keep the windows and doors closed because the machine would suck in the air from outside rather than cleaning the air in. It will still work at its best but the results will take additional time and the room would be less clean in the desired timing as before and there is no way of telling it apart. So keep the doors and windows closed.

Where not to place?

Kitchen: A kitchen is a place where air purification is baseless. The ideal equipment for the kitchen is a chimney and an adjust-fan. The excessive smoke, smell and textures in the air is far beyond what an air Purifier can fix. It can only be eliminated by chimneys and adjust-fans.

Bathroom: Bath is another place you should never put an air purifier. It is a highly humid place. A proper ventilation system/fan is enough to control the air there. The air purifiers don’t work under high humidity. So skipping the bathroom is the best thing for every scenario.

Bottom line

So the location of an air purifier has to be in an open place, 3-5 feet off the ground, in a less humid place and of course near an air pollutant source for the most effective outcome. Also the kitchen and the bathrooms are unsuitable places for the machine. You should always buy the right size air purifier because if you get smaller than your needs it will not work for your home and an oversized air purifier will work amazing but the added price and excess electricity consumption are not worth the results. That is why area measurement and location of its air purifier play an important role in leading a healthier and better life.