Differences between Juicers and Blenders – Which One Should You Choose?

In a world full of confusion, not knowing about your kitchen equipment can lead you towards a wrong pick while shopping. Now, first of all, let’s clear the misconception about blenders and juicers. No, they’re not the same. There is a fundamental difference between juicer and blender and that’s how they process the food you put in. Having said that, let’s see why they aren’t the same thing. 

Major Differences between a juicer and a blender

As we have said before, juicer and blender are not the same kitchen appliance. The major difference between these two pieces of equipment is the reason they process the food. 

The key difference

Now don’t get me wrong, they both prepare tasty drinks. A juicer separates the juice from the ingredients you put into the machine. This means all the pulp, seeds, and fiber in the ingredient is being separated by a juicer. On the other hand, a blender blends all the ingredients one puts in. This means you will get a thicker drink with pulp, seeds, and fiber blended. Both have their pros and cons but no compromises on health are made.

Juicer and its uses

Now there’s always a fuss going on about grinder vs juicer but as mentioned earlier, juicer does a much better job separating the juice from the ingredients. Juicer has a unique way of bringing out all the nutrients from your ingredients. As a juicer is meant to bring out the juice, relatively bigger slices of the ingredients won’t hurt the machine. A juicer is fast, easy, and full of goodness. As they extract juice right out of your ingredients, it’s rich in taste too. Moreover, a juicer is easy to digest so you get a faster observation of nutrients. Not to mention, it’s a great way for one to have a low-fiber diet.

Blender and its uses

On the other hand, blenders provide thicker drinks for you to have. A good blender can serve you for a long time and that’s the hidden benefit of owning one. Unfortunately, blenders can’t blend an unchopped ingredient if it’s too large for the blades to blend. But if you take your time to chop the ingredients, you will have no waste. A blender blends the whole ingredient you out in. It may take longer for your stomach to digest but you’re getting all the nutrients. Plus, you get to use the blender to make dips, condiments, and soups. But you’ll have to be cautious since you’ll have to pick one of the best blenders to do that.

Which one is better?

Juicer and blender are a tough call. Juicer provides easily digestible drinks in a matter of seconds and blender provides you smoothies and high nutrients. But the catch is health. If you’re more health concern and want to have low fiber drinks then blender is a huge no. Juicer will help you have a low fiber diet and lead a more fluent life. Blender, on the contrary, will open the door of opportunities for you to experiment. Because of its versatility, blenders are more wanted by the people who want more on a budget.

Which one should I pick?

Juicer provides a thin and more concentrated vitamin and minerals. People who want to have a light drink but don’t want to compromise on the nutrients can have this mixer in their kitchen. Blender lovers will agree with me here since I believe smoothies are the best drink on planet earth. And the biggest satisfaction while using a blender is there’s no waste. It just takes a little bit of effort to have the best drink possible. In a conversation about the difference between juicer and blender, owning any one of those is a win-win situation.

Can Blender be used as a juicer?

Blenders are at their best when they’re used to make smoothies. But when it comes to being used as a juicer, it’s tough for the machine to actually do it. Something you might have to add a little water to aid the blending process to make it less thick as blending ingredients as they are extracting a thicker drink. The taste might not be the same but it’s thinner.

For a more juice-like taste

If you want a bit smoother taste on your tongue then you can use a high-performing hand mixer or a stand mixer after extraction of the juice. Even though there are differences between a hand mixer and a stand mixer, the best option is picking one of the best hand mixers in the market. So yes, you can use a blender as a juicer but it is not going to provide the same experience. It will take more effort; the extra time and the taste won’t be the same.

Can I use a juicer to blend something?

Unfortunately, NoWhen you put ingredients into a blender, it blends everything that is being put into it. The whole nutrients and fiber are present there. Whereas, juicer extracts the juice out of the ingredients you have. It is low in terms of fiber, thinner and less nutrient as there’s no pulp or seeds present.

Purpose of a juicer

A juicer’s sole purpose is to make juice out of the ingredients you put into it if it does a great job in that. It brings out the good from the ingredients. You’ll be able to have the healthiest juice straight out of your kitchen in no time if you own a juicer. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s nutritious.

Bottom line

Kitchen appliances can be tough to pick. But knowing what you want can help you get the perfect equipment for your kitchen. So, if you’re on a budget then, you’ll have to understand what you want to have the most. A blender that serves you smoothies and other delicious treats, or a juicer to get it going on a quick time. Although a well-equipped kitchen should have both of these present, to bring the maximum out of your time in low effort and fulfillment of your health. Now that you know the difference between juicer and blender, pick whichever you want for your kitchen.