13 Uses of Jigsaw

Many kinds of tools are used for cutting wood, plexiglass, acrylic sheets, etc. Among these tools, saws are the most commonly used tools required for cutting. Different types of saws such as circular saw, chainsaw, or jigsaw could be used. We will look at the jigsaw that comes in many different styles and is used for various purposes.

What is a Jigsaw? 

A jigsaw is a type of saw used to cut in irregular shapes and uses a reciprocating blade. The saw is used for objects that are stencil shaped, such as wood, metal, and other materials. This tool is not applicable for cutting in straight lines. This saw consists of a thin blade with a controllable throttle trigger for a variable cutting speed. There is an opportunity to change the blade while cutting any metal or wood. This saw is also known as a sabre saw and is a portable form of a scroll saw. As the jigsaw blade is small and the tool itself is light-weighted, it is an ideal choice for carpenters.

Types of the Jigsaw

There are different types of jigsaws like the other saws. Different kinds of jigsaws are used for various purposes when needed. Three common types of jigsaws are used on a regular basis:

  1. Corded jigsaws: Most jigsaws are corded and run on the leading electricity. These jigsaws are reliable as they are connected to a power supply and can perform their work without interruption. They also possess more power than cordless jigsaws. They come in different watts, ranging from 400W to 900W. The corded jigsaws are light in weight and have potent motors between 5.0-7.0amp.
  2. Cordless jigsaws: These types of jigsaws have become popular in recent years. They have the advantage of being portable as they are not corded. They tend to be heavier as they are inserted with batteries. The power range of a cordless jigsaw depends on the battery’s voltage ranges from 12V to 36V.
  3. Pneumatic jigsaws: These jigsaws work in coordination with the air compressor. These are highly powerful jigsaws assigned only for professional and heavy tasks. They are lighter than electrical ones and self-cooling, so the jigsaw does not overheat. This is useful when cutting through materials such as metal or fiberglass. 

Other features need to be considered while buying any jigsaws. These are orbital action and variable speed. 

Orbital action: An orbital action jigsaw will move forward and backward while cutting in strokes. The movement of the orbital blade is slightly elliptical, which reduces the wearing of the blade and the chattering noises of the blade as well. The cutting angles can be adjusted for different materials, and the cut in an orbital action saw is smoother than the cuts with the standard saws. 

Variable speed: The powerful jigsaws will consist of different speed rates. This variety is proper when the saws are used to cut metals, and a slower pace makes it better for cutting. Slower speeds are beneficial when it is necessary for cutting in curved shapes. This feature is not widely used because it may cost more for many people. 

13 Uses of the Jigsaw

Jigsaw is probably the only saw that can be used to cut in curved shapes. It is flexible and can be handled by the makers of all ages. There are some important uses that a jigsaw is useful for us:

  1. Cutting wood: Jigsaws are mostly used to cut any wooden objects. It requires a lot of experience in cutting woods. This saw is perfect for cutting any types of wood that ranges from softwood to hardwood. However, they  need to be handled carefully or else they may make the woods burn. If you can apply your creative skills, then it will lead to amazing results.
  2. Cutting metal: A jigsaw is used to cut metal objects that are up to 10 times thick. The blade of the saw must be taken into consideration when cutting at this range. Most of the workers choose to use blades that are about 21/24 teeth per inch. Low speeds are used when cutting any metallic objects so that the cutting is even.
  3. Cutting carpets: Jigsaws are the only instruments that are efficient when it comes to cutting carpets or mats that are thick. The blades of the saws are made from soft materials so that the carpets and mats are easier to cut. The jigsaw blades are sufficient for cutting other soft materials such as cardboards and leathers.
  4. Countertops: Countertops need a number of holes before being installed, and jigsaw is the perfect tool for it. They can make small holes that are round in shape. This cutting is done by using down stroke blades that are designed for making holes of the countertops.
  5. Cutting concrete: A jigsaw can cut concrete objects, although it is not recommended as it can lead to a shorter life span. The blades are ideal for cutting as they are concrete and best for cutting concrete and cement. Furthermore, jigsaws might be needed for making holes and opening pipes.
  6. Cutting ceramic: Ceramic tiles are easily cut with a jigsaw, especially when a curve is required to fit in a tile. However, the thickness of the tile must be measured as the jigsaws can only cut tiles that are up to 0.25 inches. The blade of the saw must be toothless with carbide grits.
  7.  Flooring: The flooring of any place requires the flooring boards to be ripped into pieces. These are ripped to a particular width and cut to a certain length that can be done with jigsaw easily. These saws also come in handy when the tiles are being lubricated so that the floor is slippery and can be ripped easily.
  8. Plumbing and electrical work: Jigsaw is very helpful when it comes to cutting electric wires and PVC tubing. It can also be used to cut plastic and plexiglass as well.
  9. Pumpkin lanterns: Jigsaws are used to make lanterns out of pumpkins for Halloween. The blade of the saw allows the creation of the curved designs that makes the faces of the pumpkins attractive.
  10. Fence, Patio and Deck making: Jigsaws can be used to cut the boards down to different sizes of the gates or the fences that you want to make. The saw can be used to carve out the curved shapes of the gates and fences into thin and perfect shapes.
  11. General crafts: Jigsaws are useful when it comes to making crafts of any designs. The crafts that require to be made into curved shapes such as cylindrical shapes. Crafts made out of wood require a saw that can be carved into beautiful and unique decorations.
  12. Boxes, planters and picture frames: Jigsaws are able to cut into different shapes like straight, miter and bevel cuts. These cuts come in handy when making various items such as boxes, picture frames, and planters.
  13. Slicing materials: This saw is incredibly helpful when it comes to slicing the edges of any materials. It goes from hard materials such as wood to soft materials such as carpets. However, the slicing should be done by using lower speeds as the excess material may be cut off if done in a faster speed.

Bottom Line

Jigsaw is one of the most powerful and portable tools that you will find today. They are in demand for their outstanding design and power. Anyone can handle the jigsaw due to its flexibility and lightweight, but they need to learn how to handle it. Furthermore, jigsaws provide accurate results when working on projects such as wood jigsaw puzzles. You can recharge your battery, and it can carry with you everywhere. For these reasons, it has gained so much popularity among professional and non-professional users, despite its cost.