Importance of Tree Trimming and Pruning

What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming is the process that helps to shape a tree and give it a cleaner outlook. If you leave the trees untouched for a long time, they will turn into something humungous which will look both unattractive and deranged. An overgrown branch is not something healthy for a tree. These branches can absorb all the necessary nutrients needed for a tree’s healthy growth. If you want your tree to grow properly, you will have to trim these bits. Trimming basically refers to cutting down the excessive and disordered branches of a tree so that it can grow without any hindrance.

Saws to use in trimming

Tree trimming needs specific types of equipment. Not all saws are appropriate for trimming. The saws that you’ll need for trimming are:

  • Pole saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Chainsaw
  • Folding saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Bow saw
  • Wire/ Rope saw

These are some of the saws that you can use for trimming the trees.

Why trimming is important?

Trimming is quite important for the following reasons.

Refines the visual aspect: Trimming can improve the appearance of a tree. If you keep a tree untouched for a long time, it will end up looking ghastly and unattractive. Limbs will germinate in whichever direction they find and this unorganized development will make it look terrible. So, in order to enhance the natural beauty of a tree, you’ll have to trim it from time to time.

Ensures a healthy growth: Overgrown limbs and branches tend to soak up all the moisture, nutrients, sunlight and water needed for the growth of a tree. If you don’t trim a tree frequently, it won’t be able to thrive. Trimming these diseased and damaged branches will ensure the healthy growth of a tree.

Protects the tree from infection: In the warmer seasons, insects can attack the weaker branches of a tree. So, if you trim a tree during the winter, it gets enough time to heal. Thus, in summer they can grow and absorb all the needed nutrients.

Keeps the surrounding safe: Damaged and diseased limbs tend to be quite sharp which can hurt the people living around them. Besides, whenever a storm hits, these limbs and branches often collapse the roads. So, if you trim them on time, you’ll be able to protect the area.

What is tree pruning?

Pruning is the way of shaping a tree and the main purpose of pruning is to prevent the diseases of a tree.

Pruning is extremely important as it helps a tree to prevent any kind of fetal disease. It ensures that a tree grows strongly by removing all the diseased, dead and wobbly branches and stems. Sometimes, some overgrown limbs and boughs tend to create a hindrance to the growth of the tree. In order to protect a plant from these obstructions, you’ll have to prune the unwanted overgrown branches.

Expert tree surgeons know how to prune properly and why it is so important for a tree. A person who doesn’t have any experience with pruning can damage a tree to such an extent that it might be difficult to make that plant survive. On the other hand, if pruning is done properly, it can amp up the production of flowers and fruit. Thus, pruning should be done in a correct manner to ensure the proper growth of the tree.

Saws to use in pruning

Along with the saws used for trimming (Pole saw, reciprocating saw, chainsaw, folding saw, crosscut saw, bow saw and rope saw), there are 4 saws meant for pruning. These specialized saws are:

  • Pole pruning saw
  • Handheld pruning saw
  • Straight blade pruning saw
  • Curved blade pruning saw

These saws can be used for pruning trees.

Why pruning is important?

Pruning is extremely important for the well-being of a tree. If you can prune a tree properly, it will live a long time as well as it will keep the surrounding area nice and safe.

  • Pruning removes all the diseased, dead and unwanted limbs & branches from a tree.
  • Protects the area from any kind of future accidents caused by loose and dead limbs.
  • Pruning enhances the ability to produce flowers and fruits.
  • Pruning gives a tree a cleaner look and makes the area appear bright and beautiful.
  • Prepares the tree for the upcoming seasons.

Tree trimming vs tree pruning


Trimming: Removing the unwanted limbs to give the tree a desired shape.
Pruning: Removing diseased and dead limbs and branches to ensure a healthy growth of a tree.


Trimming is done to polish the visual aspect of the landscape. Pruning on the other hand is done to protect the tree from infectious diseases.

Tools used

Usually, trimmers and clippers are used for trimming trees. There are two types of trimmers, electric powered trimmer and gas-powered trimmer.

Shears and pruning saws are used for pruning trees.

  • Hand shear: Removes leaf and bud
  • Lopping shear: Removes dense branches and limbs

Regularity and time of occurrence

Arborists say the trimming should be done twice every year. It should be done before the production of fruits and flowers. On the other side, pruning depends on the pattern of germination. A plant should be pruned in summer and a tree should be pruned in winter.

Bottom line

Pruning and trimming both are significant for a tree’s overall health. When it comes to the literal meaning, they are quite similar. But the main purpose and techniques of pruning and trimming are slightly different. The purpose of trimming is to improve the appearance of a tree and the purpose of pruning is to improve the health of a tree. In reality, both do the same thing as the main agenda is to remove diseased branches. In the end, pruning and trimming both simultaneously improves the visual aspect and health of a tree. Thus, both are equally important.