Best Humidity Sensor Switches for Bathroom Fans – Review & Guide

Are you getting a musty smell in your bathroom and looking for a way to control it? Before controlling, it is significantly essential to know why it is happening. Thus, the controlling process will be easier.

The humidity that accompanies the showers spoils the air quality in your bathroom heavily. Humid air can damage the walls, invite unwanted insects, etc. To avoid these concerns, using an exhaust fan can be a great solution.

But running an exhaust fan continually can cost you a large amount of electric bills. So, what is the solution?
The best humidity sensor switch will be a handy solution to this common problem. This specialized tool is built for home uses.

However, don’t rush to the market to buy a humidity controller because all devices are not built following the same quality. Since you are investing valuable time, money, and effort, the device has to be top-rated.

Let’s go through these humidity fan switch reviews, which will help you make a precise buying decision.

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What is a Humidity Sensor Switch?

A Humidity Sensor Switch [Ref: Leviton]

A humidity sensor switch consists of a patented switch that detects and measures your room’s air or moisture level. After detecting humidity, it activates the exhaust fan to reduce the level of moisture. As a result, the growth of mold and mildew gets decreased to provide a comfy environment.

The great thing is, this device runs until the humidity drops below the predetermined relative humidity % setting. Suppose your family is forgetful about turning off the bathroom exhaust fan. In that case, a moisture sensing switch is a cost-effective and great way to remove moisture from your home, office, or bath.

Benefits of Using a Humidity Sensor Switch at Home and Office

Humidity sensor switches are engineered for a dedicated purpose: prevent building-up of mold and improves air quality in a bath.

Besides, it serves several benefits, which are pointed out below.


The foremost purpose of a bathroom fan switch is to protect your bathroom space from mold and mildew. Since it controls bathroom moisture levels, mold can’t grow up in the bathroom. Mold leaves black marks on walls and damages the surface.

When you install an exhaust fan sensor in your bathroom, it will control the humidity. So, the chance of mold builds up decreases, and the bathroom surface serves many years of service.

Automatic Usage

The automatic turn on/off is an impressive feature of a humid exhaust fan switch. Due to this feature, when moisture increases in your bathroom, the switch turns on itself and activates the exhaust fan. So, you don’t need to remember to turn the exhaust fan on.

This feature is ideal if you have a toddler who frequently forgets to turn the fan on or residents in the rental property who are less careful about controlling the moisture. Fixtures and fittings get penetrated by damp air, even rusting water pipes and metal items.

Auto Turn-off

Forgetting to shut off the exhaust fan is as bad as not shutting it on. How many times have you taken a bath and gone to work without turning the exhaust fan off? Ever imagined the electric cost?

It is a waste of electricity. It also absorbs warm and cooled air from your home, expelling it outside. This is similar to putting on some heating and opening a few windows of your home throughout the day.

So, a humid fan sensor performs to reduce heat build-up. At the same time, it helps you to utilize electricity at its best.

Saves Damage Repair Cost: As stated earlier, when humidity increases in the bathroom, it damages the wall and floor. In order to repair the damages, you will have to spend a lot of money. But if a humidity controller is installed in your bathroom, damages can be prevented. Thus, the repair cost will be saved.

The switch mounted in the fan guarantees that the level of humidity in your bath is within the safe range.

No Manual Control Required

Using a humid switch with a bath fan is convenient because you don’t need to operate it manually. As soon as it detects a humid level, it shuts on and off automatically.

Odorless and Attractive Bathroom

Due to moisture, metals and water pipes get rusted. Also, the bathroom foundation may collapse for this. As the humid vent fan sensor helps release additional moisture to the outside by turning the vent fan on, you will always have an odorless and attractive bathroom.

Best Humidity Sensor Switches for Bathroom Fans – Review & Guide

Finding the best sensor switch for a fan is not a challenging task when you do some research. Here we reviewed the 10 best products for you that would add value to your research.

1# Best Overall: LEVITON IPHS5-1LW Decora In-Wall Humidity Sensor

Reduce odor and dampness from your bathroom or basement by installing the LEVITON IPHS5-1LW Decora In-Wall Humidity Sensor. Unlike all other standard bath fan switches, it also detects excess moisture and automatically turns on the vent fan. It continuously monitors the air and, when the humid level gets dropped, turns the exhaust off.

There are many configuration options so you can adjust the sensitivity and the amount of time it runs. Its built-in sensor uses digital sensing technology and a microprocessor to operate the fan. You can customize the patented timer to 10, 20, 30, or 45-minute intervals according to your preference. The fan will operate without any break for the minimum time set or until the air quality comes to a comfortable level.

Moreover, false cycling is also prevented by its sensitivity level adjustment feature. You can adjust it to low, medium, and high. The best thing is, its built-in humidistat control fulfills the requirement of CALGREEN for Indoor Air Quality and Vent fan. Additionally, installing is quick and easy.

  • Sleek design
  • Easy to install on wall
  • 4 different customizable time settings
  • Highly responsive
  • It requires a neutral wire during installation

2# Editor’s Choice: TOPGREENER Humidity Sensor Switch

Who doesn’t love to have a relaxing time in the shower room? Well, everyone wants that. When the humidity level is high in your bathroom, the TOPGREENER Humidity Sensor Switch automatically switches on the vent fan. It is also ideal for laundry rooms, spas, and other areas where humidity is extremely high and needs to be controlled.

With this sensor switch, you don’t need to wait to activate the exhaust fan manually. It includes a manual ON/OFF switch that lets you bypass the humidity switch whenever you need it. Just a simple press to the button will turn the exhaust fan on or off at any time. It kicks on quickly after the shower is turned on and stays on until the bathroom humidity level is back to normal.

It saves your bathroom, laundry room, fitness centers, and basement’s surface by preventing mold growth. Also, maintains air quality which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Its controlling system is so simple that you can balance the humid level effortlessly.

  • Manual ON/OFF switch bypasses sensor
  • Turns on and off vent fan automatically according to the humidity level
  • Suitable for bathroom, laundry, fitness centers, etc.
  • It prevents mold effectively
  • The button feels very clumsy

3# Customer’s Pick: DEWDROP FS-300-W1 Humidity and Condensation Control

The DEWDROP FS-300-W1 Humidity and Condensation Control switch are so smart in detecting excess humidity in your bathroom and taking precautions to reduce it. When condensation is present, this sensor turns the bath fan on automatically and turns off when dry. It is efficient and quick in reducing moisture, so you will have a dry bathroom all the time.

It has a built-in LED light that illuminates when the fan is on. Moreover, this is a highly convenient exhaust fan sensor because of its compatibility with any exhaust fan model. The sleek design will grab your attention and suit your bathroom interiors. Since it keeps your bathroom dry always, mold and mildew can’t damage the bath floor and walls.

You will adjust the sensitivity taking assistance from its humidity detention dial as per your requirement. Besides, it is promised to give you peace of mind – knowing that your bathroom is given an accurate amount of ventilation all the time.

  • It senses condensation in a room using QUE technology
  • Ensures the right amount of ventilation
  • Fast and efficient in eliminating excess moisture from a room
  • Tamper-proof setting due to the concealed adjustment
  • Often, it is less responsive

4# Best for the Accuracy: Panasonic FV-WCCS1-W Multifunction Bathroom Fan Switch

The Panasonic FV-WCCS1-W Bathroom Fan Switch is an ideal solution for the bathroom, fitness centers, etc. This switch senses moisture and steam using advanced sensor technology for ultimate accuracy. When the humidity level goes beyond 80%, it turns on the fan for 30 minutes and goes off once humidity returns to normal.

This humidity switch is convenient and automatically starts and stops when needed to control humidity. The auto shut-off feature corrects people who forget to turn off the fan by hand. Excess moisture can lead to moldy walls and rusty hinges. This switch effectively reduces the buildup of mold and mildew. The switch looks good and fits into a standard switch box.

You will not face any trouble installing the device on your bathroom wall. If you require, customize the operating settings from automatic to manual. Whatever operating settings you choose, the device performs efficiently every time. Simply live a relaxed life since no more finding the bathroom fan running all day, no mustier bathroom after installing it.

  • It senses and reduces moisture from the bathroom effectively
  • Straightforward controlling system
  • Strong and responsive patented sensor
  • Wall-mounted setup
  • Only has 2 settings on a timer

5# Best for the Ease of Use: Sonoff TH16 WiFi Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch

The Sonoff TH16 WiFi Humidity Monitoring Switch is exceptional than the other enlisted switches. It is an App, Remote, and Voice-controlled moisture-controlling switch. This device is not only compatible to be used in the bathroom only, but also it serves great service in the bedroom, office, dining room, and other areas. With this device installed in your home, you can check the status of your home appliances anywhere/anytime.

With an extra sensor, this device can detect the real-time temperature and humidity of the environment. At the same time, it sets up a humidity/temperature condition to control connected home appliances. The humidity or temperature reading is accurate, and it controls the home appliances to give you superior comfort.

The amazing feature of this device is, it comes with a hands-free voice control mechanism. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home; the smart switch allows you to control the light on/off with your voice. Simply control your home appliances wherever you are because there is no limit to the distance.

  • Monitor real-time status and indoor climate
  • Hands-free voice control technology
  • Measures and controls the temperature and humidity accurately
  • Made of fire-retardant ABS-VO
  • The installation process is a little bit challenging

6# Best for the Reliability: Inkbird Humidity Controller IHC200

The Inkbird Humidity Controller IHC200 is a reliable, easy-to-use humidity controller designed to grow tents, indoor planting, etc. Moreover, you can use it for indoor use like in the bathroom, basement, or other rooms. This Inkbird is terrific, and it never fluctuates. It is amazingly reliable. Also, it’s really not hard to program.

The adjustments you can make on this are nice and accurate. The attached cords are pretty lengthy, in my opinion as well. It works perfectly for maintaining the perfect humidity in your bathroom. It’s pretty accurate, plus you can tune it as per your need. Additionally, the device comes with a great bag for storage between uses.

This controller is less expensive than an OEM replacement humidistat and has more features. It focuses on making your life easier by ensuring no excess humidity, no sinus issues! There is a slight learning curve to learning to operate it, but you will have a comfortable life once you know the operating process. All in all, it is an excellent control device for both temperature and humidity.

  • It notifies when humidity exceeds the low or high setting value
  • Automatic switching between humidification and dehumidification mode
  • Safe and reliable humidity controller
  • Multi-functional humidity sensor
  • The operating process is a bit challenging

7# Best Budget-friendly Humidity Sensor Switch: Broan-NuTone 82W Humidity Sensing Wall Control for Bathroom

The new Sensaire humidity-sensing technology of this Broan-NuTone 82W humidity controller turns any fan into a humidity sensing solution. When humidity rises rapidly, it detects the increase without fail and turns a fan on to improve the air quality of a room. The response time of this sensor is 4X faster compared to other bath fan switches.

It efficiently fights mold and mildew, also resists them to grow in the bathroom or basement. The device features accurate sensitivity adjustment that allows adjustment between 20% – 80% relative humidity, so the exhaust performs when the homeowner needs it to whatever the season or weather is. Additionally, the sensor helps achieve the expected average CFM level with the help of the continuous ventilation mode.

Neutral wire is mandatory for the installation of this device. However, no worries because overall installation is pretty simple that anyone can accomplish the wiring task. This is a great fan controller that picks up on even minor fluctuations in moisture. You will be satisfied with the performance of this unit, and it works incredibly well.

  • It can be set to run at 10-minute intervals
  • It works like a regular switch
  • The instruction of installation is so simple
  • It senses the minor humidity changes
  • No warranty support

8# Best for Greenhouse: DIGITEN DHC101 Digital Humidity Controller

Key Feature:

  • Convenience design
  • Large LED display
  • Dual modes
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The Digiten DHC101 Digital Humidity Controller is incredibly accurate and popular for its efficient performance. This basic model is highly sensitive that senses humidity accurately. It doesn’t take much time respond compared to other humidity controllers. The design is nice and comes with easy functionality.

It is commonly used in snake cage, greenhouse, meat storage, fermentation, turtle enclosure, etc. In fact, this device is a comfortable choice to make a suitable growth environment for reptiles. Simultaneously, it is ideal to control the humidity for planting growth. Operating the device is effortless, simply plug and play.

The large display is straightforward to see from distance. Moreover, LED light is bright enough that lets you control the device easily under dark condition. It comes with dual mode technology: humidification and dehumidification. The great thing is, you can swap between the modes easily by pressing the switch only.

  • After unboxing, plug and set the sensor according to your need
  • Easy to use, making it suitable for beginners
  • It is widely used in greenhouse
  • A precise chip sensor detects humidity accurately
  • It consists of flimsy wires

9# Best Responsive Humidity Sensor Switch: WILLHI WH1436H 110V Digital Air Humidity Controller

The WILL WH1436H is a sensitive air humidity controller; the humidity jumps high with no time and then settles back to it set point. It takes care of stabilizing the humidity level in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, basement, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with humidifiers, dryers, dehumidifiers, cloth dryers, and so on.

It features a susceptible alarm function. If the humidity level is too high or too low, it detects the change immediately and alarms you without fail. Moreover, setting the humidity range is quite easy with it according to your choice. Furthermore, the sensor saves the previous data or setting, which reduces the hassle of setting the device again after sudden electricity fails.

You will also love to know that this device is so flexible to use. You can mount it on a wall or store it in your wardrobe. More importantly, plug the device, don’t need additional wire, directly plug it, and start using it just after unboxing.

  • Bright and easy to read display
  • It can be mounted on a wall
  • 13.5A overcurrent protection switch
  • It performs accurately and as described
  • A little hard to set up

10# Best for Multiple Use: Inkbird Humidity and Temperature Controller ITC – 608T

Are you planning to buy an efficient humidity controller for indoor and outdoor use? Don’t look further and buy the Inkbird Humidity and Temperature Controller ITC – 608T. This controller is straightforward to set up and use. It allows you to glance at the display for current conditions while controlling the on/off operations as programmed.

The range of temperature control is -40-100℃, the display range of humidity is 5 -99.0%RH. Before launching the controller, it is tested and reviewed rigorously. Which means, in terms of quality, you will be unable to raise any question. Also, the accurate performance of the temperature and humidity controller will surely satisfy you.

It provides you an attractive and odor-free environment by its efficient performance. In fact, it is promised to give you a comfy and pleasing environment in your room by reducing moisture. It is super easy to use. If you want to reset the device, you have to unplug the power plug, press, and hold the down arrow key until the power is plugged in and then released.

  • Accurate and active in any weather
  • Multi-functional humidity sensor
  • It can connect an air conditioner and operate according to your set point.
  • The device has 12 different time stage periods for temp control mode.
  • The humidity sensor is not water-proof

What to Look for When Buying a Humidity Sensor Switch for Your Home or Office?

Maintaining the right humidity level is significantly crucial. The high humidity level will lead you to potential health risks. Not only this, your bathroom wall and floor will get damaged if you don’t control the moisture level.

So, you should buy the best product for your home use. Here we discussed a few factors which will help you in buying the best-suited product.


The accuracy of a humidity sensor switch is the most crucial factor. Unfortunately, no moisture sensing switches are 100% accurate in terms of measuring moisture. You should not expect 100% accuracy; there will always be an error margin of 3% – 4%. It is advisable not to buy a device that has more than a 4% error margin.

Since the device performs depending on a room’s moisture level, it has to be accurate in measuring the moisture.

If your bathroom moisture level is high, but the device cannot detect it and send a signal to the exhaust fan, then there is no point in installing a humidity controller. At the same time, if the device runs for a more extended period once the moisture level goes down, the unnecessary operation will increase your electric bill.

So, there is no choice except to buy an accurate and efficient humidity sensor switch for your resident.


Will you buy a device that is challenging to work with? Obviously, your answer will be NO. Always look for an easy-to-work and operate humidity sensor switch. We all want comfort in the house, and a flexible sensor will ensure relaxed and enjoyable shower time.

Generally, most adjustable humid switches perform automatically. They sense the pre-defined humidity level of a room and turn the exhaust fan for a specific period. Once the moisture level is reduced to a certain level, they stop working.

However, some models offer both automatic and manual configurations.

Many humidity controllers are tech-savvy. Now you will find an App, remote, and even voice-controlled adjustable humidity switch, which will allow you to control the device anytime and anywhere with ease.

Installation Process

When installing, some bath fan timer switches need a neutral wire.

So check whether your bath exhaust wall switch has a neutral wire. It is mandatory to install one if a neutral wire is unavailable.

If you live in an old house, the chance of having a neutral wire installed in the bath wall switch is less.

Remember, you will require a professional’s help to install a neutral wire. Don’t try to take it as a DIY task if you are unknown about different terms of electricity.

LED Indicator Lights

You will find LED indicator lights in most timer switches. This is a handy feature because you will be able to know if you set the timer correctly. Moreover, LED indicator lights to help you set the timer switches at the correct settings in low light conditions.

However, this is an additional feature that will give you an extra benefit.

Measure Range

Measurement range is another consideration that you should look at when buying the best humidity fan switch.

However, full humidity (0%-100%RH) measurements are not mandatory for temperature and humidity measurement and control of a room.

A standard humidity sensor switches temperature control range is -40 ~ 100℃, the display range of humidity is 5 ~ 99.0%RH. Check the specifications of your selected sensor to learn the measurement range.

Whatever model you choose, make sure it meets your requirements.

Along with the above considerations, you should look for the answer to the below questions.

Do You Prefer Fewer or More Settings?

Some models of bath fan switches come with only 2 buttons: ON/OFF and timer settings. At the same time, some others consist of more than 2 buttons.

If you prefer to work with simple settings, go with a sensor switch of 2 buttons.

How long do you want the timer to work for?

Some customers prefer less timers that last 30 minutes after a bath. On the other hand, others want a 12-hour timer that performs for a whole day.

Before buying any of them, you should get the answer to this question.

Button or Twist Timers – Which one to Choose?

Humidity sensor switches can be a button or twisted feature. All enlisted sensors in this list are button-featured; that doesn’t mean we should overlook the twist featured sensors.

However, both options are easy to use. But twisted featured sensors have a disadvantage. The adjustment can be changed if it receives a simple touch. On the other side, button featured sensors will allow you to set the time precisely.

Will You Be Pairing the Lights as Well?

Most timers can sync with fans, while others are suitable for light also. You can pair them together or decide to choose the fan-only option.

Before investing money, it is important to know your requirement. It would be best if you considered whether you need both fan and light.

As you can understand, there are lots of considerations that need to be kept in mind before making a buying decision. After you find the answer to your questions, you will be able to buy the best humidity sensor switch for your bathroom.

All moisture sensor’s functionalities are quite the same, but minor differences can be a big difference in the long run. As you invest valuable money, time, and effort, it would be best to buy the best product. Remember not to buy an inferior device because your money will be wasted.

What Are the Popular Brands?

Many manufacturers are out there on the market producing high-quality bath humidity sensor switches. Buy humidity controllers from a top-rated brand because top-class and warranty is confirmed in a branded sensor.

Here we listed down some of the renowned brands of automatic bathroom fan switches.


The brand INKBIRD was founded in 2010, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing smart home automation products.

They manufacture humidity controllers, intelligent sensors, food thermometers, and many more. With several years of strenuous efforts, they served thousands of customers throughout the globe.


If you are looking to buy an energy-efficient humidity sensor switch for your home, buy a TOPGREENER bathroom vent switch.

They use innovative technology in the sensors. Also, WiFi and Z-wave systems let you control moisture sensor switches from anywhere and anytime.


Buy an AIR KING humidity sensor switch and improve the air quality of your bathroom, basement, laundry, spa, etc. AIR KING is The KING of your home ventilation systems.

Their business is to make the home environment healthier, comfier, and convenient by reducing the level of moisture.


Poor and unhealthy air quality can damage your bathroom interiors. Install Broan-Nutone moisture sensor, which will protect the wall and floor from damage.

The manufactured sensors from Broan-Nutone reduce humidity and help you to have a healthy life.

How Does It Help to Control the Humidity of a Room?

Usually, you can operate a humidity sensor switch using 3 different operation modes. Each mode is designed to give you a relaxed time in the room.

Automatic Humidity Control Mode

Upon sensing the excess humidity, this mode automatically turns the bath fan on. It continuously monitors the humidity level and allows the bath exhaust fan to operate to reduce moisture. Once the water comes to a comfortable level, the sensor turns the fan off.

You need to keep in mind that, in automatic mode, a humid day won’t qualify as an event itself.

Manual Operation Mode

When you need to use the ventilation fan immediately, simply press or twist the fan icon of the humidity controller. This will let you turn the fan ON/OFF manually.

The automatic operation gets overridden by manual operation. Let’s say, after pressing the fan icon to pledge the manual system, the fan continues to run, even if the time is out. A user can set the timer adjustment to different intervals. Most humidity sensor switches allow its user to set the timer between 10/20/30 and 45 minutes.

However, don’t think that when the sensor performs in manual mode, it stops detecting humidity levels. It senses the level of moisture in manual mode as well, and when it detects the decrease of humidity level, the LED light starts blinking.

In the opposite case, this is true if you turn the fan off manually, but if the sensor detects that the fan needs to continue due to humidity, the LED light will flash to warn the user.

Air Cycle Mode

A bath exhaust fan turns on automatically for a specific period when air cycle mode is applied. Then the cycle repeats hourly.

This feature is significant for the areas where periodic or continuous ventilation is necessary, like laundry rooms, home spas, basement, etc.

Air cycle mode doesn’t get activated by the humidity range; it is intended for regular ventilation to help keep a house fresh from stale air.

Whether you choose to select Automatic, Manual, or Air cycle mode, the outcome will be best if you follow the below points meticulously.

  • When the humidity sensor switch is turned on, keep the windows and door closed. If you keep them open, the device will be unable to detect subtle changes in the humidity.
  • The sensor will not measure the tub/shower steam if the shower ceiling height is more than 8’. If your room or shower is large, install the sensor closer to the source of moisture or vapor.
  • Season change may affect the sensor’s operation since the quality of ambient air changes. Adjust the sensitivity and humidity dial accordingly.

How to Use it for Longevity?

Humidity sensing switches can malfunction if they are not appropriately maintained. The proper using procedure will ensure a long lifespan of the device.

Follow the below using procedure to use it for longevity.

  • The humidity sensor and fan control have 3 settings that can be adjusted. 3 settings are Sensitivity, Time adjustment, and Air cycle mode.
  • Humidity levels can change based on a variety of reasons, including the change of seasons. To avoid the false activation of the fan, you can adjust the ambient humidity sensitivity. Turn the dial clockwise. It will enhance the sensitivity, so the device will respond faster to lower levels of humidity. On the other hand, if you turn the dial clockwise, the sensitivity for higher humidity levels will decrease. It can reduce the false activation of the fan.
  • The time adjustment allows you to set the length of time you want the fan to remain on once activated. A sensor has time adjustment settings of 3 intervals: 10, 20, and 30 minutes. If you are using the humidity sensor for periodic ventilation in damp basements or home spas, rotate the humidistat dial clockwise to the air cycle mode. This setting will automatically turn the fan on for a set period every hour.
  • You will then need to adjust the time adjustment dial to set the time, for example, 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off, each hour. This dial also controls the humidistat set point, which is the minimum humidity level that must be present before the sensor will turn on the fan. For instance, if the humidity set point is set at 50 and the relative humidity level in the room is 30, the device will not turn the fan on until the level is above 50. The humidistat dial is factory set in the “off” position when you receive it when appropriate for most applications.
  • Ensure following the above operating procedure meticulously. You will get many years of efficient performance from the device.

What is the Ideal Setting for a Humidity Sensor Switch?

The humidity level in your bath will be determined based on the seasonal change and fluctuations of the outdoor temperature.

Follow the below chart of the ideal setting for a humidity sensor switch.

Outdoor Temp (F) Indoor Humidity Level (%)
50° + 45 (Max)
25° – 50° 40 (Max)
0° – 25° 30 – 40 (Max)
-20° – 0° 20 – 30 (Max)
Less than -20° 15 – 20 (Max)

The ideal settings of a humidity sensor switch ensure the longevity of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Place to Install the Switch?

Proper installation of the humidity sensor switch is essential to get the best outcome from it. Here we shared a guideline of the best place to install a sensor.

  • You must install the sensor in a place where uninterrupted air circulation happens. This way, measuring the humidity or moisture level will be precise.
  • Choose a place that is 4 ft. – 6 ft. above the floor for installing the humidity sensor switch.
  • Don’t install the switch where fumes, steam, moisture, temperature, and the vibration is high.

Are Humidity Sensor Switches Effective?

Humidity sensor switches are one of the crucial elements in a bathroom. You might be doing good without a bath fan switch and wondering why you should invest in this device. The life cycle of your bathroom floor and tiles will reduce if there is no sensor switch for humidity. Rusting pipes, growth of mold, and mildew will damage the components of your bathroom.

Read the below points, and you will understand how effective humidity sensor switches are.

  • Controls bathroom humidity automatically
  • Stops peeling of the paint
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Eliminates musty smell and odor effectively
  • Senses the humidity range accurately and turns the bath fan on/off accordingly
  • Saves valuables by keeping the moisture level at a suitable stage
  • Cost-efficient since prevents damages of valuable

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Good One?

A good humidity sensor switch will cost you not more than $100.

Are Humidity Sensor Switches Accurate?

The accuracy of humidity sensor switches usually falls within the ranges of ± 1 to 4 %. However, you will not find a single moisture sensing switch that provides 100% accurate results.
As said earlier, don’t buy a non-brand humidity sensor. You will not get an expected result. You must buy a bath fan switch from a brand to get an accurate result. Now you might be thinking, how will I know about the accuracy of my humidity sensor switch? Well, below is the answer.

• If you see moisture in your bathroom even after installing a sensor
• If you continuously get a high electric bill
• If you notice unusual turn on/off of your bath exhaust fan
• If you don’t experience the comfort and relaxed time in the shower

Remember, accuracy is significantly crucial, and a brand humidity sensor switch can guarantee it.

How Long Does It Work Well with Accuracy?

A high-quality humidity sensor switch serves for a minimum of 2 years with accuracy.

However, to get an efficient service for many years, you have to make sure that you followed the right installation and operation process. With the wrong process, the sensor will start malfunctioning undoubtedly. Also, it will show inaccurate performance, incorrect humidity, and temperature reading.

So, make sure that you follow every instruction shared by the manufacturers and get many years of efficient service from the device.

Bottom Line

You will surely get an ideal and pleasing environment in your bathroom after installing the best humidity sensor switch.

Since a wide array of devices are available in the market, you may lose yourself in the oceans of products. Now that you have gone through this article, you are one step ahead of finding the best-suited device for your shower.

Read the individual reviews meticulously. You will never regret buying any of the models from the items mentioned above. Make your life easier, relaxed, and have peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about turning the bath exhaust fan on or off.