What is a Hole Saw? Types, Uses, and Benefits

People all around the world love hole saws for its fantastic features. A hole saw allows a person to create attractive things. Even if you are not a professional, you will be able to use a hole saw. If you’re a beginner, you’ll have to be a little cautious, that’s it.

What is a hole saw?

A hole saw is a circular shaped tool that has a sharp saw blade attached to it which helps the users to create a round hole without damaging the surface. Generally, you can get a clean hole regardless of the diameter with the help of a hole cutter. This amazing tool is readily available, budget-friendly and extremely useful.

Types of hole saws:

Let’s have an idea on different types of Hole Saw:

1. Carbon Steel Hole saw: Carbon steel hole saw is used for day to day use especially for handmade craftworks. You can work on plasterboard, plastic, wood to design your home with the help of this tool.

2. Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic Hole Saw: Bi-metallic hole saws tend to be quite durable compared to the other hole saws. As they have hard teeth, you can work on metal, plywood, hardwood, plastics, plasterboard, etc.

3. Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic Deep Cut Hole Saw: This type of hole saw is relatively stronger as the density is around 42.5mm.

4. Constant Pitch Smooth Cut Hole Saw: Constant pitch hole saw is heat-resistant and has a tough body. You will need batteries to run pitch smooth hole saws. These types of hole saws will help you to cut steel, plasterboard, wood, etc.

5. Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw: Carbide hole saws are faster as well as more durable than any other hole saws. You can use this for various purposes.

6. Gulleted Tungsten Silicone Hole Saw: These hole saws are also known as carbide hole saw as the other layer of the teeth is covered with tungsten carbide. You can work on brick, fiberglass, marble, cement board, plastic, iron and so many other materials.

7. Diamond Edge Hole Saw: Diamond-edged hole saws are toothless as they are covered with diamonds. They tend to have a long life but you will need to put them out on the water to maintain the temperature of the blades.

Usage and benefits of hole saw

Generally, builders and craftsmen use different types of hole saws to create a circle or hole in different things. You can create holes of any diameter with the help of an adjustable hole saw. If you don’t have a convertible hole saw, you will have to attach different sizes of blades to the drill machine. Adjustable hole saws have made the entire process very easy.

Uses of a hole saw

1. Removing wastes: Hole saws are used to create a circular hole in different materials like wood, plastic, iron, plasterboard, etc. After cutting the hole, the remaining waste that you get is called a slug. Besides, creating a hole, you can also use a hole saw to remove slugs from the material. If you use a regular drill or sawing machine, removing a slug is extremely difficult.

hole saw usage
Hole Saw Usage

2. Installing different door attachments: One of the most common application of a hole saw is the hardware attachment of doors. You can use a hole saws to install door knob, dead bolts, locks, handles, etc.

3. Fitting a bulb to the ceiling: Whenever you want to install a bulb or a light on your roof, you will have to create a hole in order to attach it to the ceiling. A hole saw is perfect for this type of job as you will be able to make a hole as well as remove the slug by using one single tool.

4. Placing drainage pipe: It happens quite a lot of time when plumbers need to create a hole to install drain pipes. If you want to make a precise hole without having to struggle with the measurement then hole saw is the perfect tool for you. You will get an accurate cut in one go.

5. Connecting multiple pipes together: A hole saw can be used to connect two or more pipes. Now you must be wondering how can someone merge two pipes by using a sawing machine? Well, in order to connect two pipes, you will need to create an exact hole by measuring the diameter of the other pipe. Only a hole saw can give you that much of precision.

6. Creating holes in a stone wall: Stone wall or brick wall tends to be very hard. If you are using an ordinary drill machine then it’s nearly impossible to create a hole in one go. Instead, if you are using a diamond hole saw, you will get through the end without any struggle.

7. Creating vents for plumbing: Plumbing work needs wider holes. That means you will have to use a tool that will allow you to create a hole regardless of the diameter. A hole is an amazing tool for plumbing.

8. Constructing gaps for cables: Another great use of hole saw is for cable work. You will have to create a hole for any type of electrical cable installation and a hole saw is ideal for this job.

Benefits of a hole saw

1. Easy to transfer: Before hole saws were invented people had to take different types of heavy attachments. After the invention of a convertible hole saw, mankind felt free of this burden. You can take these hole saws anywhere you go. These are extremely light-weight as well as very handy.

2. Functional and extremely useful: You can use a hole saw for multiple purposes. Traditionally hacksaws, Japanese saws, or keyhole saws are used to cut metals or hardwoods. But you can use a hole saw to cut anything starting from wood, metal, plastic, pipes, wires, plasterboards and so many other things. Usually, if you are using a drill bit, there’s only one size available. On the other hand, if you’re using a convertible hole saw, you’ll have multiple options that will let you show your imagination and create whatever you desire.

3. Does not require any drill bit: For a conventional drill hole saw, you will need a drill machine which is both heavy and expensive. Besides, a minor act of carelessness can cause a terrible accident as it’s very difficult to understand the speed and torque of a hole saw drill. Instead, if you use an adjustable hole saw you’ll be free from any danger. Other than that, it has different sizes which make the entire process hassle-free and quick.

4. Simple and user-friendly: This the easiest and the most convenient tool for anyone who loves to create handicrafts and decorative items. A pilot hole saw allows the user to maintain the steadiness while working on any kind of material. Along with that, you can effortlessly remove the part that you’ve cut with the help of a pilot saw.

5. Easy entrance for all kind of wires: Whenever you are working in a building, you will need a place to enter the wires. You can create tiny holes in the walls with the help of a hole saw. The moment when you will no longer need that hole, you can replace or fill it up.

6. Saves time: Hole saws save a lot of time compared to all the other cutting and sawing machines. You can get the job done within a blink of an eye with the help of a hole saw. If you are using an adjustable hole saw, then you will be able to create a hole of any diameter without changing the blades.

Should you buy one?

Hole saws are very efficient and useful compared to a traditional drill machine. Yes, you can use those typical drills to get the job done. But it will take a lot of your valuable time. Instead, a hole saw is less complicated and very easy to use. Besides, you wouldn’t need tons of extra attachment which is needed for a conventional drill machine. Another best part is that, a hole saw saves a lot of energy compared to the other sawing machine. It is easy to move hence you can carry it anywhere you go. You can create a hole of any size and density. Thus, a hole saw is a must have for anyone who loves to create DIY things.

Bottom line:

A hole saw has both advantages and disadvantages. It can be a little dangerous if you are not using it carefully. But if you use it properly, it will only add to your level of creativity. So, make sure you look into all the available options before you choose the perfect hole saw.