What is a Hacksaw? Definition, Types and Uses

Have you ever looked at around you and wondered how do people shape those metals to make such beautiful itineraries? The answer is that they use a magic tool called a ‘Hacksaw.’ This magnificent tool has helped mankind explore various uses of metals, rods, and brackets. To know more about hacksaw, make sure you read till the end. 

What is a Hacksaw?

A hacksaw is a tool used for cutting and shaping metals. Other than metallic things, you can cut rods, brackets and even plastics with the help of a hacksaw. Now coming to the appearance of a hacksaw, it’s a U-shaped manual tool that has a sharp blade at the bottom and a handle at the end. 

What are Different Types of Hacksaws?

There’s no specific number of types when it comes to hacksaws. But you can certainly typecast them in different categories. If you look at their power source, you can divide them into two types.

  1. Automatic cut-off saw: If you are cutting a huge number of metals, you can use this type of hacksaw to help you work faster. But you will have to do NC programming in order to get a proper cut as the automatic cut-off saw has different buttons on the touchpad which allows the user to control the device. This tool will help you to get the precise cut without taking any extra time.
  2. Sawing Machine: Another famous type is the sawing machine which is also categorized into three different types. They are- circular, reciprocating and band saw

Besides these, a lot of people like to differentiate hacksaws based on their blades. If you look at the blades closely, you can classify them into two types. The first one will be the hard blade and the second one will be the flexible blade. Hard blade hacksaw is a bit fragile compared to the flexible blade hacksaw. 

6 Uses of a Hacksaw

  • You can use a hacksaw for various purposes. Generally, plumbers use this tool to cut different types of gutter pipes. Electricians also prefer this fantastic tool to cut the metal tube that covers the electric wires. 
  • Craftsman uses a hacksaw to cut and metals. They make amazing things like furniture, shelves, vessels, handles and thousands of breathtaking creatures with the help of a hacksaw. 
  • A hacksaw can be used in cutting both thick and thin items. But a dense metal can ruin the quality of the blade. As a hacksaw’s blade tends to be relatively light, it is easier to cut thin metallic items. 
  • A hacksaw is also used to reshape any type of metallic things, whether it is old or new. 
  • You can also cut different plastic materials with the help of hacksaw. 
  • You can shorten pipes made out of steel and copper. You can also adjust them according to your preference by using a hacksaw. 

What are the Benefits or Advantages of Having a Hacksaw?

Easy to move

A conventional hacksaw is always powerless. That means it is relatively compact, portable and pretty light-weighted. If you have a powered hacksaw, then you won’t be able to enjoy these fantastic things, but you will undoubtedly get the job done way faster. 

You can move a non-powered hacksaw anywhere you want and it usually fits perfectly in a bag pack. Besides if you have a toolbox, then you already have a space for your hacksaw. You can travel and use this tool in any place you want. 

Suitable to use wherever you travel

No matter where you go, you will be able to use a traditional hacksaw as it does not require any power. There are a lot of places where you won’t be able to find a power source to plug in your automatic hacksaw. In this type of places, a conventional hacksaw is extremely useful. As it is not that heavy, you can carry it in your bag. 

Quick and precise

On the other hand, if you are using an automatic hacksaw, the entire process will be very quick and precise for you. A manual hacksaw tends to take quite a bit of time, especially if you are working in detail. On the contrary, a powered hacksaw is way faster as it runs by the memory. You can also turn on your preferred settings by using the keypad and watch the hacksaw do all the work for you. 

Budget-friendly compared to the heavy-weighted sawing machine.

If you compare the price of a hacksaw to other sawing machines, then you will see that a hacksaw is way cheaper and useful. Can you imagine that you can cut more than four pieces at the same time with an automatic hacksaw? You won’t get this incredible feature even if you use a heavy-duty sawing machine. 

Low maintenance

A hacksaw does not need any sort of extra care. You can keep it recklessly at the corner of your house and it will be just as useful. 

Increases the level of productivity

A hacksaw can undoubtedly escalate your productivity if you use a powered hacksaw than you will reach the peak of your productivity level. In every single day, you’ll be able to cut a considerable number of metals. Besides, you won’t even have to work that hard. 

Should you buy a hacksaw?

Hacksaw is basically used for cutting or shaping metals, plastics, woods, etc. You can work in larger quantities if you are using a powered hacksaw. This machine is very convenient if you have to work with metallic materials. The fine teeth of the blade will help you get an accurate cut every single time. This tool will undoubtedly save a lot of time. Besides, if you own a workshop related to wood, metal or plastic, then a hacksaw is a must-have for you. 

Bottom Line

A hacksaw is a convenient tool which worth every penny. But if you use it carelessly, it might be dangerous. So, automatic or manual whichever hacksaw you buy, make sure you measure all the safety elements before using it.