Lawn Looks Bad After Dethatching? Reasons And What To Do?

You probably have your lawn dethatched at least once a year or every two years. Whether you do it yourself or employ for dethatching else to do it, the process leaves your lawn looking very unappealing for about a week until new growth appears. Here’s why the lawn looks bad after dethatching and what to … Read more

Best Leaf Rakes for Lawn and Garden – Review and Guide

Best Leaf Rakes for Lawn and Garden

Though deciduous trees offer many benefits to us but create problems as well. When Mother Nature switches to the autumn, these trees leave the leaves behind making our garden and lawns full of leaves. When the garden and lawn become full of the leaves everywhere and start decomposing, our home environment turns to be nasty … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Front-Deck Mower

front deck mowers

So, many of you are looking for the advantages of a front-deck mower on Google for a while now. And I am here to end your sufferings. Because I have searched the exact same keywords and very few things came up for me, as I was deciding whether to go for a front-deck mower or … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Wheel Lawnmower

high wheel lawn mower

‘I’ll just get a new walk-behind mower for the yard. How hard can it be?’ or so you thought. And now you are reading an article on the advantages and disadvantages of a high-wheel lawn mower. I feel you, man. So, here’s all you need to know before you pull the trigger. What’s a High-Wheel … Read more

Why is oil coming out of the lawn mower exhaust?

lawn mower exhaust

Have you noticed oil leaking from the lawn mower you have been using? Nothing messes up your lawn more than the mower exhaust leaking oil. That hinders the purpose of the equipment in the first place. So, before your entire yard needs to get redoing from the school, it is essential to find out why … Read more

Why is my lawn mower blowing white smoke?

white smoke produced by lawn mower

Lawn mower smoking up is nothing to look forward to. Does it generate cloudy white smoke? If it does, then you are in less trouble than otherwise. In case the smoke is black or blue, you might need to consult a mechanic. But the white smoke is usually the result of oil or air (oxygen) … Read more

The Benefits of Owning a Twin-cylinder Engine Lawn Tractor

Twin-cylinder Engine Lawn Tractor

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking to find reasons to buy a V-twin (aka Twin-cylinder) engine lawn tractor. And choosing between a single-cylinder and a twin-cylinder one. It can be difficult to choose between and I am going to help you make an educated decision for your hard-earned money. The … Read more

Best Root Rake for Bonsai – Review and Guide

Bonsai Root

A bonsai is a form of art that bonsai enthusiasts cultivate to represent greeneries in miniature form. It is a small plant planted in a pot. But genetically, bonsai is not a dwarf plant. It takes a lot of time to grow bonsai. Bonsai gardeners often mention that it can take 10-12 or even more … Read more

Best Lawn Leveling Rakes for Your Lawn

lawn leveling rakes

You won’t deny that a lawn, properly leveled, looks aesthetic, but needs hours of works of the gardener to get that look. If you have the best lawn leveling rake for gardening, hours of hard work will turn into enjoyable and trouble-free leisure. A clean and leveled lawn is a dream for both owner or … Read more

Best Rakes for Rocks and Gravel (Suitable for Garden & Lawn)

Best Rakes for Rocks and Gravel

For an enthusiastic gardener, it is important to know about the cleaning procedure, steps of maintenance, and ways to ensure the utmost nourishment for the plants in the garden. Soil hardening, weeds growth, accumulation of rocks and gravels are some common problems. So, you will need gardening tools to take care of these problematic factors. … Read more