What is a FRETSAW? Definition, Types, and Uses

The fretsaw is a bow saw utilized for intricate cutting work which frequently fuses tight curves. Even though the coping saw is frequently used for comparative work, the fretsaw is prepared to do a lot of tighter radii and more delicate work. Fretsaw is light weighted and easier for the user and that’s why it has a fanbase of its own.

What is a Fretsaw?

A Fret Saw is a small handheld frame saw with a thin blade used for fragile detailed cutting in carpentry like a coping saw and scroll saw. It is generally used for cutting fine dovetails, curves, shapes, creative plans, guitar making, and any fine slight cuts that require accuracy. Jewelers use this tool to make jewelry because it requires a steady hand and a reliable tool.

The Types of Fretsaws

Fretsaw does not have any specific type to define with names. But it does have the feature where the user can change the blade from the frame. It allows the user to differentiate the uses and have a clear concept of their need and tool. So different blades enable the saw to cut through different materials, one can define the types of fretsaws based on the blades they are using.

Even though fret saw is proposed for woodwork, metal cutting blades are promptly accessible expanding the flexibility of this saw. Spiral blades are likewise accessible which have teeth on all sides of the blade, and will cut toward any path without the need to pivot either the saw or the workpiece. This can be helpful when access is limited because of the size of the segment being worked, and remunerate partially for the powerlessness to pivot the blade in the way conceivable with a coping saw.

In any case, they additionally have a wider kerf and as such eliminate more material than an ordinary blade. Additionally, accessible are grinding blades with no genuine teeth, however, comprise a wire covered with diamond, carbide, or other abrasive material.

Fretsaw Materials – What Fretsaws are made of?

Like other saws, fret saw is made out of metal and wood handler. Sometimes the handle is made out of molded plastic that is cheaper in comparison to general ones. The blade is made out of thin sharp metal that can cut through wood and some cases other materials based on the blade. The frame of the saw has an odd shape which made it difficult for a beginner to learn this tool.


Even though there are a lot of blades available for this kind of saw, there are some common details of this saw. The spin of this kind of blade has a plain shape. On the other end of the blade, it has a sharp edge or sometimes teeth that work like a knife for woods. Metal cutting blades are also available for this kind of saw.


The fame of this saw is made out of wood to hold the blade in its place. Sometimes the frame is made out of stainless steel to make it more long-lasting. The Frame is odd-shaped which makes it difficult for beginners to use it.


The handle as mentioned can be made out of two probable materials. One is wood, for old-school grip lovers. But the handle can also be made out of molded plastic. Even though the modern tools are safe, but precautions are always a must.

Different Uses of Fretsaw

A fret saw is a handsaw used for making fine, intricate cuts. It’s a carpentry tool that is used to cut thrilling shapes out of light materials like perspex, MDF, and pressed wood. It is ordinarily used for cutting fine dovetails, cutting curves, cutting shapes, cutting creative plans, and any fine dainty cuts that require accuracy.

The design and its usefulness

The fret saw is like the coping saw and they are regularly used for comparable work. In any case, the fret saw is prepared to do more delicate work and moving around a smaller sweep. While the coping saw can create results nearly comparable to a fretsaw, the fret saw is better while making smaller curves.

The fret saw additionally has a profound frame which gives it an odd look. The profundity of the frame is regularly between 10-20 inches and as a team with the short and meager blade, it makes the fret saw look out of proportion in examination with most different saws. The frame takes up a significant extent of the absolute region and weight of the saw.

For cutting thicker material

This is the reason a fret saw could likewise be characterized as a hand-held frame that holds replaceable saw blades. These blades are replaceable because of the presence of wing nuts or holds which permit the user to trade the blade effectively and tighten or extricate the blade. The blade should be all around tightened when cutting through thicker material.

The fret saw will in general cut through wood or plastic if they are very flimsy, for instance, any material thicker than 10mm would be difficult to shape. It’s anything but an overall guideline that the thicker the workpiece, the slower the machine pushes the piece against the blade.

The frame has a moderately enormous force which could represent an issue to individuals who are not familiar with using fret saws. Even though the handle is designed to counteract a large portion of this force, it is fitting to hold the fret saw with the frame under the user’s arm. Particularly if the user is new to using it.

For delicate and thin cuts

To make it much simpler to use a fret saw, one could send a fret saw board (otherwise called a V-board). The fret saw board is a small plank made of one or the other wood or metal, which when clipped to the seat can be used to help the work-piece and improve the forming interaction. The fret saw board has a V-molded opening cut into it and this permits woodworkers to hold the wood to the table.

Bottom line

The article gradually explained “what is a fretsaw!” with its types and uses. The fret saw table is extremely useful as it obliges the strange state of the fretsaw in this way assisting with making a simpler and more exact shape. Since fret saws are a bit difficult to use, it is suggested that the user learns the use of them before trying to cut intensive work.