Best Electric Pressure Cookers – Review & Guide

With the blessing of science, we have been able to improve our lives to a better stage.

Life has been easier since when men started inventing different tool that helped us to do our daily jobs with less effort. Among many of these things, pressure cooker is placed at the top position when it’s about kitchen and cooking tasty foods.

With a pressure cooker, we can cook in a short period keeping the real taste intact. With the help of science, the pressure cooker has been gone through extensive development. In the current world, we can see many types of pressure cookers with different types of functionalities. If we explore the kitchen tools market, we will see two main categories of pressure cookers. Those are the electric pressure cookers and the stovetop pressure cookers. In this post, we will make a discussion on how to choose an excellent performing pressure cooker. We will review different types of pressure cookers including electric and stove top pressure cookers with their pros and cons.

Best Electric Pressure Cookers Review 2021

It is an air tight pot in which pressure is increased with temperature to cook food fast. The electric pressure cooker uses the same method. This is called the next generation pressure cooker that is programmable and allow you to choose and switch between different functionalities. By switching between options you can choose different combinations of temperature, pressure and cooking time. This programmable cooker allows you to apply steaming, braising, simmering, and slow cooking.

  1. Instant Pot Duo Mini – Small Multi Cooker

A pressure cooker has become an essential part of daily life. So, when you buy a new pressure cooker, you intend to go for the best, and no wonder one of the best choices for any family can be the new Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker.

Instant duo means a multi-cooker that can work as a slow cooker, an electric pressure cooker, a steamer, rice cooker, browning pan, warming pot, and even a yoghurt maker. So many features put a pretty smile on anyone’s face immediately, right? I’d recommend holding that; there is more to it.

You must be wondering what “7-in-1” means. It provides you with the opportunity variety of dishes in seven different modes or styles. Yes, you will be receiving seven various individual programs in one single setting.

The lid, components, and accessories are dishwasher safe and built of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. The inner pot has 3-ply bottom for cooking, a steam rack along with handles, spoons, and measuring cup too.

Unique feature: The “7-in-1” multi-use programmable advanced cooker.

  • Compact size for even limited spaces or small households
  • Replaces seven kitchen appliances by a single multi-cooker
  • Easy to clean and safe to use
  • It is too tiny for RV sinks
  • Not recommended for deep frying
  1. Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The new Instant Pot comes along with the grand ultra-feature, and Ultra Automatic Sealing System, a whole new interface and brand new dial button, drum rolls to the 10-in-1 feature, multi cooking ability, temperature customizability, ultimate safety measures and a lot of good stuff for perfect cooking. That sounds convincing already, right? Well, you will love it even more, when all these are further elaborated.

The Ultra Feature – Programmable Pressure Cooker

This feature lets you program the cooker for your recipe, customize your times, temperatures, and pressure for cooking. The ultra-feature enables you to pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, make yoghurt, sautéing steaming, keeping warm, or even to sterilize. Automatic Sealing System
You no more have to seal the pressure cooker manually. It has a Steam Release Valve that seals automatically as you close and places the lid on top.

The “10-in-1” Feature

Here, we are talking about a multi-cooker where you can do all kinds of cooking, as told in “the Ultra-Feature” part. Besides, you have a fresh dial interface, custom programming ability for pressure, temperature and time, an indicator for cooking progress, memory settings, less-sound, altitude adjustment, dual sensors, and whatnot. Besides, it comes with a steamer rack, soup scoops, rice paddle, measuring cup, condensation collector, and many more.

Unique feature: A “10-in-1” cooking facility.

  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Replaces about ten appliances in the kitchen
  • Dial button interface can be improved
  • Does not include automatic resets
  1. Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart-Silver

You can already guess a lot about this pressure cooker from the name. However, let us look into the features of this fantastic new pressure cooker in the market.
Capacity: The Power Pressure Cooker XL is available in all different sizes. There are 6-Quart, 8-Quart, or even 10-Quart sizes.

Power cooking: You can now cook your food in all different delicious flavours. You can prepare your healthy meal of about 70% faster than ever before. This marvellous performance will make you throw away any traditional cookware you have been using and grab the latest Power Cooker instantly.

The Flavor Infusion Technology: This new addition traps the steam that gets super-heated to force liquid and moisture into your food.
User-friendly interface: The slow cooking feature comes with a digital display panel on the front. This helps to prepare a flavoursome meal even faster.

Easy cleaning: Right after cooking, you can wash Power Pressure Cooker parts easily. They are all dishwasher-safe. Manufacturers have used stainless steel everywhere.

Bonus feature: Your new Power Pressure Cooker has a safe lock lid for releasing the steam manually and keep warm automatically.

Unique Feature: Power cooking; you don’t have to be an excellent chef to cook flavoursome mouthwatering meals at home a lot faster than ever.

  • Faster cooking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Well built
  • Takes time to build up the pressure
  • Does not have multi-cooking ability
  1. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Well, in this market packed with electronic multi-functioning pressure cookers, the Mealthy Multipot “9-in1” Programmable Pressure Cooker is one of the most in all facilities and user-friendly kitchen appliance.

The Mealthy MultiPot is much more comfortable and safe to use than any conventional oven top pressure cooker. The performances are rigid, exceptionally on manual mode. It has 14 programs preset that help you cook quickly.

The pressure cooker has an interactive LCD panel, including icons and also cooking progress indicator. Hence you don’t have to guess your cooking time anymore. The symbols are easy to understand, and the interface is comfortable to use.

Also, you will find a reference guide and recipe booklet for perfect cooking.

There is a 6-quarts capacity inside the pressure cooker made of stainless steel. It even comes with a steamer basket that helps you prepare two different dishes at the same time.

The interface notifies you when optimal pressure is reached.
You can cook 50% faster than ever before. The 9-in-1 feature allows you to cook, saute, sterilize, slow cook, cook rice, make cakes, warm food, and also prepare yoghurt. You can replace 9 of your kitchen appliances with just one.

Unique feature: It is mobile app-compatible in both iOS and Android. Which is, you can observe and also regulate certain functions remotely.

• Mobile app-compatible
• Extra steamer basket made of stainless steel
• 1-year warranty once registered online

• Does not have a glass lid
• Does not include non-stick interior

  1. COSORI CP016-PC Electric 6 Qt 8-in-1 Instant Stainless Steel Pot Pressure

The COSORI CP016-PC Electric 6 Qt 8-in-1 Instant Stainless Steel Pot Pressure is the best of the pressure cookers and instant pots in the market. Let’s show you why.

The 8-in-1 super cooker gives you the malleability of cooking a variety of delicious meals for your family. You also get a fantastic instruction manual and easy to understand the system so that you can cook all kinds of tastiest meals. You get to cook the best meat, stew, white rice, brown rice, marvellous turkey, prepare the best yoghurt, beans, chilli, well-steamed veggies, pasta, soup, and whatnot. The list does not end anywhere, and all you have to do is just press a little button.

You can even store your food for some time with the keep warm setting without cooking it further or dry your food. Also, there is a delay starting setting that helps you gain time to give all your ingredients and then start cooking after you click the timer for how long to cook. Is that not amazing??

• 8-in-1 technology replaces your eight kitchen appliances
• Easy to use, user-friendly
• Stainless and dishwasher friendly

• The base/housing is not water friendly
• Only 6-quart size is available

Unique feature: advanced steam technology and an 8-in-1 feature

Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide
How to Choose the Best Pressure Cookers?

It’s always good to do some homework before buying a pressure cooker because if you select the one that does not fit with your time, it is a waste.

First, consider the size of the pressure cooker. Do you need a cooker that can cook for according to your need? The most common models that are sold are the size of 6 to 8 quarts. Second, consider the functionality. If you need one that allows you to switch between functionalities, choose the electric pressure cooker. Or else, the stovetop pressure cooker is the alternative option. Third, think about the replacement parts. Are they available in the market? And finally, do not go for a nonstick version. The surface simply does not last if it is non-stick.

What Can You Cook in Electric Pressure Cooker?

Electric pressure cookers can be used in many ways and can cook many different types of foods. Food like stews, beans, lentils, artichokes, squash, mashed potatoes, soups, and whole chicken. You can use a pressure cooker to poach, steam roast, boil, steam, stew, braise, or roast food.

How Much is an Electric Pressure Cooker?

As we conducted this study on reviewing the different electric pressure cookers and help you to find the best one for you and your family, we will discuss the price ranges at first.

The price of the electric pressure cookers range from $60 to over $200; however, most of the models fall into the $100 to $150 range. The price actually depends on the functionalities of the cooker.