Health Benefits of Eating Egg Poach during Pregnancy

What is so special with eggs?

If I say the word breakfast what is the first thing you imagine?

It is surely an egg with any of your preferable sides isn’t it? In fact it is the most consumed everyday food.

Eggs are definitely the nutritional package that can be taken on one way other in each and every meal.  If you don’t have any health issues you can easily have 3 eggs a day.

Consuming eggs every day is a positive nutritional habit for one and all. Except medical issues no matter of which age you are, pregnant or not eggs are a must in your diet.

Why Eating Egg is a Good Habit?

Keeping you Full: We know the fat and protein are the energy producer for our bodies. An egg is the source of fat & protein that keeps you full for a long time.

Your personal Dietitian Friend: On every vacation, when I went to grandma’s house, it is nearly impossible for me not to gain weight. Eating an egg every morning for breakfast is my secret plan to control my weight. Research says that those who consume eggs in breakfast lose weight rather than gaining weight.

Budget-Friendly: Compared to the protein-rich food available in the market, eggs are relatively less expensive. At the time of completing my bachelor’s degree, I used to stay in the dorm. As for buying and cooking curry needs a lot of time; most of the day, I consumed omelet and rice. That was my most straightforward & easy menu. It also saved my money, as well.

Brain Development: It stimulates your braining function with its essential warrior called Choline. It also improves the alertness system of your brain.

Eyesight Protection: UV exposure damages your eyesight. Lutein & Zeaxanthin are the two antioxidants of eggs that protect your vision from such damages.

Can you Eat Poached Eggs while Pregnant?

When my sister was pregnant her doctor suggested that eggs are a must for her and the little one. Alongside with milk this is the one thing that shouldn’t be missed. If you are here, then, most probably not for casual reading. It’s more for the exact information & safety of the baby in the fetus.

Before starting something, I would like to tell you that every movement of pregnancy should come under the guidance of a specialist or doctor. They should also double-check your diet list. Usually, people say that pregnant women can take runny eggs. I strictly advise that pregnant women should take thoroughly cooked food. So, it’s the same for eggs. Pregnancy needs super care and a good start of producing nutrients to the baby. Eggs should be one of them.

The Reasons Why you Should Take Them

A nutrient called Choline causes the fetal development of pregnant women. Can you imagine only two eggs can cover half of the daily intake? There is no cause not to take such nutritious food during pregnancy as long as you follow the healthy ways to cook eggs.

How can it be poached by keeping all nutritious factors intact?

If you are eating eggs, then most probably not out of habit. Whether you take it by yourself or forced by the guardian, it’s all for more nutrients. So, isn’t it essential to know the tricks of keeping all nutrients intact during cooking? Your cooking technique can affect its nutrient value. To get all the nutrient what you should maintain is –

  • A slightly colder temperature of the water is suitable for cooking poached. Eggs are cracked at a temperature of 160 – 180⁰F (71 – 82)⁰C & get cooked in 2.5 – 3 minutes.
  • To maintain a hygienic situation, you shouldn’t keep it beside any other food. Keep it separate.
  • If you buy eggs from a store, it is best to check the dates on the package.
  • Hard-boiled eggs losses it’s nutrients in three days. It is better to take them on time.
  • Avoid the eggs that have crack & dirty shells.
  • If you want to store them in the fridge, use a carton to preserve them.
  • Cook them thoroughly & keep your utensils clean.

Nutrition in Poached Eggs

Many people know eggs for their cholesterol. Again, in our primary school, we are taught eggs as a protein food. But it does have many to offer other than protein and cholesterol. It provides you fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, vitamin – A, D, B-6, B-12, iron, magnesium, cobalamin. What it contains zero percentage (percentage of daily value) is vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also contains antioxidants, omega-3s, folic acid, zinc, iodine & Choline.

Health Benefits of Eating Egg Poach during Pregnancy

In a sensitive case like pregnancy, nutrition is a must, or else, the baby in the fetus will suffer from malnutrition. Food passes from mother to baby in the embryo. So, if the mother has a small intake of healthy eating, then there is a high risk of gestational anemia, miscarriages, preterm delivery, hypertension, maternal mortality, and even fetal deaths at the time of pregnancy. In the pregnancy period, a mother should prepare a list of nutrition for herself under the guidance of the doctor. And egg should be one of the primary foods on that list.

Let’s talk about the benefits of egg poach in pregnancy.

  1. It plays a dramatic role in brain & spinal development.
  2. Intake of Choline at pregnancy state helps to reduce the neural tube damage risk.
  3. Vitamin – A of egg improves the eyesight, skin, and immune system.
  4. Amino acids are building blocks of cells of the body.
  5. It gives you a stable level of blood sugar.
  6. Eggs contain iron. It produces extra blood. Iron is the medium of transferring oxygen molecules from human lungs to other organs of our body and the baby in the fetus as well.
  7. The egg is a growth assistant for the fetus.
  8. Choline of egg fights against spina bifida & anencephaly of the baby.
  9. Egg lower the risk of preeclampsia.
  10. Cravings are a common symptom of pregnancy. An egg can help to cope up with such a situation with its particular nutrient.
  11. Eggs develop the long – term function of memory of the baby.
  12. Instead of relying on beta carotene, a pregnant woman should intake actual vitamin-A & eggs provide it.
  13. Iodine of eggs maintains the normal functioning of the thyroid during pregnancy period.
  14. The selenium of eggs works as iodine besides maintaining the healthy functioning of the liver.
  15. The body can effectively fight with the toxins.
  16. Gives you fast and carbohydrate to produce heat & energy.
  17. Omega 3s of egg reduce PMS symptoms.
  18. The omega 3s can deal with depression & anxiety.
  19. Omega 3s promote the brain with higher intelligence, better communication, social skills.
  20. Omega 3s decrease the risk of cerebral palsy and autism.

An exception is a must for the one having an allergy to eggs.

You can cook them in various ways.

The techniques you can pick during pregnancy are hard-boiled, omelet, fried, over medium, soft boiled, scrambled, or poached.

That is, all you need to focus either they are cooked well or not. And maintain hygiene. Don’t use eggs in smoothies during pregnancy for not getting infected with foodborne disease. So, to ensure the proper food nutrition during the pregnancy period, add the egg to your diet list quickly.

How Many Eggs a Day during Pregnancy?

40 to 70 grams of protein is the essential requirement of a pregnant woman. One egg provides you 7 grams of protein. So, two boiled eggs are enough for you if you are pregnant. You can take them regularly. But if you have symptoms of high cholesterol, then you need to avoid eggs during pregnancy, forgetting all its benefits. Women like familial hypercholesterolemia, hyper – responders should be more careful. One of my cousins has diabetes, and the doctor told her to avoid egg. If you have diabetes, consult with your doctor.

How can it be Harmful?

Though there are many benefits of eating poached egg during pregnancy, all those can be muted and can leave an opposite negative effect.

Yes, it can occur if the proper way of cooking and eating is neglected. I know, you guys don’t want danger. Anyone wants to avoid risk.

Also, always try to use the best electric egg poacher. Follow our guidelines that should be considered while buying an egg poacher

But do you want to miss those crazy benefits of eating eggs? Don’t get panicked, or don’t be nervous. Just pick the proper method, and you are ready to go.

Use your washed hand to hold the eggs.

Don’t throw the raw egg on other food items or utensils.

Avoid the cracked eggs.

Eliminate the raw or uncooked egg from your diet list.

The bacteria related to fresh eggs cause food poisoning resulting in high fever, vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Sometimes the case may become serious like a miscarriage. Such a condition is called salmonella poisoning.

Other than these problems, one who is allergic to the egg will see several symptoms. Those symptoms vary from person to person. Skin inflammation is the most common symptom among them. It is a misfortune for you not to have such benefits if you are allergic to egg also.

Concluding the Bottom

Well as an egg lover I tried hard to give you a clear conception about the health benefits of poached eggs during pregnancy and daily life indeed. The wrong conception of eliminating eggs during pregnancy for high cholesterol has been dis-proven. So, take a step forward for your baby and ensure full nutrition.