How to cut a metal pipe with a saw?

It happens rarely when you’ll find your perfect metal pipe. Usually, they come in different types, shapes and sizes which you’ll have to adjust according to your need. You can easily solve this issue by resizing them as per your measurement. A saw is undoubtedly the best possible tool for this purpose. Here, you will learn how to cut a metal pipe with a saw.

Different Saws to Cut Metal

You’ll find various types of saws in the market that are amazing for cutting metallic materials. Here are three of the best saws that cut metal;

1. Hack Saw: Hack saw is famous for cutting and shaping materials like metals. This tool needs manual labor as you’ll have to move the hack saw back and forth past the metal. The blade of a hack saw is quite fine-toothed which allows the user to achieve a sharp cut. The C-shaped frame ensures stability. Make sure to hold the material as close as possible to your hack saw. Depending on the brand, the general size of a hack saw’s blade varies from 25 cm to 30 cm.

2. Jigsaw: A jigsaw is very famous for cutting materials that tend to have uneven curves. But you can easily cut metallic materials by using a jigsaw. This tool is well built and falls under the handheld category. You can cut different types of materials with the help of a jigsaw and the best part is, it can be slanted to an extent of 45 degrees. None of the other sawing machines will give you the precision like a jigsaw. The blades of the jigsaw can be maneuvered comfortably.

3. Reciprocating saw: Reciprocating saw is good for smaller projects as the size of this saw is comparatively smaller. The technique used for cutting in a reciprocating saw is a motion of back and forth which is also known as strokes. This amazing feature makes the reciprocating saw unique and different from all the existing saws in the market. Some of the popular reciprocating saws are cordless reciprocating saw, portable reciprocating saw and corded reciprocating saw. As it has a portable and cordless version, you can take it anywhere you go without any hassle.

Other tools that should be kept while working:

A saw is the most necessary tool that you’ll need for cutting metal but besides this, there are quite a number of tools that you might need to get the job done. Make sure that you have all the safety tools like ‘Gloves’ specialized for this purpose, a pair of good scissors, sharp tin snip, a marker, measuring tape, etc.

How to cut a metal pipe?

Arrange all the necessary tools that you might need for cutting your pipe. Grab your favorite type of saw. Whichever saw you choose; you must measure all the safety elements.

Step 1: Wear the safety equipment

  • Wear your safety goggles to make sure that your eyes are protected from the sawdust.
  • Use a cut-resistant leather glove so that your hands are safe from the sharp blades of the saw. They will also protect you from the pipe’s heat. Now you might ask, where will the heat come from? Well, when you cut materials like metals, the blades of the saw tend to produce heat which might burn your hand. A glove will also ensure a firm grip.
  • If you can then wear an attire that covers your entire body so that your skin is protected from metal chunks and sawdust.

Step 2: Mark from where you want to cut

No matter how good you are in this job, make sure to measure properly and mark before you start cutting. In this way, there will be no chance of making a mistake. Besides, this will ensure that you have an even cut.

  • In order to ensure straight and even cut, measure the length and mark all around the area. If you want, you can also put small dots around the pipe and connect those dots to make one solid circle.
  • Marking the whole perimeter of the pipe is essential especially when you are using a saw. It will ensure that you have a straight and even cut at any cost.

Step 3: Choose the correct blade

When you are choosing a saw, ensure that the blade of your saw is appropriate for cutting your material. For example, the blade that is typically used to cut plywood cannot be used to cut steel pipes. Metals also have various types. Before you choose the saw, make sure to do your research properly and select the saw according to the type of your metal. Keep in mind that blades with tinier tines are perfect for metallic materials.

Step 4: Turn on the saw before they touch the surface of the material

This step is very important. Whenever you start to cut the pipe, make sure to turn on the powered saw before they touch the pipe. It will be much more difficult to control the movement if you turn on the saw after you’ve placed it over the pipe. So, make sure to have a firm grip and start the saw before hitting the pipe.

Caution to take while cutting:

You need to be cautious when you are using sharp tools like saws to cut metallic materials. Make sure to wear a face shield while cutting the metal. It is best to wear both goggles and a face shield to protect your face from metal. Ensure that your tool is directed to the correct angle and your hand is at a safe distance. When you are cutting materials like metal, they tend to fly and to prevent them from flying here and there, you can use a cloth or burlap bag. Before starting the process, check whether your tool is in the right condition or not.

Tricks you can apply while cutting

No matter how good you are in this job, there are some tips and tricks that will ensure that you get a precise cut every time you use a sawing machine.

  • Wearing a glove will help you have a firm grip. In this case, choose a leather glove as they are less slippery and they tend to give a solid grip.
  • Measuring the length will help you avoid mistakes. You will end up having the perfect cut if you measure the length properly and mark them before starting to cut the pipe.
  • Lastly, make sure to select the right blade. Choosing the correct blade is the most important part when it comes to cutting a metal pipe with a saw.

Bottom line

The art of cutting metal pipes with the help of a saw is not that difficult. Especially if you have the correct guideline. If you are a beginner then don’t be scared. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully and you’ll end up having your desired outcome.