How to Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High to Reach?

Maintaining trees preserves their beauty and increases longevity. But it gets hard to trim and groom the large trees as they are long and branches are out of reach. In such cases, most people call for professional help. But you can cut the limbs of your tree just as easily yourself. And we are Going to walk you through the process so that you do not have to spend extra bucks for getting help.

Which tools to use:

before starting, you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and tools for the activity. for limbs at the highest peak. You will need some particular types of gadgets/tools. Such as long-range pole saw, chainsaw, hand saw, bold saw, ladder, pruning shears, etc. If you have access to elevator cranes or ladder trucks, that is a great advantage. They are loads better than ordinary ladders. The pruning and limb cutting process also requires some safety measurements taken. Some personal protective equipment like protective gloves, goggles, helmet, and a fail-safe landing mat more than necessary. You can never be too Cautious.

How to Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High to Reach?

There are different techniques to apply for different kinds of trimming when it comes to trees. The one we will walk you through is the most convenient one. It is called the Double cut method. It is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of limbs. While shaping the tree, you will come across Two types of limbs to get rid of. They are large branches and smaller branches. Cutting them both are pretty similar in the process. The only difference is smaller ones can be cut with one step cutting and the larger ones two.

So, without further ado, let us dive into it.

01. Adjusting the ladder

A step ladder is the most Convenient tool for this purpose. The larger the ladder, the more conveniently you can use it. But with large ladders, you will need a helping hand to hold it still. If you have access to elevator cranes or Digital ladder trucks, then your work is made easy. But in the case of pruning trees in a personal garden, these heavy types of machinery are not seen to be used that often.

Now the ladder has to be adjusted in support of the tree trunk. It would be best if you kept in mind that the ladder should support the limbs. So you need to set the ladder near the limb firmly and make sure it does not move. The setting of the ladder is very important as it is the ground that will support you while you work at a height. That is why the fall-safe landing mat is suggested to avoid any apparent falling injuries.

02. The smaller branches

At this point, the actual trimming of the tree part begins. As we mentioned before, the double-cut method is effective for both small and large limbs. For smaller ones, you can use, Pole pruner or chain saw. Even a hand saw is quite effective.

The underneath cut: you need to take the tool of your choice and place it underneath the branch, keeping a safe margin of 6 inches collar from the trunk to the cutting point. Now it is time to start cutting; make a 1-1.5-inch-deep cut underneath the branch and leave it like that, just slitting the bark there. This is the first cut of the double cut method. It would be best if you kept in mind that the underneath cut must not be too deep.

The sound cut: Now it is the time for the second cut. For the cut, place your saw/pruner on the top of the very branch but two inches Further front from the underneath cut. So other placement should be at 8 inches collar so from the trunk. Now start cutting the branch towards the underneath, but make sure you do not pull the branch down at any point. You will see the branch going down and fall from the tree without tearing the bark on the other side as you are cutting through the wood. This is how you cut smaller branches with the double cut method.

03 The larger tree limbs:

For the larger or wider limbs, the double-cut method actually consists of three cuts. And the entire branch is cut in two steps rather than one for the tree groomer’s convenience.

Step 1: It is similar to the smaller limb cutting process. But you need to make the underneath cut at a distance of ⅓ of the length of the limb from the trunk. It will make the process easier and safer. Now make the underneath cut and slit the bark under 2 to 3 inches deep. Then continue with the second cut. Place the saw on the top three inches further in the front and start cutting. But do not cut it all the way through. If you do, it will fall, tearing the bark all the way down and cause great damage to the tree. This is why the first and final cut is needed here. Final cut: With the second cut, keep cutting till the branch starts getting lower, then you need to stop. Now take the pole pruner/pole saw and cut from the underneath cut towards the second cut and keep cutting till the branch falls. This technique ensures that the Bark is protected on the other side.

Step 02: Your work is not done yet on the large limbs. You still have one-third portion yet to cut. After the first step, it is very easy to carry out this final step because the branch is much lighter and shorter now. You have to repeat the same process as step one. Remember that you must keep a collar of 6 in from the trunk to the trimming point. Now repeat the exact process, the underneath cut, the second cut on the top and, lastly, the final cut underneath. With this technique, the rest of the branches will fall off smoothly and your tree will be perfectly trimmed.

Bottom line

Pruning the tree is difficult and it is more challenging When you are trimming long trees. But with firm and correct ladder positioning and appropriate technique, you can get every single limb trimmed without a hassle. There are some things you need to keep an eye out for. First, you should always keep a six-inch margin between the rink and cutting point. It helps the trees to heal quicker. And second, the double-cut method is the most effective to protect bark damage. Bark damage interrupts the tree’s health and reduces lifespan.