Best Circular Saws under $50

A circular saw helps you to finish a job quickly and easily. It can be a great help for finishing a job if you have the right one. But selecting the right and proper one is not easy as there are many options available in the market. Moreover, the prices are different. If you are not concerned about the quality and brand, you may lose your hard-earned money.

Moreover, we also have our budget constraints. As a result, we want to buy the best one at our target price. If the budget is low, we should be very careful about selecting one. You can grab one of the best circular saws under $50 if you choose carefully.

Benefits of Buying a Circular Saw under $50

So, there is an expensive Circular saw available in the market. Why should you grab a mid-priced one? Of course, there are some benefits which we can enjoy at this price. We are going to learn about those benefits.

A Great one at a Discount: Sometimes, you can find excellent performing saw at a discounted price. Renowned brands offer these discounts. So, you need not worry about the quality. You can easily get a brand new circular saw at an affordable price.

No Extra Spending: Why should you buy a circular saw for $100 if you can do the same job with a $50 circular saw? If you do that, you spend extra money on the same job. In other words, you are wasting your hard-earned money.  

Having one at your Affordable Price: Finding the best Circular saw at an affordable price is not always easy. However, this guide will help you find a great circular saw for under $50. You do not have to spend an extra amount of money and waste it.

Renowned Brands: Under $50, you can find circular saws from different renowned brands if you do a little market research. The name of the brands are Black & Decker, Ryobi, SKIL, GALAX, and Bosch. You can get the best Circular saw for under $50. 

Running a Project on a Budget: Sometimes, we run small projects for home or camping purposes. Buying an expensive circular saw can be a bad choice in this case. Because it will not be used after the project is finished. You may need to sell the saw to a secondary buyer. However, if you want to keep the saw for home use, why should you buy it expensive? An affordable circular saw should be a good choice for you.  

Things to look for when buying the best circular saw under $50 (Guide)

Buying a circular saw at a budget price is not an uncommon matter. Many of us may want to buy the best Circular saw under $50. There is no problem with the budget as many quality saws are available at that price range. However, if we do not know what to check before buying one, we may get the wrong one. To help you come out from making these mistakes, we have created a comprehensive guide that should help you have the best one.

Here is the list of the things you should check before having one.

Circular saw styles (By style, we mean the types)

The first question is what type of saw you should buy.

Considering saw manufacturing technology, saws are divided into different types. There are mainly three types of circular saws that offer different wood cuttings (if we research the web data). The three types are sidewinders, worm drives, and hypoid. A type may be used for multipurpose cuts.

Power Source

The power source is the second consideration for you. The working comfortability is largely dependent on the power type of the saw. If you want portability, you should go for a battery-powered circular saw. But, a battery-powered one may weigh more than an electric one. Also, an electronic saw can give support for unlimited time. It allows you to work for a long period.

The Features of the Circular Saw Under $50.

The purpose – why do you want a circular saw at this price range? Will it serve all of your purposes? A $50 circular is suitable for cutting wood, logs, tile, metal panels, plastics, and flooring. However, this kind of saw is highly suitable for wood and log cutting. If you are a newbie, you should start with a low-budget saw, as you may need to upgrade the saw to a heavy-duty one.

Blade length – different blade lengths are available for a circular saw under your budget price—the length measures from four inches to seven and a quarter inches. Take the one to satisfy your need for cutting.

Laser Guide

Does this saw have a laser guide? A laser guide helps you to do the job with accuracy. While few circular saw brads do not have a laser guide, most come with a built-in laser guide. You should check it before purchasing one. 

Motor Speed

The speed of a motor is known as the RPM or revolution per minute. The RPM is considered a significant factor in cutting specific materials. More RPM is needed for cutting woods sharply. For matter, low RPM may work. It’s one of the important factors you consider when choosing a circular saw under $50.


Saws with different colors are available in the market. You should choose your favorite color. For general purposes, you can choose blue. Yellow is highly visible. 

Hex key

changing the blade is sometimes difficult and has safety issues. A hex key helps easy and quick blade replacement.

Battery Type

What type and size of battery does it use as a power source? Lithium-Ion is the best among all. Also, check if the same battery can be used for other saws.

Depth Adjustment

when you are conducting a wood cutting task, you may need to adjust the depth of the cut. It’s required for achieving angel cut perfection.

What’s in the Box? (Included Components)

Before having a circular saw under $50, do not forget to check what components you are receiving with the package. Some brands only provide the blade with the saw.

However, you may also need a guide, blade wrench, and vacuum adapter. Some brands come with these components included.

Circular Saw Blades – Four Questions to Ask!

Length – what blade length do you need? A small blade may not be suitable for the work you are planning to do.

Replaceable: Is the blade easily replaceable? If not, do not go for this one. Because if it’s hard, you may not be able to change the blade easily.

Availability – Are the components available in the market? If the blades are not available, you will not replace the blade when the time comes.

Tooth: Blade tooth is another important factor you should consider. How many teeth should your circular saw have? Check the requirements before having one.


Circular saws’ weight may vary. It depends on the type you are getting. A lightweight one will help you do the job easily. A sidewinder circular saw generally weighs less than the other types of saws.

Power Cords

What is the length of the power cord? If you take a corded circular saw, you must check this information. A corded saw is not important if you are looking for portability. You should go for a cordless one lighter than other best price circular saws.

What You Can cut with the best Circular saw under $50?

Woodcutting is one of the common tasks a circular saw does. Among many, bevel cuts and deep cuts are significant; they are also suitable for Rip cuts and crosscuts. This kind of circular saw is suitable for DIY tasks as well. Drywall cutting is a common job this type of circular saw can do. Lastly, you should not use a circular saw for cutting tree branches as

it’s not suitable for this kind of job.  

Best Circular Saws Under $50? (Top 5)

What are the drawbacks of a circular saw under 50 dollars? 

Blade installation may be difficult for a few budget circular saw under $50. First, for the size of the saw, it may become a hard job to remove the blades sometimes. But, the job is easy if there is an easy setup of the technical parts. Check if the saw has a spindle lock that allows quick and easy blade changes. Some saws allow you to change the blade without using any other tools. It’s called a swapping facility, an integrated system that a few circular saw manufacturers offer.

Having a perfect straight cut with a circular saw isn’t quite an over expectation as one of this saw’s main jobs is to cut straight lines. But, this job requires extra care besides having a regular-sized saw.

With a 50-dollar circular saw, you should know the maximum depth of the cut you can set. Also, check if the saw is suitable for a guide like a rip fence. Last, you must choose a right-handed circular saw if you are a right-handed person.

Maintenance Rule for the $50 Circular saw

A great $50 circular saw can offer you a great service for a long period if you can take care of it well. It’s not rocket science. Several rules should be followed strictly.

First, always remember to disconnect the saw’s power after using it. Make sure a free flaw power connection is mandatory. Second, check if everything is fine before starting using it; for example, all the screws must be in the right place and tight. Next, check the lower guard and spindle if they are in the right places. Last, always try to keep the blade clean.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do all Circular Saws under $50 have a laser guide?

Answer: No, some of the Circular saw pricing under Fifty dollars have a laser guide. You must check it before purchasing one. 

What are some popular brands under 50 dollars?

Answer: CRAFTSMAN, Ryobi, Genesis, and Black & Decker

Are all circular saws offer the same services and features? 

Answer: No. The availability of the features depends on the models and the release years. The latest one has more technology integrated, and, therefore, the price is more

Are circular saw blades under $50 hardened steel?

Answer: No, the blades are not made from hardened steel. A serious injury may occur from blade shattering if manufacturers use hardened steel.  

Is it possible to get a laser guide for $50 circular saw?

Answer: Yes and No. All circular saws with this price range do not offer this laser guide attachment feature. Some circular saws have this option, but it’s not secure enough. However, a few of them has a secure attachment system, which we have included in our list. 

Does a circular saw under $50 has a battery and charger? 

Answer: Not always. You should check while getting one. However, we have included this information in the review part. Just take a look before placing an order. 

Bottom Line

The article discussed the best budget circular saw under $50 with the available features. In this study, we have found that you can purchase a great circular saw at that price. But, there are some limitations in the features as well. However, these saws can do a wide variety of jobs with efficiency. Also, this saw is a great option for DIY works. So, what are you waiting for? Read our guide and choose the best.