Circular Saw Safety with Tips and Tricks

A Circular saw is just like other saws, extremely useful and at the same time quite dangerous. You can make several types of cuts using a circular saw. But keep in mind that a circular saw can cause severe injury if you don’t use it carefully. Here are some of the circular saw safety tips and tricks that will help you to use circular saw safely.

Circular Saw Safety – How to Safely Use?

Working with any type of saw is risky if you do not use it cautiously. The post speaks about the circular saw safety dedicatedly in different steps. We hope you will be benefitted reading our study on using circular saw safely.

Why is it risky to use a circular saw?

Cuts and irritation through projectiles: Little particles like sawdust, wood chips, nails, sharp particles of the materials will come when you’re using a saw. These particles can severely bruise you, irritate your eyes, cut your skin and so on.

Injury caused by electric shock: A lot of the time, careless usage of an electrical tool like a circular saw can harm you and cause you bad injuries. If the cable is faulty or the cord is damaged, it can hurt you badly.

Cuts caused by sharp blades: Circular saw has sharp and thick blades and uses extreme force to cut the materials. If don’t use this tool carefully, it can cut your hands.

Severe noise: Tools like panel saw, band saw, or circular saw makes heavy noise that can cause damage to your ears.

Breathing issues: When you’re using a saw to cut, it releases heavy sawdust which can easily cause breathing issues.

Circular Saw Safety tools to use while working

  • Use safety goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes. You can also use a face shield along with safety glass, it will protect both your eyes and your face.• Use a mask or respiratory protector to avoid breathing issues.
  • Wear earmuffs or ear protectors to protect your hearing from heavy noises.
  • Wear work boots or protective footwear to protect your feet.
  • Use a push stick to pick up the cut pieces.
  • Wear fitted clothes or working clothes.
  • Use clamps to avoid jerking or movement while cutting the material.

Circular Saw Safety Precaution – What to do before starting?

Wear the safety equipment: Before starting to work, wear your safety tools. Wear goggles to protect your eyes, wear a face shield to protect your face, wear earmuffs to protect your ears and so on.

Check the saw: Check different parts of the saw to ensure that the saw is properly working. Look for a saw that has a built-in lower guard. If you’re using a saw with a built-in battery, remove the battery while checking.

Hold the saw in the right manner: There are two types of circular saws depending on how you hold them. One is left-handed and the other is right-handed. Based on your preferred working hand, choose the saw accordingly. If you’re lefty but have a right-handed saw, hold the saw with both hands for better grip. Holding a saw in the right way can save you from a lot of casualties.

Check blade’s rotation: Rotation of the blades is an extremely important factor when it comes to a circular saw. Make sure you check it before you’ve started working. If the rotation isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to cut the material.

Circular Saw Safety while working with a circular saw

Use the right blades: Blades matter a lot when you’re using a saw. Depending on the material, you’ll have to choose the blade. On the other hand, if you’re using a blunt blade, you’ll have to put pressure to make a cut. Instead, if the blade is sharp, you’ll be able to cut easily without putting much pressure. So, make sure the blade you’re using is right for the material and sharp enough to make a smooth cut.

Turn off the power while moving: When you are moving from one place to another, turn off the engine. Never move the circular saw when you are transferring the saw. Also, unplug the saw if you are keeping it unattended.
Unplug the saw while changing the blades: Intricate cut needs a different blade. There will be a time when you’ll have to change the blade in the middle of your work. Never change the blades when the power is on. Always turn off the power and then change the blade.

Avoid using defective saws while working: A lot of the time we use defective saws especially when we have small cuts to make. No matter how much material you have to cut, use a circular saw that works properly. Defective saws can easily cause accidents.

Never try to cut beyond your hands can reach: Never try to go beyond the length of your hands while cutting. Whenever you’re trying to go beyond what your hands can reach, there are higher chances that the saw will slip from your hands and cause a severe injury.

Maintain blade’s depth: The depth of the blade should not cross 3 mm underneath the material. Try to maintain the depth when you are cutting with the help of a circular saw.

Keep the cable away: When you are cutting the material, make sure the chord is away from that. A lot of the time the cable comes in between and people end up cutting the cables.

Circular Saw Safety after finishing the work

Unplug the cables: The first step after you have finished working, turn off the engine and unplug the cables. Do not leave the circular saw unwatched.

Keep the saw away while checking: When you are checking whether the cut needs any changes or not, keep the saw away. Never keep the circular saw in the way when you’re doing something else. Turn off the power and then check where it needs some more work.

Clean the parts: Finally, when you’re sure that you don’t need to use the saw again, clean the blades. Make sure that they are still sharp enough for further usage.

Clean the area: As soon as you’re done working make sure you clean the area. Keep your tools where they are supposed to be. Keep the blades in a safer place away from kids. Blades are quite sharp hence they can cause an accident very easily.

Store it at a safer place: Keep the saw in a safer place where it’s not reachable to the kids.

Circular Saw Safety tips and tricks for using safely

  • Be careful with your hands while using a circular saw. Keep your hands away from the lower portion of the guard.
  • Make sure that the locking nut of the blade is right.
  • Ensure that the alignment is correct, avoid twisting the circular saw.
  • Avoid using a circular saw that vibrates.
  • Try to use less force while cutting with a circular so.
  • Make sure that the material you’re cutting is meant for circular saws. Read the manual carefully before you proceed with your work.
  • You have to choose the size of the blade according to the material you are cutting. Make sure that your chosen blade is appropriate for your material.
  • Check the material before you start cutting. Make sure that there are no obstacles like screws, nuts, etc.
  • Try to keep your fingers away from the trigger.
  • Maintain a firm position while holding a circular saw.

Bottom line

A circular saw is quite dangerous and if you don’t use it carefully, it can easily lead to a great casualty. Precautions and safety tools can help you to prevent any type of unwanted accidents. Therefore, read the instruction manual properly and follow the safety tips before you start working with a circular saw.