What is a circular saw? Definition, Types, and Benefits

What is a circular saw?

A circular saw is a powerful tool used for cutting materials. It can be used in multiple ways, from ascending on the table to manually controlling it by hand. Usually, carpenters and furniture makers use it to make different cuts. The extra blade sizes make the tool more versatile. There’s no alternative to a circular saw when it comes to cutting other materials. The article elaborates on “What is a circular saw?” with definition, types, and benefits.

Types of circular saw

Circular saws come in different types which have other purposes. They all have one common thing, a sharp circular blade with metal teeth. The circular saw blade thickness may vary. The edge moves around and cuts the material. These blades also come in different shapes and sizes, which allow the user to achieve other cuts using one circular saw. The best part about the circular saw is that it can be placed over a table for stability and handheld for better control.

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Different Types of Circular Saw Explained

Sidewinder circular saw: This is one of the most common types of circular saw used by the majority. The motor is attached to the left side of the blade to ensure that the saw is portable and compact. It allows the saw to turn the shaft directly. These saws are energy efficient, and the blade moves relatively faster, making the most usage of the point. Usually, sidewinder circular saws are backed by a lithium-ion battery.

Worm drive circular saw: One of the alternatives to a sidewinder saw is the worm drive circular saw. Unlike a sidewinder saw, the motor is placed at the back of the blade. This somehow reduces the speed, but the torque is much higher. The power is relatively high and the saw is quite durable compared to the other saw.

Hypoid circular saw: These saws fall right in the middle of worm drive circular saw and sidewinder circular saw. Just like worm drive saws, the motor is placed behind the blades. Hypoid saws use non-intersecting serrated gears to convey power to the blades. The best part is the engines do not have to be oiled. The gears certainly allow the saw to work in silence and make less noise than the worm drive saw.

Abrasive circular saw: Different types of circular saws are used for different purposes. The abrasive circular saw is used for cutting firmer and sturdy materials. These saws are also known as the chop saw, as the teeth of the blades quickly go through all the challenging elements. One can use it by hand or fix it over the table.

Biscuit jointer: This is one of the unique circular saw types used to join material parts. When the blades create a tear on the material, a remaining wood called the biscuit is attached between the sides.

Benefits of Circular Saw

A circular saw has terrific benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Different sawing application: The body of the circular saw is made out of steel and the blades are made out of carbide tip. Circular saws are used in cutting different materials such as concrete blocks, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, bearing steel, plexiglass, etc. These circular saws are fantastic for various purposes, from cutting these materials into sections to metal tubing; they are also great for heavy-duty works.

Faster cutting: Circular saws are way faster than any other saw when cutting material. The blades have a carbide tip which allows them to stay sharp for a more extended period even when you run them over steel. As the saw has a sharper edge, the chances of chipping are much lower. Alongside that, blades don’t have to be changed that often.

Lower noise pollution: The mechanism of these saws allows them to work in complete silence. This means that it won’t make any noise when you cut the materials.

Higher productivity: Circular saw blades stay for a more extended period. The edges allow the user to cut faster and achieve precise cuts every single time.

Durability: Circular saws are pretty durable and time-efficient. You will be able to achieve smoother and cleaner cuts quickly. The tips usually stay sharp for a more extended period and allow the user to cut different materials without any difficulty.

Who Uses a Circular Saw?

A circular saw allows a user to cut metals, sheet goods, masonry, cut lumbers, etc. It saves a lot of time as the cuts are done within a minute. Anyone can use a circular saw, but generally, DIY professionals, artisans, carpenters, furniture makers, and so on using a circular saw to get their job done. However, it must be remembered that using a circular saw is not a safe job; therefore, safety measurement should be taken while working with a circular saw.

A circular saw is very popular because of its excellent functionality. It can be easily used for multiple purposes and can be used to cut different materials. Starting from wood to steel, it can perfectly cut sturdy materials. Because of its magnificent features are widely prevalent among artisans and DIY lovers.

Usage of Circular Saw

A circular saw has different usage. It can be used to cut different materials. All the usage of a circular saw is given below.

Cut larger wood: Circular saws are used to slit larger wood. But for these larger timbers, one needs to use larger circular saws. The purpose of using the circular saw is to cut these larger timbers into controllable sizes. Generally, a circular saw allows the user to cut the wood into a 3-meter radius.

Carving branches into firewood: Small circular saws are used to shape firewood. Before this era, people used to use chain saws to create logs. But chainsaws are more liable to tear the wood. Hence people nowadays use circular saws to carve tree trunks into firewood.

Cutting metals: Circular saws have different variations, such as cold-saws usually used to cut metals. These metals include bronze, steel, brass, etc. According to the size of the blade, you’ll be able to cut different materials precisely.

Cutting linear edges: A circular saw allows the user to cut different angles and create fascinating designs. One can design beautiful furniture using a circular saw. As these saws have different blade sizes, you’ll be able to create multiple designs using one single machine. But the best part is, if you have a blade with other teeth, you’ll be able to achieve a straighter edge or ninety-degree cut.  

Cross-cutting timbers: The cross-cutting technique is the most famous one out there. You can certainly use a circular saw to cross-cut larger timbers and shorten them accordingly. This technique allows you to slice a wood in the grain’s direction, which lets the grain maintain its quality. A circular saw is a must-have when it comes to cross-cutting. It will allow you to save a lot of time and get a precise cut every time.

Cutting angles: When it comes to cutting wood or any metals, the most challenging thing is to get the perfect angle. If the saw isn’t sharp enough, you won’t be able to achieve the ideal cut. A circular saw is impressive when you need to cut an excellent forty-five-degree bevel.

Resizing plywood: Any crafting needs some reshaping and resizing. Especially when you are trying to build a piece of furniture such as a desk, shelf, rack, etc., you need to make different cuts. In order to get the job done, you can use different types of saw, but the easiest one will be a circular saw. As you can set it over a table and also use it by hand, it gives you control and stability. Hence, there’s no alternative to a circular saw for resizing plywood.

Bottom line

A circular saw is famous for its sharp round teeth, which help the user to get perfect cuts. The tool became famous for its fantastic usage. Circular saws can be used for different materials like wood, plastic, metal, steel, etc. The various usage of this tool makes it so versatile. The accurate cuts undoubtedly make the tool worth every penny.