10 Things to Consider before Buying a Fruit Juicer

Machines are blessing.

From the invention, these have been making our daily works easier and less time consuming.

If you want to consume more nutrients and vitamins, for example, vitamin C or potassium, for your good health, these machines can make your life smoother with less effort.

In this study, we will explore the important points that will help you to decide and choose the best fruit juicer for your family.

What’s a fruit juicer?

There are many electronic machines that make our daily lives easier. A juicer or juice extractor is not an exception.

A juice extractor is a machine used for obtaining juice from fruits by separating the fibre from the juice. The separation process can be centrifugal or masticating in nature. But the purpose remains the same, extracting juice which is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes, blenders are used to make fruit juice but its not as efficient as a fruit juicer. You may want to know the differences between a juicer and a blender

Why should you use a juicer?

an Electric Fruit Juicer
Buying Guide for Fruit Juicer

There are many benefits of using a fruit or vegetable juice. The main three benefits are less time consuming, efficient extraction of juice, and freshness. These result in a pack of benefits.

The freshly extracted juice helps the body to fast absorption. Our body can absorb more of it within a short time. These also result in easy digestion. A glass of juice supplies us a pack of vitamins and minerals that are very essential for our bodies.

Because of these helpful reasons, every family should have fruit Juicing machine.

10 Things to Consider before Buying a Fruit Juicer

Here I have created a guide on how to choose a right fruit juicing machine that will help you to find and buy the best juice extractor from the market.

Which type of juice extractor do you need?

There are many types of fruit juicer machines available in the market. They also serve different purposes. Some of the common juicers used by families are Centrifugal Juicer for fast juicing, Masticating Juicer for slow juicing, and Twin Gear Juicer for two-stage juicing. These three types are self-explanatory by the names. Centrifugal is very fast. Masticating is a slow juicer machine that is more efficient in crushing and extracting fruits. Twin gears have two gears; one helps for crushing and another from extracting, unlike other single gear juicers.

Fruit Juicer Speed and Noise

From the types of juicers, we already know there are three types of juice makers and they are different in speeding. So, if you want a fast juice maker you must prefer the one named centrifugal. You also should keep in mind that this type of juice extractor is more efficient in juicing softer fruits. This type of fast juicers is also noisy. If you do not like noise, you must go for any of the two others which are two gears and masticating juicers.

Do you need an electric or a manual juicer?

So, which one do you need? Electrical or manual?

An electrical juicing maching has more functions, take less time, and little more expensive than a manual one. If you are a regular juice drinker, you must have this one. On the other hand, if you prefer fruit juice occasionally, a manual juicer is more preferable for you. By this, you can avoid many types of costs associated with an electrical juicer.

Multipurpose juicer?

When we talk about an electric juicer, the first question comes into mind is that machine has multi-functionality and serve multiple purposes?

When it is about serving multiple purposes, we ask a simple question and that is does this juice maker extract juice from vegetables as well as fruits? May I extract juice from hard fruits?

The answer is yes to the first question. Most of the juicing machine can extract juices from soft fruits and vegetables. Also, there are juicers which known as two-gear juicers also able to juice from hard fruits.
One more confusing thought comes in mind and that is if there is any juicer which is also a blender, and the simple answer is No. We should not be confused a blender with a juicer.

Can you clean the juicer easily?

Many of us consume juice 2 or three times a day. This makes us a fruit juice lover. But making juice regularly becomes harder if the cleaning process is not an easy task and also time-consuming.

Who wants to waste time to clean the machine 2 to three times a day which is also time-consuming?
So, select one that is easy to clean and takes less time.

Also, select one that has high speed and that helps you to obtain juice within a short time.

How much time do I need to make juice with the juicer?

Time is very valuable. We prefer those juicers that help us to save our time. So, if you frequently want to extract juice multiple times a day, you should purchase the one that is less time-consuming.

In the other part of this post, we talked about a juicer named Centrifugal Juicer. This one is also known as a fast juicer. This means it’s less time-consuming. However, you may not like this type of juicer because it is noisy. If you do not have a problem with the noise, it’s the best one for you.

Capacity, how much can you produce? And how much the jug/glass can hold?

It is one of the important features you must check. If your juicer can juice only a glass of juice, you perhaps need to change the glass and refill the holder frequently. But if a glass if is enough for you, you should not spend more dollars on one which does not add value.

Juicer Warranty?

Warranty is another important feature which we forget most of the time when we purchase different things. The problem arises when we face a problem soon after purchasing the juicer and discover that the juicer manufacturer does not provide any warranty.

We must check for the warranties the company offers with the juicers. If a juicer does not have a warranty we do not buy that juicer. However, the products with no warranty may price lower than the one that has a warranty.

Most of the companies offer a minimum 3 years of warranty. However, some companies also do offer 5 years warranty.

Does it have any harmful materials and have durability?

Before buying a juicer, make sure that no harmful product was used to produce the juicer.

It should be BPA free. The full meaning BPA is bisphenol A. It’s an industrial chemical which has been used to produce certain chemicals. BPA has certain health effects on the brain. So, check it before purchasing the target juicer for you.

Also, make sure that the juicer is dishwasher free.

How much pulp do you want in your juice?

One efficient feature everyone wants in their juicer is how efficient the extractor is while extracting the juice from fruits or vegetables. How much more juice you can produce from the fruits? Make sure it obtains the most juice from the pulp.

A design you must like!

The design is an important factor when we choose anything for our home and kitchen. It is the primary factor for selecting a product because we want it to be set with our pre-setup kitchen. We do not want an odd-looking thing that is unfit and looks bad. So, before buying, check the design and colour wisely and then purchase.

Also, make sure the size of the juicer is comfortable for your countertop in the kitchen.

Do your Research before Buying

Top juicer brands -Here I have make a list of popular brands available in the market.

The most popular juicers in the market are Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain, Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite, Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra, and Aicook Juicer Machines.

Bottom line

Fruit juicer is a very important machine that everyone wants to have one. It makes life easier as it provides an easy way to extract and consume vitamins and nutrition enriched juice. So, choosing the best juicer is eminent for extracting healthy juice.

We have explored ten different things that must be considered before buying a fruit or vegetable juice extractor for home. To choose the best juicing machine we have recommended several things which are price, types, capacity, electricity consumption, pulp it produces, warranty, cleaning process, design, and durability. We hope it will help you to buy the one that’s suitable for you.