10 Reasons and Benefits for Business Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

A business is the manifestation of its owner’s hard work, ideas, and financial assets. In order to protect merchandise, customers, and employees, a business owner can do nearly anything.

Unfortunately, threats are unpredictable.

Whether you are a small or large business owner, shoplifting and burglaries can be shocking. According to the National Retail Security Survey, in 2020, shoplifting averaged $310.11, which increased 13 percent the year prior.

In this case, business security cameras and video surveillance come into play. You can keep your business free from burglaries, shoplifting, and other threats by installing the right security cameras at the right place.

This write-up focuses on the benefits and reasons for business security cameras and video surveillance.

Let’s figure it out without further ado.

What Are the Reasons for Installing Business Security Cameras and Video Surveillance in Your Business Area?

Burglary is one of the reasons for a business’s revenue loss. As per 2020 data, throughout the United States, 10.7 million burglaries happened. Isn’t the number unbelievable? The number is 4X high compared to homes to be burglarized.

These stats tell, your business is at high risk than you realize. Moreover, you are not only losing your assets but also property damage happening. These incidents can easily be compensated by keeping an eye on your business when you are unavailable there.

By analyzing these incidents, it was found that 21% of business areas don’t have any security cameras and video surveillance installed in businesses that faced employee crimes, shoplifting, or other crimes. Also, 7% of the business area used poor surveillance systems or the cameras are not installed in the right place.

So, it is significantly essential to have security cameras and video surveillance installed for your business. At the same time, the proper number of cameras and having them in the right place is crucial also. You can eliminate potential risks with the right security devices.

What Are the Benefits of Business Security Cameras and Video Surveillance?

A quality security system can protect your business area from a variety of risks. With the best preparatory steps, entrepreneurs can keep an eye on their business while focusing on other important things for the growth of their business. Following are some of the benefits of security systems.

Controls Theft

The prime responsibility of a security system is to control the incident of theft, burglaries, etc. However, they have some more functionalities. For example, if someone steals anything from your business, you can identify them by looking at the footage. It will help you during the prosecution.

Also, every movement of your employees and customers will be monitored, minimizing the chance of theft.

Let me share another statistic; as per the U.S. Department of Commerce, roughly 65% of employees steal, and you can identify them easily when there are the right business security cameras, and video surveillance is installed at the right place.

Guarantees Safety

Unfortunately, workplace violence and sexual harassment are increasing in the business area. If any incidents happen, you will have proof to share with the police. Additionally, your employees will be more interested in reporting violence and harassment when they know you have a way to prove it.

Helps in Reducing Your Insurance Premium

Yes, in a few cases, business security cameras and video surveillance may help you in reducing your insurance premium. How?

As there is a security system installed in the outdoor and indoor of your business, the chance of property loss and theft is less. Low chance of potential risk means more benefit for you and your insurance company

Improves Productivity

80% of the working hours are spent doing “no value” or “little value” things. While 20% of working hours are spent on “crucial things.” Well, you might be wondering, what is the way to improve productivity?

The simple words, keep an eye on your employees. But the next question is, how can you keep your eyes on many employees at once? Here the business security systems come in handy.
Employees tend to be more focused on their work when they are being monitored closely.

At the same time, you need to ensure employee privacy. It is recommended to see the security footage only when it is necessary. After all, your employees will appreciate the protection, not for being observed.

Prevents Shoplifting

Shoplifters target retail stores, shops, etc., regardless of the size.

An effective CCTV system will deter shoplifters as there is a chance of getting caught. Also, a well-positioned CCTV camera will help you to locate the offenders. As a result, prompt action can be taken before shoplifters enter your store or shop.

Ensures Security of Your Employees and Customers

In winter, day time is less; often, it gets dark too quickly. Many people have to come home in the dark. This may present security concerns for employees.

This concern can easily be solved by installing a security system in your shop’s entrance and car parking area. Thus, the movements and activities of the intruders will be monitored.

Provides Peace of Mind for 24/7

A recent study showed that 43% of shop owners have peace of mind knowing that the CCTV camera takes care of the shop by recording and providing full coverage.

This means that security cameras keep an eye on your shop’s premises, sending a continuous update to your phone and help catch criminals.

With remote security system monitoring, your shop is monitored 24/7 to ensure sound sleep.

Helps to Save Money

CCTV cameras are quite a long-term investment. The significant benefit of installing a security camera is, it helps to save money by reducing the number of security guards.

Moreover, there are some places where putting CCTV is more beneficial than placing a security guard. Furthermore, since CCTV is running, you don’t need 24/7 service from security guards.

This way, costs get reduced without impacting the security and safety of your business area.

Your Staff Feels Valued

Don’t think that installing a security camera is only about protecting your business area. It lets your employees be more secured and protected.

When your employees feel more valued and secured, they don’t hesitate to work for additional hours during the winter or spring.

They will have peace of mind knowing that they are being monitored over potential security threats.

Last Words

By ensuring strong security, you are committing to your business that no unwanted incident will happen. Preventing external and internal theft can be avoided with the right security system installed in the right place. Also, if an unwanted incident happens, security cameras will help you present valuable evidence during the prosecution.

However, don’t think that security cameras are the only solution to stop burglaries, shoplifting, or theft. Provide training to your employees regarding emergency response protocol. This will help them to ensure their security during an incident of violence and provide testimonials well ahead.

With the benefits and reasons for business security cameras and video surveillance, you are creating a sustainable business environment in the long run.

If your business area doesn’t have CCTV cameras in the important places, it is high time to install them.