Best Thermostats for Steam Heat System – Review & Guide

So, you have also decided to join the craze and install a steam heat thermostat at your home?

Actually, the best thermostats for the steam heat system have many benefits. These thermostats can-

  • Save 10% – 12% heating cost.
  • Save up to 23% cooling cost.
  • Be controlled with a smartphone.
  • Track energy use

And many more.

With all these benefits, many homeowners are planning to install a steam heat thermostat. But, can you buy any thermostat for the steam heat system? I believe you are shaking your head.

We came up with a list of the 7 best programmable thermostats for the steam heating system. Also, we will share a buying guide so that you don’t pick the wrong product. Before closing, a FAQ section will also remove your queries regarding the best smart thermostat.

Let’s dig more.

Reviews of 7 Best Thermostat for Steam Heat System

We made this list depending on the popularity, reliability, and functionality of the thermostats. For this, we practically used more than 30 thermostats, consulted with experts, visited stores, and finally made a list. Hopefully, you will find the best-suited thermostat for your home from the list.

1. ST55 Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Key Features:

  • Flexible 7-day schedule
  • Geofencing feature
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Remote access

The ST55 Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will be an ideal pick for those who want to have a thermostat with all the advanced features and comes at an affordable price. It comes with all stunning features and easy to use functionality that allows its users to feel comfortable when at home and save energy when away.

With the Geo-fencing feature, it uses your smartphone’s location to adjust your home temperature as per your requirement. Also, its advanced 7-day schedule feature will allow you to customize the heating and cooling schedule. The good news is that it is compatible with different home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (c-wire required), and Samsung SmartThings. As a result, simple voice commands will assist you to adjust your home temperature.

Reading the temperature in its 5” LCD screen is much convenient. The installation process is also pretty straightforward. Based on the survey result of 2120 customers, who purchased and installed the ST55 Emerson Sensi in 2020, approximately 70% reported installing it in 30 minutes or less. It works with standard wires and in most cases, using C-wire is entirely unnecessary. Additionally, install Sensi mobile app in your smartphone and control this thermostat from anywhere.

Email on monthly usage reports, essential reminders for replacing/changing the filter, extreme temperature notification – all these features make this thermostat an ideal pick for every homeowner.

  • The easy installation process with step by step app instructions.
  • Convenient control with Sensi mobile app using a smartphone.
  • Saves HVAC energy cost up to 23%
  • Incompatible to work with an electronic baseboard heating system.

2. ST75W Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Key Features

  • 4.3” LCD touchscreen display
  • Keypad lockout feature
  • Remotely controlled
  • Smart notifications on smartphone

The manufacturer Emerson is continuously updating their thermostat, and in continuation of this, they introduced the ST75W Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. This award-winning thermostat features a touch screen that makes it a popular thermostat among many customers. Also, all other brilliant features will return you excellent value for the bucks.

4.3” responsive LCD touchscreen display is one of the best features of this thermostat. You will never face any trouble to control this device, and your home temperature will come at a comfortable level with a single tap in the Sensi mobile app. Another worth mentioning feature of the thermostat is when working in cooling mode, the screen will show a blue background and red background for heating mode. This way, only looking at the screen, you can understand the operating mode of the thermostat.

Customizing the temperature setting with its flexible 7-days programmable schedule becomes so easy. You can set 2 separate heating, cooling, or automatic program for weekdays and weekends. You can design new temperature plans for each day of the week with the help of this feature. Besides, its Geofencing feature saves energy by setting the thermostat in “away” mode when your smartphone location surpasses 3 miles’ limit.

According to Emerson, ST75W Sensi Thermostat can save up to 23% energy cost with all its excellent features. Additionally, it sends a smart alert to a smartphone when extreme humidity and the temperature level is detected in your home.

  • Easy 30 minutes’ installation process
  • Auto up-gradation of the thermostat software
  • Compatible with many smart home platforms
  • Mediocre design.

3. Google T3007ES Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Key Features:

  • Programs itself
  • Help save energy
  • Remote control
  • Touchscreen display

Undoubtedly, the Google T3007ES Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is the synonym of a smart heating system. The sleek and stylish design will impress you the most for sure. It is also practical, and the whole unit works like a big button that rotates. Rotating the unit allows you to control the temperature while other features can be controlled straight from the thermostat.

Its installation process is hassle-free; use the thermostats controls to connect it to Wi-Fi to be controlled remotely. Once online, controlling the thermostat becomes easy with the Nest app. From the name of the thermostat, you can get an idea of its working process. Just turn it up and down, and it learns the temperature you like and schedules a temperature for you. This means touching the Nest app quite often becomes unnecessary.

This thermostat helps its users save energy bills by switching it to away mode when unavailable at home. It controls the home temperature following 2 different methods: customer’s phone location and motion detector mounted on the front portion of the thermostat. The combination of these 2 brilliant feature ensures that your home temperature will always be under control. Its Farsight mode also helps you learn home temperature, weather conditions, and time on the thermostat’s screen.

Google T3007ES is made of stainless steel that ensures the high durability of the device. This energy-efficient thermostat is a beautiful way to save energy. The stylish look, simple controlling, touchscreen feature makes this thermostat one of the best thermostats for the steam heat system.

  • Stylish and eye-catchy design
  • Clear display with a sharp pixel density
  • Stainless steel made durable device
  • Expensive price tag

4. Honeywell Home RTH6450D 5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat

Key Features:

  • Soft push buttons.
  • 5-1-1 programmable thermostat.
  • Easy to use
  • Smart response feature

Honeywell is one of the famous manufacturers in the thermostat industry. The primary responsibility of the Honeywell Home RTH6450D 5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat is to ensure superior comfort, reduce household energy use so that the user can save money. The most straightforward design, push button to control the features, and reliable performance – a combination of all these features makes it an ideal thermostat for every home.

Many of us look for an option to set different temperatures on Saturday, Sunday, and Weekdays. This thermostat has a 5-1-1 programming system, which will allow you to do so. Moreover, this feature will allow you to set the heating and cooling system in advance following your schedule. With the push button, you can customize the setting more efficiently. Using this thermostat, you can comfortably switch on and off of your home heating and cooling system. Another worth mentioning feature is setting the system in 4 different temperature settings – wake, away, home, and sleep.

The display is 2.5 x 1.5 inches (w x h). The more significant numbers are 0.5,” and the smaller ones are 5/16″. It has also backlit, so when you press any button, the backlit turns on, and you will never face any problem reading the readings. Additionally, it comes with an innovative “smart response” feature. When the thermostat has the “Smart Response” enabled, the thermostat will learn how long it takes the HVAC system to heat or cool. The thermostat will then start the programmed schedule early to reach the selected temperature setpoint by the desired time.

  • Classic and simple design
  • 4 different temperature settings
  • Reliable thermostat
  • Battery-powered only.

5. Honeywell RTH8500D 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

Key Features:

  • Vacation hold feature.
  • 7-day adjustable feature
  • Green backlit
  • Smart response technology

The Honeywell RTH8500D 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat is designed with all the useful features to fulfill your requirements. The thermostat is equipped with a ‘vacation hold’ feature, which is the most unique and additional feature. The interface is easy to use, and green backlit allows its users to read the temperature setting easily under low light.

Different customization of your home cooling and heating system in a 7-day customization feature will never be a challenging task with this thermostat. Moreover, if you require customizing the temperature within 24 hours, you can comfortably do it for 4 multiple periods. This thermostat’s smart response system allows the frequent and spontaneous adjustment of your home’s pre-heating and cooling temperature to ensure precise comfort.

The great thing about this thermostat is, it is battery powered and compatible to run with a home heating/cooling system. It is a highly efficient thermostat that helps its users to reduce 33% electricity cost/annum. Besides, the temperature settings remain unchanged during a power outage too. Other additional features of the thermostat are- auto adjustment of daylight savings, filter change, and low battery notification, ensuring that your home heating and cooling system is performing at its best.

  • The display style is a digital and touchscreen interface.
  • 12/24-hour display.
  • Uniquely designed with rectangular and curved edges.
  • Part’s quality is low.

6. LUX Products TX9600TS Programmable Heating and Cooling Thermostat

Key Features:
• Comfortable, classic, and simple design.
• PIN lock system
• Easy to install
• C-wiring is unnecessary

Can you buy a product that is eligible for doing only one activity with 100% efficiency? Well, finding this type of product is a challenging task. The LUX Products TX9600TS Programmable Heating and Cooling Thermostat is a kind of thermostat with a pretty simple design, no advanced features, and efficient enough to control your home heating and cooling system with a wide range of other effective features.

This is the most straightforward thermostat available in the market that will not give you a hard time to install. Why am I saying so? Remove the old thermostat from the wall, make a connection between the TX9600TS wires and the existing wires, and you are all done with the installation process. Also, it is easy to use and program. The thermostat’s manual override option will allow you to switch on or off outside of the programmed temperature. Its PIN lock system blocks any sort of unauthorized access to control the device.

The touchscreen is wide enough, 3 3/8″ wide x 2 1/8″ high. The current temperature numbers are about 3/4″ tall, and the max/min temperature settings are about half of that. You can keep yourself worry-free in terms of the thermostat’s reliability since it helps you save energy with its efficient performance. Moreover, it comes with an affordable price tag full of necessary features that help you feel comfortable in your home. It is a fantastic value-adding product and will add a new vibe to your home, undoubtedly.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Short-term override option
  • Wide display with touchscreen feature
  • Unavailability of remote access connection

7. Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

Key Features:

  • Unique rectangular shaped design
  • Voice control
  • Certified from Energy Star
  • Multi-zone and multi-home control

Undoubtedly, the design of the ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat will impress you the most. The prime responsibility of a thermostat is to save energy costs, and this thermostat is sufficient to ensure its prime accountability. Using this thermostat, you can save up to 23% annual energy cost of your home.

“The first impression is the best” – this saying perfectly goes with the ecobee3 thermostat. This thermostat is fully rounded with a black face and white back. You can see and adjust the temperature touching into the 3.5” touchscreen. It is highly responsive to touch and easy to use as well. The system’s current off/heat /cool status, current humidity level, and apartment temperature will be displayed in the thermostats home screen. At the bottom of the home screen, you will also see the forecast and adjustment settings.

The device is equipped with unique ecobee smart sensors that make it an individual thermostat compared to its competitors. The great thing about this sensor is, you can place it around your home in addition to the central unit. The sensor will continuously send data of occupancy and temperature of your home. Isn’t it a cool feature? An ecobee3 thermostat is an excellent option for those who are looking for a thermostat to balance their super-connected apartment.

  • 30 minutes easy to the installation process
  • Offers unparalleled comfort, control, and savings
  • Ecobee smart sensor allows you to take control of the temperature more efficiently.
  • Unavailability of color options.

How to Choose a Perfect Thermostat for Your Steam System?

Don’t assume that all thermostat is incompatible with the steam system. So, while picking the best thermostats for the steam heat system, you have to be careful. Making a wrong choice means you have to pay extra bucks for your HVAC system.

Below are a few factors that you must keep in mind.


Most thermostats will not give you a hard time to install it. In fact, without proper electrical knowledge, you can install a thermostat. All you need to do is, read the instruction manual and install the thermostat. Even you will find installation process videos of a few thermostats on YouTube.

But, installation is also challenging in a few expensive and fancier models since they require specialized wiring ad connections. To install this type of thermostat, you may need to hire a professional. You also need to know if the connections require C-wiring or not.


Is your boiler well-matched with the thermostat model that you have selected? To be on the safe side, choose for a thermostat model that contains 2H/2C, since most of the time, they have to work with fuel. Also, learning about the source such as gas or electricity or wood, or oil is similarly essential.

Manual vs. Programmable

First of all, ask yourself, do you need a programmable or manual thermostat?

A programmable thermostat will be a good option if you stay at home on weekends and away for any purpose on weekdays. At this point, a programmable thermostat will allow you to save energy since unnecessary heating of the house will not happen.

Alternative Uses of a Programmable Thermostat

The prime responsibility of a programmable thermostat is to assist you in saving energy. It offers you an energy-efficient home. Apart from that, the programmable thermostat has alternative uses too.

Ensures Comfortable Temperature

Using a programmable thermostat, you will enjoy a consistent temperature at your home for the whole day. A programmable thermostat adjusts the home temperature according to the outside temperature. Also, you can customize the temperature settings as per your preferences. Its efficient performance ensures that you will always have a comfortable temperature in your home.

Controlling the Temperature Remotely

Some programmable thermostats are available with a Wi-Fi option, and you can control these thermostats from anywhere if you have active internet service.

Sometimes you may need to stay in a place for a more extended period than expected, and you can easily control the home temperature using the Wi-Fi feature. Even when you are at work and need to change the temperature for any reason, you can comfortably do so with this feature.

HVAC Warns

It is expected that most of the time, we forget to change the HVAC system filter. Some models are designed so that they are eligible to notify you when it is time to change the HVAC system filter. Some models are also available, which can give you notification of HVAC system servicing or checking.

Customize Zones

Some homes have multiple weather zones, and a programmable thermostat is a great option to ensure these homes’ energy efficiency. You will feel comfortable at any corner of your home with a programmable thermostat.

Where not to place a Thermostat?

Installing a thermostat in the wrong place will create a big difference between comfort and efficiency. You have to install a thermostat in a position where the thermostat can perform effectively. Your HVAC system will not work efficiently if the thermostat installation happens in the wrong place.

Installation Places to be Avoided

You mustn’t install a thermostat in the following locations.

Doors and Windows: Avoid installing your thermostat near your doors and windows. This way, the outside air’s hidden temperature may get measured by your thermostat, instead of measuring the inside temperature of your home. Even when the exterior door is opened, temperature fluctuation will frequently happen, giving you a false reading.

Moreover, if your thermostat comes in contact with direct sunlight, you will land with a high electricity bill in summer.

Outdoor Walls: Similarly, avoid thermostat installation in an outdoor wall. In summer, the exterior wall temperature will be high, and in winter, the temperature will be low. As a result, your HVAC system will run inefficiently, and the electricity bill will be high.

Supply Vents: A thermostat will get confused if it is installed over or below a supply vent. It is because the supply vent’s air will be either warmer or cooler compared to your home’s overall temperature. Your HVAC system will frequently turn on/off because of the frequent fluctuation of the temperature. And finally, you will feel discomfort in your home.

Un-used areas and hallways: Unfortunately, many people install a thermostat in hallways. This is not an ideal place to install a thermostat. Now you might be thinking, what is the problem if I install a thermostat in a hallway? In fact, hallways are narrow and long; airflow is less in this area. Which means the temperature of a hallway is not the average temperature of your whole house. Then a thermostat will work to make the hallway temperature comfortable, not for the entire home.

TV Set’s and Lamps: Thermostat should be placed away from TV sets and lamps; the U.S. Department of Energy gives this recommendation. Both the TV set and lamp discharge a little bit of heat, which can mislead your thermostat. This way, in summer, your air conditioner will work for a long time, and you will get a huge electricity bill.

Bathroom and Kitchen: Generally, steam and heat are high in kitchens. The thermostat will think that the home temperature is the warmest, and in summer, you will get high bills. And in winter, since the kitchen is the warmest, your home temperature will not decrease. Installing a thermostat in the bathroom and kitchen is similar to installing it near the doors and windows. Frequent turning on and off will happen to the thermostat, and thus thermostat’s lifespan will decrease.

So, you have already got ideas of where you mustn’t install a thermostat in your home. Keep in mind that installing it in a place where the temperature is not cold or too hot will give you the best result. And position your thermostat 50” – 60” high from the ground.

In order to get the best result from your thermostat, don’t install it in those locations mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the signs of a bad thermostat?

Answer: A lousy thermostat will show below signs
• Less responsive.
• Frequent temperature change.
• You will feel discomfort even when the thermostat is working.

Question: What is the lifespan of a thermostat?

Answer: A properly installed and used thermostat will serve you 10 years of service. After 10 years, your thermostat may start showing faulty performance because of the old wiring or dust accumulation.

Question: Will low batteries affect the thermostat?

Answer: Your thermostat will show you a black home screen when the battery power is low. Since there will be no power in the thermostat, it will not work, and your home heating and cooling system will not respond to a nonexistent temperature controlling system.

Question: What is the thermostat troubleshooting process?

Answer: Firstly, check the thermostat batteries and, if required, replace it. Then check the circuit panel and the fuse inside of the thermostat. Also, don’t forget to check the wire connections. Due to the loose wire connection, a thermostat may stop working.

Final Words

The best thermostat for the steam heat system saves energy and offers you a comfortable home temperature.

Pick any thermostat from the above-reviewed thermostats. Ensure that the device is compatible with your HVAC system and meets your price range.

We all wish to feel relaxed at home, and a thermostat is the best option to assist you in making syour wish come true.