Best Affordable Stand Mixers – Review & Guide


                         A Stand Mixer

Don’t we all love some homemade cookies or cakes on the weekends? Sometimes a family or friends gathering is incomplete without the sweet treats. Are you a sweet tooth just like me? All those mixing, whipping and churning, we do need a hand to do all that.

Yes, you can settle for hand mixers or even mixing cookie dough by hand. But if you’ve already used a hand mixer, you know the struggle. And when it comes to larger batches, it’s nearly impossible to get the batters done with the same consistency as smaller ones.

Are you looking for a perfect solution for all the trouble? Get one of the best stand mixers, and your dream of baking the tastiest fluffiest cakes will come real!

But wait! Most of the good ones come at a greater price. And not everyone has a flexible budget. Hence, we take the toil and introduce you to the best affordable stand mixers to own without cutting too much from your credit card. So, hold on to your seats!

What to look for in a stand mixer?

Hold up! Before you purchase your very own mixer, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Let’s get acquainted with them. Shall we?

            An Affordable Stand Mixer

Bowl size: Before you decide on the size, know that the bowl size doesn’t indicate the capacity of ingredients it can mix. Surely, you’ll need more space for mixing. You don’t want to create a stir in the kitchen? So, a bigger bowl is mostly better to go with.

However, not always would you need a huge bowl. Although it’s great for larger batches, what about only a small batch of a whipped egg? It won’t give you the same consistency. Hence, a 4-4.5 quart bowl size is quite ideal.

Power and speed: These mixers are built to mix a lot of batters and dough. Starting from whipping eggs to making cookie dough, they’ll do it all. However, if you plan to make heavy cookie dough regularly, consider getting a stronger motor.

It will help with faster mixing, better consistency and also extend the mixer life.

Weight: Heavy and bulky stand mixers are sometimes difficult to set up again and again. Moving the machine, attaching the accessories can be a pain in the head if it’s higher on the weight scale. Also, being bulky, it eats more space from your kitchen cabinet.

Hence, a lighter mixer is easy to handle. And a more compact design ensures easy storage as well. However, don’t fall for flimsy materials, though!

Lift vs. Tilt head: What’s a more accessible bowl or tilt head?

The most common style would be a tilt-head design. It offers the utmost ease in accessing the bowl and also in attaching the accessories. However, if you are going to operate the mixer while keeping it in the cabinet, the head might be an issue.

Alternately, bowl lift models have taller dimensions. You can also lift the bowl as per your need for removing or filling ingredients. But no benefit on the installation of accessories! So, suit your needs.

Quality: How do we determine the quality of such dough mixers? Firstly, do not settle for anything less than a stainless steel mixing bowl. Look at the specifications, if the main machine is dishwasher free or not. And also, check for the quality of the accessories. You don’t want a single buck to be wasted, right?

Warranty: Warranty indicates the confidence and assurance of the brands or manufacturers. Most of these mixers come with a lesser warranty period. But some even come with up to 2 years guarantee.

Well, I’m not saying having a good warranty indicates it’s a great product or lesser warranty period indicates somewhat a cheaper product. It is just the technical support you’ll know you’ll have if anything goes wrong unexpectedly.

A Quick Look at the Best Stand Mixers Under $200

COSTWAY Stand Mixer: If you are up for some heavy kneading, you’ll probably need some extra help. This mixer with 7.5 QT bowl and 660 watts of power is everything you’ll need for some help in baking and mixing for the long run.

KitchenAid KITCH K45SSOB Mixer: If you don’t want to settle for only a mixer, then this compact KitchenAid mixer is a great deal for you. With its power hub and 10 variable speed, there are endless possibilities of recipes you can pull off!

AmazonBasics Multi-Speed Stand Mixer: To get the basic mixing and whipping done, this one certainly stands at the top. 350 watts power, 4.5 liter bowl and 7 speed with pulse allows for efficient operability with no struggle!

Best Affordable Stand Mixers – Review & Guide 2021

A stand mixer is a kitchen gadget that comes handy nearly everyday. Then, why is it that we can only have these products from a popular brand by losing a good balance from our credit cards? To make these useful mixers accessible to anyone on strict budget, we have enlisted the best affordable stand mixers! Take a look and you will not be disappointed.

1. AmazonBasics Multi-Speed Stand Mixer with Attachments

Key features:

  • 4.5-liter mixer bowl
  • Seven variable speed with pulse
  • Interchangeable useful accessories
  • The slip-resistant base for sturdy operation
  • 350 watts motor power

Would you like to try something different from the typical popular kitchen gadgets? Then here is one of the best budget stand mixers to suit your baking needs- the AmazonBasics multi-speed stand mixer.

To start, for a stand mixer, the 350 watts of massive power is enough to take control of light to heavy mixtures. Don’t worry about the gadget slipping while you make some heavy batter in it. This one has an anti-slip base to take the toil!

Are you tired of the same old cake on weekends? It’s time to bring changes to your menu. And so, the seven-speed settings with a pulse option will make for you endless delicacies as you desire!

The 4.5 L mixing bowl will be just enough to give a treat to everyone. Also, for further versatility, the interchangeable hooks, whisk, and beater attachments will work like magic.

And to finish off, it’ll ensure safety with its 15-minute timer. So, ready to bake some goodies?

  • Includes a 15-minute timer for safety
  • Endless possibilities
  • Allows a convenient usage
  • Not the best choice for making bread dough

2. KUPPET Stand Mixer

Key Features:

  • Precise eight -speed controls
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet
  • 4.7 QT stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Tilt head design for easy maneuverability
  • Sufficient 380 watts power

Let’s introduce you to a highly efficient stand mixer with all you need at a reasonable price- the Kuppet stand mixer.

Either you want to make a fluffy cream or a thick cookie dough, your stand mixer is here with slow to gradually high eight-speed options. Perfect whipping and whisking for any ingredient!

The stainless steel bowl, along with handy attachments – dough hook, beater, whip, all combine to increase the versatility of recipes you can pull off.

To ease maneuverability with zero risks and mess, you also get the rubberized feet and splash guards. Do all these attachments worry you were thinking about the installation? Then here you go, the tilted head for easy access and installation!

And finally, with a two-year guarantee, this is a kitchen tool you wouldn’t want to miss!

  • Easy installation of bowl or accessories
  • Practical attachments that come very handy
  • Finesse in every mixture!
  • Not ideal for regular use

3. Aucma Stand Mixer – Kitchen Electric Mixer with Dough Hook

Key Features:

  • High power with 660 watts
  • Large capacity 6.5 QT bowl
  • Handy accessories
  • Easy access tilt-head design
  • Six optimized speed settings

Want to make some airy egg whites or mix up cookie doughs? Your very own Aucma stand mixer is here to assist!

Even the thickest doughs wouldn’t be an issue when you have a working 660 watt motor for it. To extend the list of bakery goods you can make with it, and the 6-speed variables will ease half the work!

Do you have a large family? Wouldn’t it be nice to treat them all with some homemade cookies on the holidays? Well, the 6.5 QT bowl capacity is perfect for it.

With bonus whisk, hooks, beaters and splash guards, baking isn’t a pain anymore! And with the tilted head design, attach all the accessories without any struggle.

You don’t want to annoy the neighbors, so keep it low with its minimized noise. It sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

  • Quietest stand mixer
  • Anti-slip pad for stable positioning
  • Shiny edgy look with a layer of champagne painting
  • Attachments are not dishwasher safe.

4. Dash Go Everyday Mixer – Standalone

Key features:

  • Six preset speed options
  • Sufficient 250 watts motor
  • One tough button release of attachments
  • Great accessories
  • Adjustable slide for a better mixing

All those big machines eating up all your space for a stand mixer? It’s okay. We have got a compact solution for you – the Dash Go Everyday Mixer.

Find the maximum convenience and versatility with its six preset speed options. Beat eggs, make fluffy creams, whip meringue or whatever you desire with a whoosh in seconds with its 250 watts motor.

A fixed mixing bowl can sometimes create trouble. So to get rid of the unnecessary chunks, here you get the adjustable siding bowl!

Facing trouble when removing or attaching the accessories? Those days are over, folks! The one-button ejection and tilt button will make you do it most easily.

Certainly, this is the best cheap stand mixer- a need for every home! What do you say?

  • Easy installation and uninstallation of accessories
  • Versatile application
  • Compact yet efficient
  • Noisy

5. COSTWAY Stand Mixer Review

Key Features:

  • Large 7.5 QT mixing bowl
  • Incredible 660 watts power
  • Six-speed controls with pulse
  • Tilt head for easy operability
  • Anti-slip base design

Make masterpiece bakery goods at home and for everyone with the COSTWAY stand mixer!

A 7.5-quart mixing bowl will help you feel the tummies of all your loved ones without taking any trouble. So much mixing? Well, don’t worry, the 660 watts powerful motor will handle it all!

It’s tough these days to find gadgets that offer easy operability along with efficiency. But here we have right what you need. The tilt-head design, combined with an easy-to-control knob, will maximize your ease.

No matter what you need to mix, the attachments, including a dough hook, whisk, and beater will do it in a blink. And ensure all the mixing with no mess with the splash guards.

Also, the included handle allows easy pouring of the mixtures. Hence, call your friends to show off your baking skills right away!

  • Offers convenience in the application
  • Make large batches
  • Splash guard allows mess-free usage.
  • A bit bulky

6. Aicok Dough Mixer with 5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl

Key features:

• 500 watts power
• Stainless steel 5 QT bowl
• Double dough hooks offer better mixing
• Tilt-head design
• Six variable speeds for consistency

Have you been looking for a medium-sized stand mixer that’ll be efficient yet won’t eat up all your countertop space? Then, give the Aicok dough mixer a try.

To start with, let’s talk about convenience in maneuverability. It has a tilted head design for easier access. Anti-skid feet for ensuring your machine doesn’t wobble while it mixes. And of course, how can we forget? The splash guards for no mess in the kitchen.

It has a 5QT mixing bowl just enough for your needs. The attached handle makes it easy to pour the mixtures.

What is the fascinating part? Indeed its unique double dough hook that offers 360-degree mixing. And to offer versatility, it offers six variable speeds supported by the strong 500 watts motor. Indeed the best dough mixer you can get a hold of!

What more do you need?


• Multipurpose accessories included
• Offers 2-years guarantee
• Anti-skid silicone feet for stable action


• Does not support regular heavy-duty mixing

7. MURENKING Stand Mixer

Key features:

  • 5 QT mixing bowl
  • Sufficient 500-watt motor
  • Tilt-head for easy access
  • Unique Planetary trajectory
  • Includes handy attachments

Not satisfied with the old mixer that can only whip eggs? Time for extending your possibilities with the MURENKING stand mixer.

Five hundred watts motor seems to work fine with kneading mixing, airy egg whites, mixing potatoes, etc. Worried, the noise will buzz of you? Along its massive power, it also takes care of the noise lowering it to only 80 decibels.

You need to have alternate speed controls for sufficing all your needs. And so the six-speed controls offer maximum support.

What’s so unique about the mixer? The 398 point planetary trajectories keep the quality with all sorts of batters. And of course, the inclusion of four practical attachments is like the cherry on the cake.

The egg whisk, dough hook, y-shaped mixing blade and the shield guard- all combine to increase the gadget’s efficiency and ease in usage. So, ready to put up some bucks for it?

  • Maintains consistency of all types of mixtures
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Widens cooking possibilities
  • All attachments are not dishwasher safe.

8. Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer

Key Features:

  • Six-speed alterations with QuickBurst
  • 290 watts power
  • 4 Quarts mixing bowl
  • Two-in-one action
  • Shift and stir feature for adjusting bowl

A classic brand with its classic mixer is here to offer service! Certainly, I’m talking about the Hamilton Beach classic hand and stand mixer.

Either you need to do some slow mixing or a fast whip, the six-speed levels along with QuickBurst makes it all happen in no time. Also, don’t worry about the consistency when it offers 290 watts of peak power.

Sometimes using a gadget can be uncomfortable at some point with a heavy load. But this one offers everything to ease your work! The hand mixer rests on the bowl edge to eliminate any mess. And for a consistent mixing, the shift and stir rotate the bowl as per your need.

Though it comes with a good 4-quart capacity bowl yet, it perfectly fits your countertop or cabinet. And of course, for optimum diversity, it offers detachment of the hand mixes from the base to use it separately.

With all the necessary attachments, it’s a complete package for the holiday treats!

  • Offers comfort with total control
  • Easy cleanup in the dishwasher
  • Ensures utmost versatility
  • Clumsy operation

9. Gourmia EP700 Stand Mixer

Key Features:

  • 650 watts of high power
  • Large 6QT capacity bowl
  • Smart tilt-head design
  • Finesse in every mix with planetary action
  • Included necessary attachments

The Gourmia EP700 stand mixer is a smart machine built with efficiency to take on the heavy load. Let’s get to know more about it.

Does your stand mixer only make chunky, uneven batters? And finally, your long-awaited cake becomes a total mess! Well, with the planetary action of this mixer, get the best out of any mixtures.

The large 6QT capacity is enough to treat your friend group with your superb bakery skills—a lot of mixing needs a lot of power. And the 650 watts seems more than enough.

The mixer also comes with a smart tilted head design for easy access and installation of attachments to do your work. And of course, to top it off, it has all the necessary accessories from the beater to dough hooks to support your baking talent! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

  • Offer treats to the whole crowd
  • Takes on the heavy-duty
  • Brings consistency in all kinds of mixtures
  • Takes more space for storage

10. KitchenAid KITCH K45SSOB Mixer

Key features:

  • Outstanding 59-point planetary action
  • 4.5 QT mixing bowl
  • Advanced multipurpose attachment hub
  • 250 watts power
  • Ten-speed variables

Kitchen Aid rules are needed when it comes to standing mixers and other kitchen gadgets. But this time, they have an affordable option as well- the KitchenAid KITCH K45SSOB mixer.

Maintain finesse and consistency of all the mixtures starting from bread loaves to cookies with its advanced 59-point thorough planetary mixing. With a heavy load, does it stress out the machine? Not really. The 250 watts is sufficient to take care of that, standing as the best mixer for bread.

Ten variable speeds! Could the KitchenAid mixers be more versatile? Starting from a slow action to gradually fast whipping, it gets done everything as you desire. Mix up your favorite ingredients and make a lot of holiday cookies with the 4.5 QT bowl.

The most exciting feature awaits! The power hub offering over 15 optional attachments! Well, after you get this KitchenAid mixer mini version, I guess this all you’ll be needing in the kitchen.

  • The power hub turns your regular mixer into a culinary core.
  • Maximum speed alterations to suit your needs
  • One year warranty support
  • Material quality is not up to the mark.

All You Need to Know to Get Your Ideal Stand Mixer – A Guide

If you are here by now, you already understand the need for a stand mixer, but there’s much more to know about it. May you be looking for the best affordable stand mixers for dough or egg whites, we have got all the information you need. Don’t let hours of research to go in vain! Have a quick look.

What is a stand mixer?

A stand mixer is a more convenient version of the hand mixer. If you have trouble and hand fatigue with hand mixers, switching to stand mixers will ease your work and provide more efficiency. They even have stronger motors to handle heavy mixing.

What are the top features of the best affordable stand mixers?

Here is a list of a few great features some of the best affordable stand mixers can offer. Have a look!

Tilt-head design: As you have seen with most of the listed mixers, they have a tilted head design to offer easy access to the bowl. It’s also a handy feature when it comes to attaching or removal of the accessories.

Planetary mixing: This feature indicates a planetary movement of the mixer during operation. A specific action ensures absolutely no chunks leaving you with smooth doughs and batters.

High power: More power is always a plus point and harmless. If you are going to use the mixer for heavy work, then high power must offer service for a long time.

Maximum variable speeds: Most of the enlisted mixers come with at least 6-speed options. Low to gradually higher whipping speed helps in handling different types of mixtures. And if you have a pulse or turbo mode, then it’s like a cherry on the cake!

Adjustable slide: Even if your mixer doesn’t come with planetary action, if it offers an adjustable slide to rotate the bowls, then you are back in the game!

Anti-slip feet: The wobbling is very annoying when you are processing the ingredients. The anti-slip feet eliminates it and offers smooth action.

Tips: How to use a stand mixer?

Suppose you have your desired mixer at hand. But do you know how to use it so that it keeps your company in the long run? Here is a list of tips, tricks and more to help you with it.


  • Make sure to tighten the hinge if you don’t want the head to wobble.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen towel before you start mixing.
  • Keep the attachments with the mixer, so you don’t have to spend hours finding those.
  • If you are using all-purpose flour for bread dough, your bowl can hold more. But if it’s whole wheat flour, then useless.
  • Take time to clean your machine well after use.

Easy tricks:

If you haven’t used your mixer for a while, heat it for a while, so it works better.

  • When you are making bread, the speed level 2 is perfect for the consistency!
  • When making whipped cream, chill the beater for a while beforehand.
  • Caution is a must!
  • Do not throw the machine or attachments in the dishwasher before reading the manuals.
  • Use hot water to clean up the stand mixer.
  • Remember to unplug the machine before you remove the parts and when not operating.
  • Maintain distance from the moving parts when operating to avoid the risk of accidents

Frequently Asked Questions

What to make with a stand mixer?

There’s a long list of things you can try making with stand mixers. Pizza doughs, cookie doughs, bread dough, airy egg whites, whipped eggs, cake batters, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, etc. are a few of the wide possibilities.

How long do you need to mix bread dough in a stand mixer?

Mixing or kneading bread dough for 2 minutes is equal to about 12 minutes of hand kneading. So, a couple of minutes of mixing in the best mixer for bread dough is enough.

Which affordable stand mixer should you buy?

If you ask for my opinion, I will go for the one that is durable, efficient and easy to work with. Hundreds of fancy features don’t make up for the best stand mixer for baking, but the quality does. Hence, what you need depends on you!

Bottom Line:

Having your very own stand mixer doesn’t only ease making baked goods but there is so much you can do with them if you pick the right one! Out of hundreds of options, you have already seen the best affordable stand mixers. But, after so much discussions and analysis, it’s on you to see if any of these tick all your boxes of requirements.

So, why make the sweet tooth wait for delicious treats anytime they want it? Pick out the best and grab it before someone else does!