8 Best Ozone Generators for Large Home and Commercial Use

Have you ever taken a few seconds to think of how blessed modern technology made our lives? In the past, you sweated under the hot sun, froze in the winter. But now, you can easily switch the Cooling fan and room heater for comfort. Similarly, the best commercial ozone generator for mold is a blessing of science.

Whenever the room was filled with odor, fragranced room spray was used to suppress the odor. Those strawberries, lavender, and multiple flavored sprays could hide the smell well but only for a short time. Sometimes the spray mixed with the odor and made fouler odor.

What about the purity of air? And on those rainy days, how can you prevent mold from growing? Moisture is the best friend of mold and accelerated the generation of spores. If these spores are inhaled, you and your family you want to protect the most can supper from respiratory diseases.

Not anymore. To improve air purity, kill pests, disinfecting clothes, removing the awful smell, an ozone generator was introduced. This magic device is highly significant to kill microorganisms like molds, fungus, bacteria, yeast, etc.

The question is –”How does it work? Will it surely be functional?” Yes! Your ozone generator can positively function if it can generate a sufficient amount of ozone required for each unit of the room. We will answer all your questions in this article. We have included the ten best home and commercial ozone generators based on ratings, experts’ preference, and the best budget for your benefits.

Best Ozone Generators for Home and Commercial Use to Kill Mold

Let’s see what made these ozone generators trustworthy, that we added them to the most desirable list.

1. OdorStop OS3500UV2- Ozone / Air Purifier


  • Premium quality aluminum housing.
  • Three ozone plates and a charcoal filter
  • A variable ozone output system( none to 2.4 g/h)
  • 12-hour timer with sturdy hold.
  • 300 CFM fan with big fan vent.
  • Two high output 254 NM UV-C Bulbs

OdorStop has made it to the top of the list for being the best according to the editor’s choice. This U.S Company has modified an ozone generator’s classic design with an “off” option to control the ozone output.

Besides, there are some new additions like a 254 NM UV-C bulb and a charcoal filter. Now you can treat a large area of 3500 square feet at a time quickly. If you intend to deodorize and sanitize an occupied space in your house, it is best not to use the ozone option.

Switch on the high-intensity UV bulbs, a charcoal filter, along with CFM fan to sanitize a floor in your office. The ozone option works best to sanitize large and unoccupied areas. But be careful while cleaning the ozone plates to avoid unnecessary scratches and other damages.

  • The UV light sanitizes the room to serve the medical motive.
  • Has dual ozone and UV light option to deodorize an occupied and unoccupied room.
  • A charcoal filter removes volatile gases produced in household combustion activities.
  • The ozone option can be used to sanitize large up to 3500 square feet.
  • The ozone plates can be cleaned easily without the help of any tools.
  • The product is comparatively costly because of its aluminum body.
  • The charcoal filter is not easily washable and does not possess antibacterial features.

2. Airthereal MA 10k – PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator


  • Variable ozone output: 2/4/5/8/ 10 g per hour.
  • Variable fan speed: 40/60/70/85/100 CFM.
  • Body material: aluminum alloy.
  • Power consumption: 110 V 60 HZ.
  • Comes with one ozone generator, one ozone plate, one power cord, and one user manual.

Airthereal MA 10k works beautifully in small areas like rooms, flats, and large sites like offices, restaurants, and garages. So it is highly cost-effective as you do not have to buy two ozone operators for occupied and unoccupied spaces.

If you are dealing with the most challenging odor, this gadget will save to the maximum. This best ozone generator runs for 12 hours, continuously producing 10000g of ozone per hour at max. This amount of ozone is enough to kill molds, fungus, and other bacteria.

Are you a rookie in using this gadget? All the extra buttons which confused the beginners were removed from the control panel, and now it features only five buttons in the control panel. So, it is relatively easy to use and maintain for many years.

  • Variable ozone output helps control the ozone’s release according to the need and prevents excess ozone accumulation in the room.
  • Variable fan speed helps to spread the ozone fast within the coverage of 2000 square feet.
  • A fireproof ozone generator ensures safety while dealing with fumes.
  • The LCD is easy to read.
  • 304-grade stainless steel sturdy body makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • The power cord might require an extension in some cases.
  • It does not include the UV lamp system.

3. OdorStop OS5000D – Duct- Mounted Ozone Air Purifier


  • It features an airflow sensor.
  • Three ozone plates
  • Variable ozone output: from 150 mg/hour to 1.5 g/hour.
  • The generator features a 12-hour timer with a “hold” option.
  • OS5000D mounted ozone air purifier features a carry handle.

By now, you have already gone through the first product of OdorStop on our list. The OdorStop is a remounted company, and they claim themselves to be trustworthy.

Their claim must not be put into the air because OS5000D sure can remove the stubborn odor from your basement, damp cars, and vans. These ozone plates produced a hefty amount of 1.8 g of ozone per hour.

The unique patented technology helps to deodorize 10000 square feet of area in an hour. With the highly advanced airflow sensor, the total amount of air can be calculated easily. So you cannot control the ozone output according to the need.

  • The carry handle made the gadget portable.
  • Easy to install.
  • The airflow stitch helps to maintain precise adjustments only by activating in the presence of air circulation.
  • Can treat foul odor up to 10000 square feet.
  • The ozone plates are easy to remove and dust off the dust particles.
  • The output of ozone must be monitored in occupied space to avoid hazards.
  • Not so suitable to remove volatile gases.

4. OdorStop OS12500 – Ozone Air Purifier


  • Features a high-quality aluminum hosting.
  • Comes with a 12 hours timer with a “hold” option.
  • Variable ozone output: 0.25 – 3 g/hour.
  • Four ozone plates.
  • A 300 CFM fan.

Want the best portable ozone generator? OdorStop OS12500 is the size of a small toaster. But do not get confused with its appearance. This best ozone generator is highly suitable for commercial uses in any halls, rental hotels.

The product weighs only 15lbs. It has been possible to make such a lightweight body for constructive material-aluminum. Does your friend smoke in your van? Give a change to this OdorStop and see the result.

It is amusing that the device is such a massive duty server. Large ozone (to the max of 3g per hour) can easily be spread with a 300 CFM fan. So, the accumulation of ozone does not occur in a specific room.

  • Suitable to purify the air of extra-large space like banquet halls, locker room, offices, etc.
  • Lightweight for aluminum body and easily portable.
  • Can treat 12500 square feet of area at a time.
  • The product does not require installation because it comes ready to use.
  • Ozone plates can easily be cleaned without separating the unit.
  • Not suitable for occupied space.
  • The markings on display might be hazy in few cases.

5. VIVOSUN Industrial Commercial Ozone Generator


  • Ozone output: 10,000 mg/hour.
  • Ozone plate dimension: 3.46x 4.25×0.04
  • Life span: 20000 hours.
  • Incorporates a useful 3H timer with the “hold” option.
  • Material: ceramic plate.

When you are working in a large factory or any industry like a leather factory, odors must spread. VIVOSUN heavy-duty ozone generator is essential to maintain healthy air quality.

Switch on the generator and press the hold button. Thus the generator can operate smoothly without the presence of an activator for the whole day.

In the average quality of air, instead of the hold option, use the 3H timer. Within 180 minutes, the generator can remove the odor, bacterial, fungus, molds. VIVOSUN stands first to serve industrial use, having a maximum of 10000mg/hour.

  • The ozone generator can sanitize an area of approximately 2200 square feet.
  • The internal parts are modular and readily available.
  • Handle aids in carrying the ozone generator from room to room.
  • The timer helps to set the active period of the generator and thus ensures safety.
  • The hold option keeps the generator operating all the time in industries to remove odor.
  • The power cord system does not allow activation without a port.
  • Not for occupied space.

6. Enerzen High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator


  • Power source: corded electric and comes with 180 minutes timer.
  • Ozone plates are made of ceramic.
  • Extra-large fan by 40%.
  • Gold standard washable stainless steel filter.
  • Features an aluminum alloy case furnished by a powdered coating.

Enerzen ozone generator has a dimension of 7″x8.5″x 6.5″. Relatively small for commercial uses. So it also requires a small area for installation in your workplace. The product ranked first bestseller in-home air lonizers.

The larger the production capacity and fan, the larger the area ozone will cover. This generator requires low maintenance—so no need to clean the dusty filters regularly. The ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip and thus easy to carry in boats, cars, and other places.

Along with a 180-minute timer, the gadget features a “hold” for convenient uses. Enerzen is light weighed, weighing only 5 pounds. So, why not give it a try to remove odor and microorganisms from your dwelling areas.

  • Highly useful to serve industrial uses with 1000mg ozone output per hour.
  • Occupies small space.
  • An extra-large fan provides coverage of 2250 square feet area.
  • Suitable for extended treatment periods and provides maximum durability.
  • Stains and grease can easily be removed with the help of a wiper.
  • Not meant for newbies.
  • Fumes cannot be removed with the Enerzen ozone generator.

7. OdorFree Estate 4000 Ozone Generator


  • Four ceramic made ozone plates.
  • Build-in 1 to 12 hours timer with a “hold” option.
  • Adjustable ozone output: 150-2800mg/hour.
  • Includes a filter.
  • Ideal work temperature: 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do not get confused with the name because OdorFree and OdorStop are different brands. Estate 4000 works best in townhouses, large bungalows, offices. In town, it can easily remove the fumes generated from cooking and restore the purity of air.

Over the past 20 years, OdorFree worked piously in the ozone industry. The OdorFree shock treatment occupies every cubic inch of the room and attacks at their source to remove odor.

With a 15.2x 13.07x 11.57-inch package dimension, the products weigh about 11.97 pounds. The generator powers on 110 v amperage virtually.

  • The generator Provides coverage of 4000 square feet areas.
  • Hold option ensures continuous operation.
  • Ceramic ozone plates are highly resistant to shock and scratches.
  • It can effectively kill mildew and pest in a damp and unoccupied space.
  • Easily portable.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Too cold or too hot temperature influences the effect of ozone output.

8. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone generator


  • Ozone output: 10000mg/hour.
  • Features an air purifier and lonizers and ceramic ozone plate.
  • Service life: 6000 hours.
  • Material: aluminum.
  • Features a sturdy handle.

If you want to purify the air inside your room daily, the Alpine ozone generator will be the perfect pick. Alpine’s model was enhanced with an air purifier and lonizers to avoid the regular removal and the cleaning of the filter.

With 10000mg/hour ozone output, the generator eliminates the odor from the source. And the best part is that when it comes to cleaning, the cleaner’s disassembling is not needed to access the plates.

The aluminum-made body weighs about 6.37 pounds. So, it is unbelievably lightweight and easily portable with a handle. No batteries are required for the device. But the power cord may be a point of your concern if the electric board is far away.

  • Powerful motor.
  • No need for a filter.
  • The advanced design permits the ionization of air in the spot.
  • Bulky duty device specially meant for the sanitization of air in the industrial area.
  • The device does not make much noise during activation.
  • Factory parts are not readily available.
  • Some users complained that the device didn’t power up when plugged in.

How will the ozone generator help to eliminate mold?

The mold did not grow in your wall overnight. You should check carefully if you have any leaking water pipe or too much room humidity. A damp room or area with too much moisture acts as the heaven for accelerating mold (a kind of fungus) growth.

Mold spores spread throughout the room be air. It irritates the eyes and nose. It’s easy for growing children to suffer from respiratory problems after inhaling the air. The best ozone generator comes in handy in this case.

The ozone produced by these ozone generators is highly active and remains within the boundary of the room. The three oxygen atoms are loosely bonded to each other. So, in free cases, the third oxygen atom separates and reacts with the spores in the air. This antimicrobial feature of ozone helps to kill the mold.

It can take 24 to 48 hours to eradicate the spores and purifying the air. But you should keep in mind that the ozone generator will destroy the spores in the air. You have to arrange preventing steps by eradication the prime source of mold growth.
(Precaution: excess amount of ozone might be harmful to you and your family. So, consider stepping out of the room during this treatment.)

Final Verdict

All the above mentioned best ozone generators for home and commercial use for mold follows the same work procedure. The ozone plates help to generate a variable amount of ozone o3 in the air. The ozone molecule is highly reactive because of its loosely attached third atom.

The ozone molecules attract the odor from its source and kill the microorganism also. But be careful not to operate the device when your children are in the room. It may result in many respiratory problems.

OdorStop OS3500UV2 is the best for advanced features, whereas OdorFree is the best when you are on a tight budget. Airthereal MA10k produces maximum effective ozone. Enerzen and Vivosun ozone generators are space-effective.

Which ozone generator did you like? We hope you have the best experience with these magnificent sanitization devices and breathe pure air along with your children.