Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough


Were you struggling to knead an out and out dough for your bread or cookies with a flawless consistency all the while? Or failed to mash potatoes without tiring your hands? I am well aware of each such hard cooking task that ends up in vain with a mere setback.

But here is the good news, those struggles are now over. Add the best hand mixers for cookie dough, a new handy member, to your pantry to shine your baking with easy cooking. They serve as your ideal kitchen hero that can wrap up your tasks in flashes.

Saves time, space, and energy; what more could you ask for right in the kitchen? You are sure to get startled at the texture it brings to your plain dough. Not bound to dough works only, take the mixer in your tiny hands and go mash potatoes, beat your eggs, and whip your cream with zero pain.

But are you still stuck to take your call? Which one to pick to fit your needs? No worries. Let’s dive to the handheld mixers that outdo your work of dough mix for cookies!

Why should you have a hand mixer for cookie dough?

Have you struggled enough to knead dough to gain ideal consistency? But you can get a better result if you use the handheld mixer subtracting your pain and adding comfort. So let me amaze you about the benefits you score with it:

1. Versatile use: This single tool is enough to serve your multi-tasks like whipping cream, mashing potatoes, or preparing dough for brownies. All you need is to switch the attachments as per the task.

2. Efficient time saver: Insert the accessory attached to the bowl in a mixer and press the start button with the speed you prefer. And voila, all your tasks are done in a couple of minutes!

3. Painless result with no chunks: Should you use a hand or a hand mixer? Talking about the best mixers for bread dough, the thing that comes first to our mind is a pain-free faster but smoother output with no lumps.

4. Price: If you look at our reviews or other market contents, you will find that the cost of hand mixers are feasible to fit a low budget purchase.

5. Storage ease: The best hand mixer for mashing potatoes or cookie dough comes in a small size that requires little space to store. Easily fits in your mini cabinet!

Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough Review 2021

A hand mixer is the handy mini kitchen gadget that you use daily that saves time plus efforts. Thinking about affordability? Coming at a feasible price, they offer you versatile performance faster than you could’ve imagined. Here we’ve enlisted the best performing hand mixers for cookie dough to take your baking skill to the peak! Give it a look, and you won’t get disappointed.

1. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case

Are you expecting a lot of visitors at home, and now you have to battle hard to knead the dough for cookies in dozens in a short time? The Cuisinart Handheld Mixer with 220 wattages is the savior that can help you with premium speed controls. Want to know more? Let’s go.

Designed to give you a balanced operation, it offers a quick mixing but takes extra care of your convenience. It is the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes recipe and batter making. Were you thinking about how?

Well, let me tell you its forte. It eases your tasks with nine-speed options that run with a single touch control system leaving no chunks. Worried about splattering with great speed? Get rid of it because its three low start speed mode makes the perfect dough with splatter control!

No screaming in agony while mashing potatoes, beating eggs, or kneading dough. The cookie dough mixer attachments such as beater, dough hooks, and whisk, take your batter to the next level. With an automated remark display, the machine with tucked in cord gives the comfort of use to all.

  • 9-speed modes
  • 220 power wattage
  • No splattering
  • 3 low-speed start
  • 1-touch speed controller with digital display
  • Once in a while, you may notice a sudden speed spurt for a short time

2. Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed

Are your hands tired of the old-process of continuous beating with spoons or forks for your dough? Give your hands a break with the top rated hand mixer for cookie dough: Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Mixer.

220-watt power supply and three modes for speed bring out the best dough for your cookies. Mix your batter with a smooth and chunk less texture. You won’t even feel hassle using it for its slide with one-touch speed control.

Do you get troubled releasing the whisk out of the mixer? Ugh! I face it too. But no more. You can easily eject the beater lever pushing one tiny button. Grip, slide speed mode, and hold for a while, and you get a perfect whip!

Being a lefty cook, I know the fuss of corded tools. Gone are those cord wrestle days. This hand mixer with extra log beaters comes with exclusive movable cords suitable for both right and left-handed users.

Prepare dough, cut through butter, leave all the tasks on the machine; it handles all. Are you stressed about a long time cleaning process? No need to get messy while cleaning. Its self-cleaning beaters come with no central posts and ease your task.

  • A single touch and slide speed control
  • 3 range of mixing speed
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Swivel cords with locks
  • Beater eject button with a self-cleaning feature
  • Carelessness in use may result in splatter

3. Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer

If you are looking for the best hand mixers for bread dough, let me introduce you to the smart kitchen tool, Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer.

The waiting days are over when you had to bring out refrigerated items and delay mixing until they reached room temperature. All thanks to the heat while mixing features. It allows you to mix and bake in a snap with fluffier upshot softening 12 times faster than any ordinary mixer.

Are you assuming that this feature hampers the dough kneading speed? Then trust me; you’re mistaken. The 270W mixer brings a huge versatility in its operation with seven varying speeds. Boost the power you need with one touch!

Attachments? Well, let me give you the bonus news. It adds beaters, a whisking tool, and dough hooks to help you tackle all baking and kneading projects.

Your convenience is all that this best mixer for cookie dough focus. That is why it brings you to push and eject beater and control mess!

  • Durable and portable
  • 7 versatile mixing speed
  • Heat soft technology for heating while mixing
  • Easy to clean with beater eject option
  • Ensures fluffier result 12x faster
  • You may find the beater is a little small in size

4. Hamilton Beach Softscrape Hand Mixer

Were you interested in getting yourself in an affordable mixer that goes best for small and no complication tasks? Then you must give your glance at this Hamilton Beach Softscrape Hand Mixer.

It gives you a smooth and consistent beating and makes sure no lumps come on your way to make the perfect batter for bread or cookies. To add to your comfort, the best Hamilton Beach Blender comes with a button for “Quick Burst” that raises the wattage to 300 peaks to mix in no time.

Did you often get your bowls scratched while mixing? Well, no more because now you have this soft scrape mixer right in your hand that gives zero scratches with silicone coating beater. You also receive metal beaters and a scrape bowl rest.

Are you going for recipes that require mashed potatoes? Save your hands from the labor and use this excellent performing hand mixer for mashed potatoes and get a flawless mixture with little efforts and more excellent performance!

  • 300 peak wattage
  • Snap-on storage case
  • Silicone coated beater
  • Quick burst mode button
  • Use deep bowls while mixing; otherwise may splatter

5. Dash Smart Store Compact Hand Mixer

So, you don’t want to invest your cash on the one task performing mixers? I know your concern. For your convenience, I’ve added this multi-purpose Dash Smart Store Compact Electric Hand Mixer

Whipping and mixing for brownies, cakes, dough, cookies, meringues; You can get all done right using this mixer at the mere touch of a push-button. That’s why Dash has made its way to the best mixer for cookie dough list.

Speed and power tension? Get ready to whirl your mixer and bake perfect brownie in batches with its power of 150 watts. Low-Medium-High it offers three modes of speed with the entire control to your fingers.

Even you tend to lose your beating tools or clip plates and attachments like me? Forget that old lost and find stress. This versatile mixer comes with a storage case to keep all tools safe. Another bonus feature is that you can simply pop the beater into the storage bag with an ejecting motion.

But wait, what did you say? Don’t own enough pantry space and hence worried? Well, believe me, and relax because this handheld mixer is a mini one to make room anywhere easily. So, start baking in no time!

  • Versatile application
  • Mini in size and easy to store
  • Wipe and clean ease
  • User-friendly maneuverability
  • 3 touch and control speed modes
  • If you don’t pay extra attention to washing steps, it may catch rust

6. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer 

Did you discover that your old beater is not capable enough to handle every baking recipe, and now you have started your search for the top rated mixers for cookie dough? Your search ends right here with this Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer.

Easy to whizz an airy meringue with the peak power of 275 watts. No compromise on its mixing or kneading performance with six varying speed levels. Don’t keep yourself restricted to mixing only. With this versatile machine, you get to whisk and fold too.

Are you waiting for the bonus point? The days of painting the kitchen counters and walls with splashing taints are over. This tool takes 100% care about your frequent splattering issue with a slow to fast mode of speed!

Do you ask for its cozy use? Well, adjust the mixing tool as per the recipe with a small quick burst button. No trouble in separating the whisk from the mixer with its ejection option. What more? Get easy access to store all your mixer items right in its storage case.

  • Multi-purpose application
  • Reduced splatter issue
  • Easy to clean five attachments
  • Eject button to release accessories
  • Comes with dough hooks and whisk
  • A little clunky

7. DmofwHi 5 Speed Hand Mixer

Were you dreaming of a mixer that is powerful enough to take care of your stiff doughs, relieving you of painful handwork? The DmofwHi 5 Speed Hand Mixer can help your baking dream come true.

It is the most powerful hand mixer with 300 watts motor to knead even the stiffest dough into the fluffiest one. Bring out the smooth dough with a variation of the 5-speed feature—all you need to raise your thumb to push and operate, that easy.

Are you afraid of splashing mess? Why worry when you get its special slow start and a zero speed button. As a result, the entire operation is hassle-free and in your control. So, start afresh with the best hand mixers for cookie dough.

What else? Well, this mixer gives you stainless steel quality attachments such as two wired beaters, dough hooks, and balloon-shaped whisks. No need to look around for your mixer tools; retain your time storing attachments in its snap-on standing case.

I know the pain of holding any mixer for a long time. But to your surprise, it has a slanted handle to ensure a pain-free and firm grip. So don’t wait any longer and make this mixer your all-time kitchen helper!

  • Affordable and light to use
  • Slanted handle cozy grip
  • High-quality no-stain steel attachments
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Efficient heat dissipation plug
  • Its shape is a little clumsy

8. BLACK DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer

Are you planning to make some dough for your bread? Then let me bring for you the one that tops all of the hand mixers for bread dough list. It is the BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer!

The toughest part of preparing dough for bread is to bring out the exact consistency you prefer. I know you need to go through tons of hardship to obtain that. But this mixer can solve it all, mark my words.

Starting from light baking tasks to heavy whipping tasks, you can outdo all with the six modes of speed and 250 wattages it offers. For the challenging mixing tasks, you have a simple turbo booster to buck up your mixer speed to the max.

Let me tell you the most annoying part of mixing and baking, the messy kitchen. The ordinary mixers give you an output spreading stains all over. But with this masterpiece, you won’t have to take extra stress. It gives you a slower start and voila, no mess at all!

Talking about attachments, you can add two wired beaters with professional design, two hooks for dough clipping, and a whisk. Put all the tools in the dishwasher with no safety concern and reduce your washing troubles.

  • 20% slow start but finish fast feature
  • Takes 100% control of the mess and spatter issue
  • Turbo speed booster button
  • Hard-shell handy storage for tools
  • Multiple speed option for multiple recipes
  • A bit heavy to carry

9. KitchenAid KHM512CL 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Are you fed up with the extra efforts you need to give when you go for dishes having mashed potatoes? Ugh! The efforts and time aren’t worth it as you end up with physical discomfort and pain. So what to do? Let me grab your attention to this hand mixer for mashed potatoes.

It is the KitchenAid KHM512CL Hand Mixer with five types of speed mode, each suitable for a specific task. Not limited to potato mashing only, go on with chocolate chips mixture and whipping eggs and heavy creams, jumping from speed one to five.

Feel that cords come in your way and may create some fuss? No more with its swivel feature. Left or right fit the wired cord where it suits your needs to get easy access to the ingredients in the kitchen countertop.

No need to give pressure on your hands with slow or medium levels of speed while doing heavy dough kneading works. One step and you are there with the max speed in a snap. What’s that step? Let me help; all you need to press a little on its power turbo booster button and voila!

Are you thinking about cleaning discomfort? No trouble at all. Simply wipe off the cord and use the dishwasher to get cleaned accessories saving your time adding as a plus point to its coziness.

  • Lockable side-changing rotating cord
  • A slow start in control, not to spew ingredients
  • Easy wiping cleaner
  • Ideal for heavy mixing
  • Remove accessories with one press of a button
  • Beaters are a little bit flimsy

10. Utalent 180W Multi-speed Hand Mixer with Turbo Button

If you are on a string-shoe budget but still want the best mixer for cookie dough to bake calmly to your heart’s content, then this Utalent Electric Hand Mixer proves a top-notch pick for your kitchen needs.

With its clean and sleek design, you can’t tell that it’s low in price. You are sure to get surprised at its multi-speed swirling to assure a chunk less mixture for the batter. Attach the accessories that go along your baking requirements choosing among the five it offers—trying to guess the attachments?

Well, a whisk for whipping, two beaters for ingredient mixing, two hooks for your whipping dough, and that’s all. Want to switch to the max power for your heavy task directly? Not a problem, press the button with turbo function with ease.

Compared to stand mixers, young fellows worry about the handles the most while picking up the best rated hand mixers for cookie dough. But it is not the issue here; you get a firm grip to go on with your task in a cozy way!

  • Easy to operate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multi-speed utility
  • Non-slip cozy grip handle
  • May cause strain if used for more than two minutes at a stretch

Things to check before Buying the Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

I’m sure that you have gone through each of the reviews for the hand mixers for bread dough and cookie dough by now. But still can’t reach a concluding choice? It is totally fine because we are still right beside you to make you aware of all the factors you need to consider in your purchase.

What to Consider before having the best rated hand mixer?

So, without further ado, let’s give a glance to the prioritizing issues:

1. Power supply: The power of the mixer you need somewhat depends on the tasks you are going to perform. If it’s a small and light work, a small power supply is enough.

But if you are into a combination of heavy and light tasks, you should go for high wattage mixers that don’t overheat. Thus you can maintain the texture you desire.

2. Speed modes: One of the top priority checks is the speed settings available in the mixer. It is because different whipping task needs a different level of speed, starting from low to high.

Moreover, make sure to check on the slow start feature. This option helps to reduce spatter while mixing and proves to be the best hand mixers for cookie dough.

3. Grip: If you buy a hand mixer for cookie dough but feel the pain to grip it for a long time, it hampers your task and is a total waste.

So before buying, give its handle a try and choose the one with a soft handle, cozy and non-slip grip that suits prolonged use.

4. Accessories: Whizzing any batter with the perfect result requires accessories added with the mixer. Mixers of every brand don’t provide attachments while some come with extra beater, whisk, spatula, dough hooks, and storage case. So go on with the one that gives you the best!

5. Clean up: Who likes the fuss of using tools that is difficult to clean? That’s why we ask you to go for the handheld mixers that can give you the ease to clean.

Check if they are dishwasher safe or have a self-cleaning feature to give you a blissful mixer use.

Limitations of Hand Mixers

Like all the inventions of science, the handheld mixing tools have some flaws too:

1. Splatter issue: If you lack the right technique on how to use a handheld mixer, you are sure to get messy with splash everywhere.

2. Maneuverability: If you are a new user and can’t grip the mixer properly using hand, you will add troubles to your mixing and whipping tasks.

3. Manual operation: The handheld mixers, as the name suggests, is not a completely hand-free tool. You need to stand, hold, and press to operate.

Concluding words

The list of best hand mixers for cookie dough is now right on your hand. Reviewing the best and adding all the judgments and considerations to make to fill your pantry with the best is all I could have done. My part is over, and the final verdict rests on you.

You have your hand mixer buying guide. So, take a wise call and go with the one that covers all your needs to fulfill your baking to heart’s content!