The Benefits of Owning a Twin-cylinder Engine Lawn Tractor

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking to find reasons to buy a V-twin (aka Twin-cylinder) engine lawn tractor. And choosing between a single-cylinder and a twin-cylinder one. It can be difficult to choose between and I am going to help you make an educated decision for your hard-earned money.

The Benefits of Owning a Twin-cylinder Engine Lawn Tractor

First, we will look at the differences between the two engines and why you might want to buy one over the other.

Single cylinder vs V-Twin cylinder

To get the obvious out of the way, you already know the advantages of having a cylinder lawnmower and I won’t take much time explaining those here. But what separates a V-Twin engine from our traditional Single cylinder engines is the raw power. A Twin Cylinder engine will offer you from 18 HP to 27 HP, which is way more than what you can expect from a Single cylinder’s 12 HP up to 19 HP. The power difference makes it a no brainer that V-Twins are more suited for large plots and longer working sessions.

Advantages of having a Twin-cylinder Engine Lawn Tractor

However, Single cylinder Lawn tractors are generally wallet-friendly as you don’t need to spend twice as much gas as its counterpart. These usually are sold for less, to begin with. Furthermore, they have lesser moving parts than the Twin-cylinder ones, which means fewer things can go wrong. It is suitable if you have a small lawn to work with.

The other deciding factors can be the vibration, thermal performance, and ease of operation between the two engines. Twin-cylinders generates less vibration, being smooth in operations. It usually runs quieter and gives a pleasant user experience. But the Single cylinder one vibrates more and may sometimes be uncomfortable to work with. Also, the excessive vibration isn’t healthy for other components, leading to lower life expectancy.

Moving on to the good part, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the benefits of owning a twin-cylinder engine lawn tractor to see if it’s the one you actually need.

Higher Mowing Power

First off, the magnitude of power. Double the cylinder comes with its obvious advantage, sheer power for all your lawn mowing needs. They are an absolute necessity if you are planning to work on large spaces daily with some light attachments. Making it ideal for you if you have between 1 and 2 acres of land and don’t want to be stuck mowing the lawn all day long on a Sunday. From 18 Hp to 27 HP of wrath lets you take on some hilly uneven surfaces like a walk in the park.

Easy to Maintain

Following up with the positive theme, it is a pleasant experience to use a twin-cylinder engine as they tend to burn fuels cleaner; keep the engine cooler; start easier; offering a longer life expectancy for the machine. All these, while making little to no vibrations with a quieter operation which make a lot of people choose V-Twin over counterparts.

Superior Transmission System

Some of the mid-grade twin-cylinder lawn tractors are designed with hydrostatic transmissions. Now, what does that mean? It means you can change the speed of your lawn tractor while you are driving. They offer higher speeds than single-cylinder ones. Once you go automatic, you won’t want to go back to manual any more. It is a feature absent from the majority of the single-cylinder machines. Unfortunately, you can’t see yourself winning any drift races with these puppies.

Convenience of Use

Adding more to the benefits is that a V-twin engine is capable of effortlessly carry some lightweight equipment like a leaf blower or a garden rake. So, you can conveniently clean up after you are done mowing the lawn. Some models are fitted with a cutter deck and a tow bar to attach carts carrying gardening tools & mulching kit as a standard. Mulching kits help to give the nutrients back to the grass. And as a twin-cylinder is a powerful engine it’s no issue to use such attachments. The height of the cut is easy to adjust from down to 25 mm to 80 mm right from the handle. So, having a stylized lawn is a piece of cake.

Saves Your Precious Time

Having more power has another added bonus is efficiency. It takes little time to mow if it’s just your own backyard and if you prefer keeping the mowing time short and sweet. Since the machine isn’t raving all the time and not shaking you up, you can be comfortable while chopping down acres of grass while jamming to your tunes. It also is easy to do maintenance because there is less greasy dirt. You can also clean the blades easily by using gardening hoes.

Can be used for multiple purposes

Since you have a powerful lawn tractor, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up rigorously after a snowstorm. It’s a tractor, so, it can be helpful to dig yourself and your neighbors out of white dust. Also, you can cut a spacious path to the barn, do a little road cleaning, and even pull a car or two out of the ditch making you the friendly neighborhood superhero. Tire chains are optional but are especially helpful on ice to grab supplies from nearby stores.


I am guessing you are a beginner to this new gardening game. And all the hype surrounding the powerful V-Twin engine equipped lawn tractors made you find articles like this one. So, I am going to be straight with you. Yes, the most important advantage that you can have is that a twin-cylinder lawn tractor is beginner-friendly. It will cost you a bit upfront, yes. But the cost is easily justified with all the conveniences it brings. Now, you can come back to this post whenever you feel like you have spent a bit more on that shiny new V-Twin lawn tractor.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, here are the benefits of owning a twin-cylinder engine lawn tractor, more powerful than you might ever need; zero vibration and heating while in use; burns fuel cleaner; an absolute beauty to do maintenance; can adjust speed, cutting height; supports attachments; makes snowy times fun. Just admit it. You want one. Since you are getting into gardening, check out the advantages of a front-deck mower.