Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Wheel Lawnmower

‘I’ll just get a new walk-behind mower for the yard. How hard can it be?’ or so you thought. And now you are reading an article on the advantages and disadvantages of a high-wheel lawn mower. I feel you, man. So, here’s all you need to know before you pull the trigger.

What’s a High-Wheel Lawnmower?

They are all walk-behind mowers with standard 8 inches wheels. But what makes high-wheel mowers different is their back wheels that are larger than the front ones. Usually between 9 to 12 inches in diameters. These high-wheel lawnmowers do come in a price premium from their low wheel counterparts.

How a High-Wheel Lawnmower is Different from Low-Wheel Mower?

The most obvious difference is the wheel size of-course. And with high wheels comes its most advantages over low-wheel mowers. Because there are bigger wheels in the back, the mowers are back heavy and can be tilted back with relative ease. This helps with tiny bumps and hills on your lawn. However, that is not the case with a low wheeled mower. High-wheel mowers are more comfortable as they are easy to push around and maneuver. If you are into gardening, you might want to have the high wheel one solely for its easy turning capabilities to avoid destroying flower beds. However, High-wheel lawnmowers are a bit pricey compared to low-wheel machines.

Advantages of High-Wheel Lawnmower

And the reason you all are here for, behold the advantages and disadvantages of high-wheel lawnmower unfolding before your very eyes.

Easier of Push

Yes, we are diving straight into that ‘get it because it makes you sweat less’ territory. But seriously, these mowers have a disproportionate wheel pair for a reason. These are easy to push around. The back wheels range from 9 inches to 12 inches in diameters. However, the front ones are 8 inches. So, by the time the back wheel completes its one rotation, the front wheel would have turned more than a single turn. And the efficiency gets higher as you increase the diameter of the back wheel pair. As a result, you can move the mower more comfortably than the one with lower symmetrical wheels. Take that, symmetry!

Taking on Hills

As said before, a high-wheel mower is back heavy because of the bigger wheels on the back. So, you just need to push on the handle, and the mower is tilted backward. No muscle work is required. And with that, you can tackle hills of any size, any day like a champ. But if pushing is not your favorite thing to do, you can grab a self-propelling mower. These high-wheel lawnmowers do come with motors to help you out with grass work. They are not powered by sweat and require minimum effort to cover the hills of your yard. These are faster, easier, and a joy to use. In contrast, the low-wheel mowers are too low to the ground so, no luck mowing hills with those machines.

Better for Rough, Uneven Surfaces

If your yard is nothing like the flat and even golf fields, a standard wheeled mower will have a rough time mowing through it. You are better off with a mower with high wheels. The deck is much higher than the lower wheel mowers. No chances of bottoming out and scuffing the lawn. Higher wheels are much better equipped for protruding roots, small rocks, and avoiding groves as the mower will just glide over these obstacles. You’ll be ‘stuck’ less, and the mowers blades will face less damage overall. By any chance, if your lawn is actually flat and you want to spice up the look with elegant strips. Going through the advantages of having a cylinder lawnmower is a must.

Spinning the Mower Round

The ease of turning around and starting to cut your way back is an advantage often overlooked by many of us. It is a convenience you wished you had in the middle of the work. The low-wheel mowers tend to have their motors mounted in the front of the deck and, this tendency hampers mobility. And the fact that these mowers are typically heavy for average users is an added pain in the back. But the high-wheel mowers are a breeze to turn around, tilt to the side as the bulky part is right under your wrist. You don’t need to lift the mower up just to make a 180 degree turn every time. Saves you time and energy.

Cleanup is Easier

High-wheel mowers are handy when it comes to handling attachments like grass bags on the back. These bags help you clean up. So, you don’t have to carry extra equipment like a leaf blower. But the downside is that when attached to a low-wheel mower, the heft tends to pull the mower backward. It hinders the cutting ability of these types of mowers. But the height solves this problem, the grass clippings are collected all at the same time. Also, mowers get heavier with attachments but are compensated for by bigger wheels. So, get mulching attachments to eliminate the need for cleanup altogether. And maintain a healthier yard you can be proud of.

Better Lifespan

Buy a high-wheel mower and expect a shelf life of eight to ten years straight. These babies don’t face as many bumping and vibration like your typical low-wheel mowers do. You are sailing over obstacles; the blades are not smashing rocks; the motor runs with minimal struggle, so you are getting prolonged use out of your equipment. However, if you want something rugged and have fences, trees throughout your yard, have a look at the advantages of a front-deck mower. Those are neat rider types for longer sessions with exceptional versatility.

Disadvantages of High-Wheel Lawnmower

All good things have their own set of disadvantages. The high-wheel lawnmower, these are suited for small lawns. Also, the brackets and the deck are more likely to break because they are under more pressure. But the high-wheel mower’s best advantage over the low-wheel mower is its Achilles heel. The back wheels tend to be less durable. So, you might have to replace the wheel once in a while.

Bottom Line

A quick refresher. The advantages of having a high-wheel mower are, they are easy to push around; are a blessing to tackle hills with. They have a long-life span. Easy to clean up and beautiful in terms of mobility. Downsides, bigger wheels are less durable and best targeted for smaller lawns. That should be enough for you to make buying a decision. Spend responsibly.