Advantages and Disadvantages of a Front-Deck Mower

So, many of you are looking for the advantages of a front-deck mower on Google for a while now. And I am here to end your sufferings. Because I have searched the exact same keywords and very few things came up for me, as I was deciding whether to go for a front-deck mower or a zero-turn mower. Now, let’s get on with it.

What’s a Front-Deck Mower?

If by any chance you stumbled upon this article without even knowing what a front-deck mower even is, let me introduce you two. The front-deck mower is the ride on mower that has it’s cutting deck fixed on to the out and front where you can see what you are mowing over.

How a Front-Deck Mower is Different from Zero-Turn Mower?

Front-deck lawnmowers are for those who are looking for that jack of all trade machine to fill your needs. These are as versatile as you may need them to be. Attachments can make this puppy from a mower to snow blowing tractor in no time. Have a lawn with bumpy little hills? Not a problem. Also, if you are hoping to mow a few acres of property with some mulching on the side, you are good with a front-deck mower. However, a zero-turn mower is no slouch either. It’s the sports car that all the mowers want to be. It’s fast, lightweight, has excellent mobility and cuts grass like a champ. And cutting grass is the only thing it does. No attachments, nothing. Hills are the most significant downside for a zero-turn mower. You can surely cut around hills with its tight turning abilities. But because of its front-heavy design, hills are a big no.

Advantages of a Front-Deck Mower

Finally, we are moving to the good bit, the advantages of a front-deck mower. Hope you are actually reading till now. Fingers crossed.

See While Mowing

One big benefit with a front-deck mower is that you can effortlessly see what you are cutting down. As the cutting deck is right in front of you, you don’t accidentally go over the flower beds your family’s been working hard on. It’s handy if you are mowing on a heavily landscaped lawn. Those nasty hills you been bumping on with your mid-mounted mowers? You can see them coming from a mile away. Cut faster with confidence and flawless precision. If you love to keep a see consistent cut all over your property you can’t overlook (pun intended) these machine’s superior visibility advantage.

Have a Quality Cut

Front-deck mowers reach the grass before the tractor can run over them. The front mounting allows for the perfect air pressure for a smoother flow of grass to the bleeds. You can expect a zero turf-scalping experience with it. Having the deck mounted independently out of the tractor allows you to follow any ground curving you might have. Because let’s face it. None of us has a perfectly flat and square lawn. Might as well just get tools that offer the best cut possible. Also, with an attachment you can achieve quality trimmed look on your lawn.

Reach the Grass Wherever

Have a fence around your lawn? Have mid-sized trees with branches touching the ground? Have tight corners in the yard? Why am I asking all these questions you can relate to? Because front-deck mowers are the answer to all of your problems, my man. With its low-profile deck, you can sneak under fences and branches while having a bit of trimming done of the low hanging branches. And having a squared-off deck helps you get to those annoying corners you always leave out for later. Can you do all that with you mid-mounted mowers?

Mow Like a Breeze

Need to mow acres of lawn yourself and here comes your best option, a front-deck mower. It is fast and has excellent coverage. Though you won’t be getting trophies in any tractor races, you’ll be done with your work without too much sweat. The decks are closer to the wheels, so you don’t miss much grass between the blades and the tyers. Most of these come with comfortable seats and relatively spacious legroom. Your feet are kept away from the deck to ensure safety. Seats have suspensions built-in and you don’t get as tired bumping around like those zero-turn mowers which only mows lawns and that’s it.

Maintain it with Ease

The serviceability is excellent. On most Front-deck mower, the deck is easy to access. You can flip up the deck and use a gardening hoe to clean the blades almost after every mowing session. These are full four-tiered tractors. So, the vibration is kept to the minimum and help the engines to have longer runs. If you are doing this for a living, you better keep this machine at its top game. You can change the blades easily while the mower is on the ground. Once in a while, change up the entire deck if you need to. Good luck doing that with the mid-mounted mowers. Being geared towards heavy-duty workloads, these bad boys have a longer lifespan. So, they require minimum repairing anyways.

Use for Numerous Purpose

Which brings us to front-deck mower’s multiple uses. These machines are built with versatility in mind. The deck is removable, so you can use a whole host of attachments to take advantage of the tractor’s horsepower. For example, you can use them as-is or during the winter you can attach snowblower and brooms to use it for snow removal needs. Install a cab on the machine to keep warm while you are using it. Making it into a year-round tool. Or you might want to stick a mulcher to cut down the grass blades into tiny pieces and spread them back on the yard for nutrition. Saving time on fertilizing for a healthy lawn altogether. You also have the option of attaching a container for more seamless grass collection.

Disadvantages of a Front-Deck Mower

The issues here are the price and storability. These are suitable for professionals with regular schedules. So, the high price pays for itself. If you are on a budget on space and money, go for a high wheel lawnmower. Those are better suited for compact backyards. And costs less than a front-deck mower.

Bottom Line

A front-deck mower’s advantages are visibility; quality cut; maintenance; ease of use, and comfortability. Provided that the price is justified with these advantages, you can get the front-deck mower and not regret it. And on the topic of tractors, check out the advantages of having a twin-cylinder lawnmower. Here’s to a great mowing experience. Cheers.