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The author and founder S. M. Faizul Haque started this blog on November 2019.

He has finished his graduation from commerce background. 

He has a very long time experience in reviewing products that are very much important for our daily lives. 

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Few words from S. M. Faizul Haque

“First thing I want to tell about me is, I always wanted to be a great communicator. I present the information in such a way that everyone can understand it very easily.

I value the time of my audience and so try my best to deliver the most important info within a very short possible time . You will find it in every line of the website, hopefully.

I really enjoy learning and sharing new things. Sharing knowledge is an opportunity to become friends with others. I  consider it as an opportunity.” 


With the three purposes he started this blog.

First, to introduce the super food egg. Eating eggs have many benefits.   

Second, to introduce the methods or process of cooking eggs by which we can get the most benefits. 

And finally, to review and introduce different cookers that can be used to cook eggs in a way that does not destroy the nutrient. 

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Final Words

Reviewing best egg poachers available in the market is the daily work here. I always try my best to find and review the latest products here. 

I hope, you will find this very convenient while making purchasing decision. 

Happy staying with me. :-)

Thank You